Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gadget Geek Galore: Batmobile and Casio Watches

After so much controversies and gadget leakages, we're bringing back the 'ol fun in this blog. This post will be about some gadgets that not everybody will be able to afford, but will definitely want.

Batmobile Replica!

Batman has always been considered as one of the more iconic comic characters of all time and it's no surprise that his gadgets and technology attract a lot of tech freaks. However, no one's been able to replicate the classic Batmobile from his Burton movies until now. Presenting the Batmobile ... in Stokholm, Sweden!

  • Cost: over $1 million.
  • Time: 3.5 years, 20,000 hours of painstaking work to convert a ‘73 Lincoln Continental.
  • Contents: DVD, voice recognition, height adjustment, reversing cameras….
  • Pleasure: Incalculable, as people gather around to oggle outside IKEA.

All I can say is wow!

Casio Cubic Puzzle Digital Watch

The watch was once an integral gadget that one should have, nowadays mobile phones seems to have taken that spot. There's been a small resurgence lately with watchphones, but it hasn't really really taken off as expected. Will they die off like the rotary telephones or will their designers fashion a new one that will attract the watchless crowds? Maybe Casio, one of the premier digital watchmakers, will do it?

One of Casio's slimmest time pieces to date, the "Poptone Cubic Puzzle Watch" has a long case with a custom designed LCD display and buttons arranged at the bottom in a Tetris-like layout.
  • Maximum wrist size: 190 mm (approx.)
  • Case Dimensions: 29 mm x 52 mm x 17 mm
  • Weight: 25 grams
  • Water resistance: 5ATM
  • Japanese and English instructions
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Stopwatch (1/100 seconds)
  • Alarm
  • Date mode
  • 12/24 hour time
  • Backlight
It looks funky and cool, my only problem is the $89.56 pre-order price. It's way too expensive for a digital watch that can be replaced easily by any low-end mobile phone. I hope they change their minds before they release this.

Batmobile Source
Batmobile Original Source
Casio Cubic Puzzle Source 
Casio Cubic Puzzle Picture Source

Monday, September 28, 2009

Twinlinx MyMax NFC Sticker Released

Twinlinx releases a new sticker that can help improve the current Bluetooth features of phones with NFC functionality. MyMax NFC Sticker is a thin electronic sticker that runs on the new Windows phone that is slated for release on October 6 offering immediate access to a number of users to Near Field Communications (NFC).

Among the features of the MyMax sticker include payment, transport, loyalty, access control, and smart posters which would normally require a special kind of NFC-enabled phone. With the new sticker, any phone can act as the medium and offer new means of interaction according to their needs.

MyMax unlocks the current situation where few NFC phones are available and now becomes a distribution model is that has been simplified so that it can be marketed and sold through different channels without relying on convincing people to change their phones just to get access to NFC.

(Source) Press

Friday, September 25, 2009

Verizon Won't Be Getting the Pre After All

Verizon Communications Inc.Image via Wikipedia
It wasn't the first time I was wrong on something, but Verizon's move on not continuing with the Palm Pre surprised a heck of a lot of tech bloggers as well!

It was previously reported that according to Verizon's COO, they would be getting the Pre soon, however according to this article, it seems that they won't be carrying Palm's Pre nor Pixi in its roster at all. This beguiles the imagination as they're getting beat by Sprint with its exclusive iPhone 3GS contracts.

Questions arise:
  • Did Verizon think that Palm's App Store would go against its own store? Probably yes. Unfortunately, Palm's already got some apps going and Verizon isn't that well known for really attracting developers.
  • Was it because of the falling sales? Probably unlikely as Palm has just released a cheaper (yet WIFI-less) version of the Pre called the Pixi. They're hoping that it will attract more customers in eventually buying a Pre.
  • Are they secretly hoping for the iPhone 3GS to come their way? Unlikely as Mobile Crunch just crushed that idea:
It’s a fun thought, but I’d say no way. AT&T has barely been able to cope with the strain of a network full of iPhones, and Verizon would probably break. It’s also an expensive move, and Verizon’s always been about selling medium-sized services to cheap phones. That may have to change, but they’ll ramp up before they go all out.
  • Are they preparing to go Android? This is the most likely scenario as the mobile phone OS has been developing at a quick pace to beat Palm's WebOS and even Apple's iPhone OS.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

PS3 Motion Controller Confirmed!

