Wednesday, July 08, 2009

iPhone 3GS Accessories: wood casing and mini microphone

We've seen a lot of activity in the iPhone 3GS accessories market that it's so hard to choose which of them is worthy of getting reported. However, thanks to our old pals at New Consumers we were able to find some of the good stuff for you!

iPhone 3GS Wooden Casing

First up is the wood casing for the iPhone 3GS. It may not appeal for the save the tree people out there, but there must be a reason why trees are there in the first place right? Yes, to serve as casing for tech items is one of their uses.

Designer handmade wooden case for the iPhone 3G(S). This box is made out of Padauk and finished with linseed oil. It is designed to add a natural aesthetic to your iPhone 3G(S), while protecting it from scratches when it is in your pocket, purse or bag. The contours are shaped and sanded to complement the curves of the iPhone and the interior is sized to hold it snugly. This one-of-a-kind case would make a wonderful gift for the iPhone user.

Prices range from Prices range form $24 to $199. Quality always comes with a price.

Flexible Mini Capsule Mic for the iPhone 3GS

Next on our list is something that most people who use their iPhones as voice recorders or for video: the Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone for the iPhone 3GS from Brando.

Try out the NEW Flexible mini capsule microphone which is especially designed for new iPhone 3.0. It enables you to record better sound quality. Instead of receiving sound from the iPhone speaker at the bottom, your iPhone can receive sound from any direction. It is especially useful while shooting video as the microphone and the camera can be pointed to the same direction. Bend and turn the microphone to the desired direction to focus sound source.
  • Multi-directional adjustment
  • Plug and Play.
  • High Quality microphone, fine sensibility
  • Small, Lightweight and Portable Design with jack cover
  • No Battery is required
  • Gains 25+ dB
Available at $14 starting end of July 2009. So you'd better get one soon!

Expect that as more accessories come out for the iPhone 3GS, we'll be there to cover it.

Source for Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone for the iPhone 3GS

Source for Wooden Cases for the iPhone 3GS

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Jason said...

hi, how do we go about the purcashing for the wooden casing?

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iPhone 4 Weave Skin - Black is a very good protective case for cellphones.

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