Finally it's confirmed (and with a press release at that); the PS3 Motion controller will be coming to stores come Spring 2010 as was previously mentioned.
The newly announced Motion Controller is equipped with two motion sensors, three axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer that can detect the controller's angle and movement held in the user's hand. Together with the PlayStation Eye camera for PS3 which can accurately track the absolute position of the controller, the controller can detect the natural and intuitive movement of the hand and reflect the precise movement on to the game.
So in short, it'll act like the Wii Controller. Great.

Okay, it doesn't look as sleek as the Nintendo Wii Nunchuck or controller but it'll do the work just fine. Unfortunately, it's going to be highly dependent on the Playstation Eye camera as the PS3 wasn't originally built for this. So there goes another thing you need to buy...

What's good about the new controller will be the games that will be dedicated to it:

Title name
Ape Escape (Working Title)
Echochrome 2 (Working Title)
Eccentric Slider (Working Title)
Sing and Draw (Working Title)
Champions of Time (Working Title)
Motion Party (Working Title)
The Shoot (Working Title)
Tower (Working Title)
Hustle Kings(*2)
High Velocity Bowling(*2)

What makes me wonder is why the release date on Spring, why not Winter when they can have the most impact on the holidays? Maybe it's still not ready and/or the games that'll make you use it are still under development. Nonetheless, it's something to look forward to.

Press Release
Image from Gizmodo

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Daily Wrap Up

  • Battle Bears is iTunes Top iPhone Game App

  • launches Everything Elvis Store

  • Ford Plays Teacher to Teenage Drivers

  • Toy Story/Toy Story 2 Movie Trailer

  • Virtua’s ‘Top Docs’ Ad Campaign Survives Cooper’s Law Suit
  • Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Wii and Xbox 360 Elite Holidays Rumors

    With the PS3 generating good news finally, it seems that the competition is reacting. Both Nintendo and Microsoft are gearing to take the thunder from Sony and be on top of every game geek's Christmas list.

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    PS3 Rumors: PS2, Dreamcast, and Motion Controllers

    A 60GB version of the PlayStation 3.Image via Wikipedia
    Sony's getting a lot of leaks these days, besides the Xperia, PS3-related notes are coming out of the woodwork!

    PS2 Goes to PSN?

    When I reported a few weeks ago that the PS2 backward compatibility won't be coming to the PS3, I felt down as I still have a lot of favorite PS2 games that I wanted to still play. However, it seems that hell has frozen and the PS2 will make a (possible) return to the PS3!
    That document, uncovered by French gaming web site Objectif-Sega, notes that "SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN," which may indicate a strategy similar to the one Sony has taken with original PlayStation games, released as "PSone Classics." The document appears to be a list of notes from a meeting between Sega of America and Robert Dyer, senior vice president of publisher relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America, dated from early August.
    Below are the actual notes pertaining to the PS2.
    PS2 emulator for PS3 (confidential)
    SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/etc)
    Two lines of notes that has a lot of game nerds crying for joy. Remember that eventhough it's been proposed, Sony still has to approve this.

    Dreamcast going to PSN as well?

    The second prominent news on this notes is that the Dreamcast titles may also be coming to the Playstation Network:
    DC Digital Titles
    If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively.
    If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.
    Now if we can only see these titles, there may be a chance that Dreamcast fanboys will go crazy!

    PS3 Motion Controller Details and Launch Date

    Last thing mentioned in the notes is the launch date for the PS3 Motion Controller.
    Motion Controller
    Spring 2010 launch (March in JP)
    No bundle/pricing details yet, should come Sept 1Goes to PS3 and PS3
    Plan on selling 4-5MM units WW
    SCEA agreed to provide a list of Sega IP that would work well with the motion controller, Virtua Tennis was an example
    Motion Controller support allows easy way to differentiate PS3 SKU
    Other differentiation opportunities include PSP/PS3 interoperability – think of features that would make users want to buy both PS3 and PSP SKUs.
    Wow that's quite a lot of rumors to go on. we'll see how Sony reacts to this in the next few days.

    Notes Source
    New Source
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    Monday, September 21, 2009

    Sony Ericsson MH907: Motion Activated Earphones

    When I commute to the office I usually slip on my earphones and listen to my mp3s. However, I find it a pain to take out my phone to pause it or to receive a call, this is made even worse when the bus or the train is packed and couldn't get my hands to slip into my pocket or bag. Good thing then that Sony Ericsson decided to create earphones that makes pausing, playing, and receiving calls on the fly really easy without needing to pick up the mobile phone. Presenting the MH907 headphones!

    Sony Ericsson today unveils the world’s first ever motion activated headphones that sense the user. The clever MH907 headphones mean users simply plug in two earphones to start listening to music and pause by removing one earbud. To start listening again simply plug it back in. Do exactly the same to answer and end calls – simple as 1,2,3!

    To further clarify how this works, SE created a video about it:

    Some people may be concerned whether putting the earphones in the pockets will turn it on. Worry not as according to Engadget, it will only turn on when you put in your ears:

    What's cool is that the headphones seem to use your body as an electrical conduit (a Body Area Network) based on this quote from the webinar:
    "Requires conductive surface to activate the controls - i.e. your ears, hence it won't turn things on in your pocket by just squeezing the ear buds"
    Can't wait to try this on! Available for €39.


    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Set the Mood with an Outdoor Fireplace

    There are a lot of things you can do to be romantic or make a moment special at times you are planning something big for that special someone. You can change your home theme or even add some flowers to really make your home heavenly. But if you really want to make it a time to remember, consider an outdoor setting and have an outdoor fireplace while you are at it. Rest assured, the atmosphere will change in a flash, setting the stage for potentially important times like perhaps a marriage proposal.

    Or if you don’t have any special moment in mind, an outdoor fireplace can really hit the spot when you want to unwind and enjoy the outdoors right at your very own home. Do away with the usual incandescent lamps or power-hogging lights. Employ lighting and warmth as our forefathers did in the early years and let the stroke of clean fresh air pass by you while enjoying a drink or two or perhaps enjoying nature as it makes its way around you.

    An outdoor fireplace is indeed a worthy investment. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. For each home, a special fireplace will always be tailor-made for the valued home. Over at Outdora, you get a wide selection of outdoor fireplaces which can suit your budget and your design fancy. They come in different forms and concepts which provide customers a vast array of selections catered to any type of home known today.

    And what would be the outcome of such an outdoor fireplace investment? People have various priorities when it comes to designing their home to look better. But normally, this focuses a lot on the inner home. The outdoor part of a house doesn’t get much attention. Maybe this is because you consider placing outdoor furniture and that is it. Add a fireplace and that will make all the difference. Not many people have such a setup and you can be the first one to have such a distinction to their envy.

    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Google: Apple Said They Denied GV App

    When I said last time that the Apple vs. Google Voice App will have more tech drama on the way, well it seems that I'm right. After Apple, AT&T, and Google gave the FCC their parts in the GV App drama,  a small snippet of the confidential document goes online via Google: According to Google, Apple SVP Phil Schiller himself called Google SVP of Engineering and Research and was told that the Google Voice App was rejected.

    It now becomes a "He said, She said" as Apple reacted to Engadget's post with:
    "We do not agree with all of the statements made by Google in their FCC letter. Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application and we continue to discuss it with Google."
    So Apple denies denying Google Voice and Google now looks like an angel. A lot of questions arise from this situation: If the App wasn't denied (and they publicly admitted it with their letter to the FCC), then what's the holdup? Is it that hard to study an App? Don't they have a turnaround time for that? What made Google think it was denied in the first place? As usual tech blogs like Engadget put in their little logs into the fire:
    If you'll remember, Apple claimed that while Google Voice hadn't been approved, it also hadn't been rejected, and that its status was in limbo while the folks in Cupertino "studied" the matter. Not so, says El Goog: according to its letter, Phil Schiller himself told Google that GV had been rejected on July 7 for duplication of functionality, following a similar conversation on April 10th during which Schiller rejected Google Latitude in part because it might "offer new features not present on the preloaded maps application."
    Did it get rejected or still under consideration? If I was Apple, it would be best to just approve it to prove that it was just all under study and Google was wrong.


    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    SE Xperia X3: Out by January 2010?

    Android OS powered mobile phones are slowly crawling out of the woodwork and it seems everyone from HTC, Motorola to LG are getting in on the fun; you might as well possibly include Sony Ericsson to the mix thanks to rumors of the existence of the Xperia X3.  We said "possibly" because even premier tech blog Mobile Crunch is unsure:

    Pentax K-x digital SLR Camera Released

    Pentax unveils a new entry-level digital SLR camera for your consideration with the release of the Pentax K-x digital SLR camera. This latest offering from Pentax boasts of high-end features which include Live View and HD video. Further, the Pentax K-x digital SLR camera will come in various colors, shying away from the traditional dull black casing. Color options include limited edition red and navy.

    The Pentax K-x digital SLR camera is perfect for the aspiring digital SLR neophytes. The camera carries a 12.4 megapixel CMOS image sensor with a sensor-shift Shake Reduction option that makes image capturing more stable. It also has a 2.7” LCD screen with Live View contrasts and the usual Face Detection technology most cameras are equipped with today.

    The Pentax K-x digital SLR camera is actually now available for pre-order and will start shipping in October via three optional packages:

    • K-x single lens kit with body and smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm lens for USD $649.95.

    • K-x twin lens kit for $749.95 with K-x body, smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm lens and smc PENTAX DA L 50-200mm zoom lens.

    • K-x twin lens kit for $849.95 including a K-x body, the smc PENTAX DA L 18-55mm lens and the smc PENTAX DA L 55-300mm zoom lens.

    (Source) Press

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    iPod beats the iPhone 3GS anytime!

    My hacked (for apps) iPhone & an iPod Touch at...Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

    When the first generation iPhone was sold and the iPod Touch came after, a lot of people suddenly felt their iPhone was just an iPod with a phone feature. Now it looks like it's happening again when it was confirmed that the iPod 3rd Gen is faster than the iPhone 3GS.

    Macworld’s tests show some impressive gains. Boot went down from 31 to 19 seconds. Launching apps went from 12, 20, and 10 seconds to 7, 15, and 5 for Peggle, HR Battle, and Rolando 2 respectively. Web page rendering for the NYT site was down from 34 to 15 seconds, and the Sunspider JS test went from 34.2 to 15.6 seconds.

    Well, it shouldn't be news to most iPhone and iPod fans but even the iPod 2nd Gen was much faster than the iPhone 3GS. What's worse, is that not only is it faster at loading but faster at everthing!

    But it’s not just in benchmarks such as these where the new iPod wins out. Just as the iPhone 3GS was faster than the iPhone 3G at everything, the new iPod touch feels much faster at any task you throw at it: applications launch (and quit) faster, Web pages load more quickly, processor-intensive games and programs perform better—you name it.

    Is it time to change to a cheaper and faster iPod third gen, sell that iPhone 3GS, and just buy a really cheap mobile phone? Depends if you're happy with what you got. If you ask me I'll take the iPhone anyday whether it's slower or not.

    Source 1
    Source 2
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    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    HTC Hero Upgrade Wipes All Previous Data

    HTC Hero Android 1Image by louisvolant via Flickr
    We last reported on the HTC Hero firmware upgrades a few weeks ago, and were quite excited with what they added albeit they may be few. To download the ROM upgrade you need to input your serial number on this site. Then follow the instructions below:

    Installation Instructions
    Before you proceed the ROM Update Utility (RUU), please confirm the following items:
    (1) This software upgrade is a newer version than what is currently installed on your phone. If it is the same version and your phone is operating normally, there is no need to reinstall the software.
    To check what version is installed on your phone, press Home > Menu > Settings > About phone > Build number, and note the Build number.
    (2) HTC Sync has been installed on your PC. HTC Sync can be found on the MicroSD card that was shipped with your phone. You can also download and install HTC Sync at
    (3) Your phone is connected to your PC using a USB cable. The PC must recognize your phone.You will see a sync icon HTC Sync Icon.bmp in the taskbar once the phone has been connected.
    (4) Standby and hibernation mode on your PC has been disabled.
    (5) Close all running applications on the PC.
    (6) The Screen unlock pattern has been disabled, press Home > Menu > Settings > Security and uncheck Require pattern
    (7) Make sure that the battery level of the phone is at least 30% (at least 3 green blocks). To check the battery level, tap Home > Menu > Settings > About phone > Status > Battery level.
    (8) Once the RUU is downloaded, launch the application on your PC and follow the instructions on screen.

    Seems easy, but you need to know that your phone will be totally wiped clean of previous data including software and settings coming from your mobile company. If you want to keep them though you better call your mobile phone customer service before doing the upgrades.

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    Monday, September 14, 2009

    GW620: LG's First Android

    It seems that the Android OS is slowly taking over the mobile phone industry. There's the recently released Motorola Cliq, and the HTC Tattoo just to name a few that's got Android circuitry running through its boards. Now LG's getting in on the action by announcing the GW620. Their target market aren't the tech and gadget savvy crowd but rather the newbies.
    “The LG-GW620 will appeal to first-time smartphone customers by offering a new and different kind of user experience,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Our objective is to provide a wide selection of smartphones to satisfy the diverse preferences of today’s consumers. This Android phone is just one of many smartphone models we plan to introduce worldwide in the years ahead.”
    Besides a 3 inch full touchscreen and QWERTY slider pad, what else does it got to prove itself worthy of being called a smartphone for the first-time users?
    In anticipation of strong demand for smartphones that support social networking functions right out-of-the-box, the LG-GW620 also lives up to LG’s consumer-friendly design philosophy by making the smartphone experience more accessible for typical users. At the same time, LG’s messaging phones have traditionally been very popular with young professionals who demand a full QWERTY keypad for a fast mobile computing experience. The LG-GW620 manages to meet the needs of both types of users simultaneously.
    With so many mobile phones on the Android OS platform, how will it differentiate itself from the others? Did LG come to the party late and is left to clean up after?

    Press Release

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    Doing the Christmas Gadget List on September

    It's already September and I know that Halloween comes first before Christmas, but I just can't stop thinking about it; the stress of last year's holidays are still with me and I don't want to go through that anymore. One of the worst things that happened to me the last time was buying gifts for my loved ones a few hours after Christmas. Obviously they weren't that happy about my gifts being late and all. Moral of the story? Get your Christmas List on right now!

    I'm going to try to make a list here and hopefully you get some idea about what to give your loved ones as well.

    My grandmother is really old time traditional. She doesn't like Santa Claus at all so you won't see any decoration nor even a sock on the fireplace. She was there when a certain soda company made 'ol Nick the center of Christmas, but for her it will always be the birth of Jesus Christ. What she does appreciate is a Nativity Set on top of her favorite table. Here's a sample of it below:

    For the non Catholics, a nativity scene shows how Jesus Christ was born on a manger with both his parents, the Three Kings, some shepherds, and a couple of barn animals were witness to his birth. She still acknowledges some gadgets though as she really digs an e-reader.

    Ok, that's a Nativity Set and the latest e-reader for my grandma.

    My mother on the other hand has become a social networking fan; specifically Facebook. She's mostly online, chatting with her old highschool friends and talking about what movie to go to every Sunday. So for her, my gift would be a smartphone with WIFI capabilities. That way, she can lug it around and not be afraid of losing touch with her Facebook buddies. She can also immediately upload any picture of anything she wants, as long as there's a WIFI signal around.

    Lastly, my dad is a sport nut. He wants to be updated of the scores of his fave teams and sports figures. I think i'll give him the same phone as mom's, so while she's chatting away, he's watching a live sports broadcast beside her. Sorry folks, both of my parents are tech nuts--now you know where I get it from.

    So there it is, my Christmas List for my loved ones. Now, if there's only enough money left for me...

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    The Cliq: Motorola's First Android

    With all the name changing around here, I wasn't surprised at all that the Motorola Morrison has turned up to be the Motorola Cliq. Touted as one of the more affordable Android OS powered mobile phone out there, the Cliq sure has a tough act to follow with the HTC Tattoo (curiously used to be known as the HTC Click) also known for it's Android OS and wallet saving properties.

    We presented you with the leaked specs last time and it seems to be the same, but the really weird news here is the mobile phone's name! At first, we all thought it was going to be the Motorola Morrison, then it became the Motorola Blur (as mentioned in the hastily made keynote), then it became the Cliq. Were they worried that having a phone named Blur would be a bad thing? It was so bad it got a lot of flack from both Gizmodo and PC Mag

    Considered as "The first phone with social skills", it does really seem to focus more on how you connect to social network services like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    The social networking is very deeply integrated into the phone. For example, if you click on a contact anywhere under any social network, it'll give you the full contact information for every social network that guy belongs to. From there, you communicate with him through any network.

    So here's to Motorola's first Android phone, the Morrison, er..the Blur...ok the Cliq.

    Source for quote
    Source of Motorola Cliq image

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    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    iPod Touch and iPod Nano Upgrades!

    Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase
    Apple's latest event, "It's just Rock and Roll", surely had a large impact on raising the bar when it comes to mobile gadgets! This post will tackle the new iPod Touch and Nano.

    iPod Touch 3rd Gen: a new mobile gaming platform?

    Ok, I admit it, I was one of the bloggers who thought that the iPod Touch 3rd Gen would have a camera. I was proven wrong when Steve Jobs presented the newest one without a camera on the back. However, what bothers me and almost every Tech Blogger I talked with, is besides the memory bumpage and hardware upgrade, what is there to look forward to with the new iPod touch? New games? Is Apple serious in going up against mobile gaming giants the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS? Looks like the iPod Touch is Apple's foray into the gaming world:
    According to Steve, Apple wasn't "exactly sure how to market the touch" at first, but once they listened to their customers and started to focus on gaming, "it just took off."
    Good luck on that Steve.

    Prices will range from $199 for the 8GB, $229 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and the brand new 64GB for $399.

    iPod Nano gets vid cam!

    The biggest upgrade was the iPod Nano as it now comes with a camera at the back and FM Radio. It'll also have speakers and microphone on it to enable you to hear the video without speakers. It'll also have a wide range of colors from red, pink, orange, silver, black, purple, blue, green, and yellow. They will cost $179 for 16GB and $149 for the 8GB.

    Source for Ipod Touch
    Source for iPod Nano

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    Wednesday, September 09, 2009

    Palm Pixi: Affordable WiFi-less Pre

    With smartphones becoming the norm, most phonemakers are in a race to sell as much as they can. Others are pumping up their mobile phones capabilities, while others like Motorola and HTC are reducing prices to make them more affordable. You can now add Palm to that list as they have just announced a more affordable version of the Palm Pre called the Palm Pixi.

    Palm Pixi Features

    • High-speed connectivity (EVDO Rev. A)
    • 2.63-inch multi-touch screen with a vibrant 18-bit color 320x400 resolution TFT display
    • Gesture area, which enables simple, intuitive gestures for navigation
    • Exposed QWERTY keyboard for fast messaging
    • Robust messaging support (IM, SMS and MMS capabilities), including Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo! IM
    • High-performance, desktop-class web browser
    • Integrated GPS(8)
    • Multimedia options, including pictures, video playback and music, and featuring a 2-megapixel fixed-focus camera with LED flash, and a standard 3.5mm headset jack
    • Email, including Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) (for access to corporate Microsoft Exchange servers), as well as personal email support (Google push, Yahoo! push, POP3, IMAP)(9)
    • Bluetooth(R) 2.1 + EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support
    • 8GB of internal user storage (~7GB user available)(10)
    • USB mass storage mode
    • MicroUSB connector with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
    • The first handset to launch with Qualcomm's high-performance MSM7627(TM) chipset
    • Proximity sensor, which automatically disables the touch screen and turns off the display whenever you put the phone up to your ear
    • Light sensor, which dims the display if the ambient light is dark, such as at night or in a movie theater, to reduce power usage
    • Accelerometer, which automatically orients web pages and photos to your perspective
    • Ringer switch, which easily silences the device with one touch
    • Removable, rechargeable 1150 mAh battery
    • Dimensions: 55mm (W) x 111mm (L) x 10.85mm (D) [2.17 in. (W) x 4.37 in. (L) x 0.43 in. (D)]
    • Weight: 99.5 grams (3.51 ounces)
    • Sprint services, including Sprint TV(R) and Sprint Radio, Sprint Navigation, Sprint's exclusive NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Live
    You noticed something missing? Yes NO WIFI! Will Palm be making a big mistake or will taking it out and thus making it cheaper make them look like geniuses?

    Press Release
    Palm Pixi Hands On

    Tuesday, September 08, 2009

    HTC Tattoo: Affordable Android

    HTC's low-end Android phone, formerly known as the HTC Click, has been released today as the HTC Tattoo. We don't know why there's been a change in the name, but nonetheless, it's still the same product only with a more "grittier" name.

    According to the Press Release, it's "an Android-based phone that brings broad personalization to the masses." and it couldn't be any more straight to the point, however there's no news on how low it will be compared to it's higher priced Android siblings.

    Here's a snippet of the specs:

    HTC Tattoo integrates Google’s innovative mobile services including: Google Maps, search, Google Mail, and Android market where users can download thousands of popular applications and games. It also comes complete with a broad variety of hardware features including a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, 3.5mm stereo headset jack and expandable microSD memory.
    A bit more detailed here:
    • 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor,
    • 512MB/256MB ROM/RAM,
    • 106 x 55.2 x 14-mm / 113 grams,
    • 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD pushing 240x320 QVGA pixels,
    • 900/2100MHz HSPA/UMTS and quad-band GSM/EDGE,
    • internal GPS, 802.11b/g WiFi, digital compass, accelerometer, and Bluetooth 2.0.
    For the meantime, this wallet loving phone will be making the rounds around Europe starting on October and will eventually branch out to the entire world.

    Obviously it's not as powerful as the iPhone 3GS nor the Palm Pre, but what HTC's targeting with this phone are those who want a full-fledged Android smartphone on a budget. And with the recession making people think of buying an affordable phone,the HTC Tattoo seems to fit the bill.


    Monday, September 07, 2009

    Spotify on iPhone, Android, and S60!

    Why is there so much hype for Spotify anyway? Besides being a killer music application for the iPhone 3GS, it's supposed to change the way is being shared--sorry--distributed via mobile device. We initially thought it would be impossible that it would ever get approved considering Apple's penchant for killing any app that competes with the iTunes Store, but it got approved--in Europe.

    The day has come for the patient Spotify fans in UK, Sweden, Spain, France, Norway, and Finland to buy and download the app from the iTunes Store, and every music and tech lover's expected to download it. If you aren't convinced yet, check out the features!

    Key features include:
    • Access to millions of tracks with Spotify’s constantly updated catalogue
    • Search and stream music instantly. Browse by artist, title, album, genre, label or year
    • Create and synchronise playlists. Updates from the desktop application will be synced instantly and vice versa
    • Playlists can be downloaded and played in offline mode when you have no connection, are on a plane or subway, or abroad and subject to roaming data fees
    • Listen to tracks and albums in their entirety. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, skip and shuffle
    • View cover art for all tracks and albums
    Another piece of good news? It's heading over to Android and with Symbian soon! Talk about covering all the bases! Videos of how it'll look like in Android and Symbian below:

    How will this affect the iTunes Store? How will Apple react to this application? We'll see soon as Apple has something up its sleeve coming Sept. 9. Until then enjoy your Spotify!

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    Friday, September 04, 2009

    Palm WebOS 1.2 Leaked!

    The Palm Pre, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, is actively updating their WebOS in response to customer feedback. Isn't it a treat that they accidentally leaked out their upcoming WebOS 1.2 update to Palm Pre users?

    The 1.2 version of Palm Pre's webOS was accidentally leaked via Palm itself, inadvertently showing off future features like an improved copy/paste, email searching and saving images from the browser.

    Here's a compilation of the updates based on the leak:

    Updated w/ summary of 1.2 so-far discovered features
    • Find-as-you-type search support in Email
    • App Catalog updated to support purchasing apps
    • Web browser enhanced
      * auto zooms to forms
      * download in browser enabled (including opening pdfs)
      * better rendering of mobile pages
      * Orange+click context menu on links
      * save images
    • "Real" copy and paste
      * shift tap to select areas of textPalm
      * Select All option in Edit menu
    • Sort by Priority or Date Due in Tasks
    • Other minor tweaks and changes
    Whether Palm intended this to be leaked or not, it still bodes well for its users. Go Palm!

    Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Toshiba Launches Three New Camileo HD Camcorders

    Toshiba has launched three new HD camcorders to add to its Camileo line (S20, H30 and X100) all offering Full HD resolution (1920x1080p) and among the slimmest HD camcorders that consumers can find in the world today.

    Among the features that these new camcorders carry include that of the ability to upload HD images directly to YouTube along with some exceptional functionality. This includes touch screen interfaces (H30 and X100 only) and varied quality snapshot resolutions for the S20 (5MP) and the Camileo H30 and X100 (10MP).

    The three camcorders are priced accordingly below:
    • Toshiba Camileo S20 (£119.99)

    • Toshiba Camileo H30 ( £189.99)

    • Toshiba Camileo X100 (£269.99)

    These three HD camcorders will be available by the fourth quarter of this year.

    (Source) Toshiba

    Yes Virginia, Linux Runs on Kindle

    With Sony and other e-readers breathing down their necks, what could Amazon do for the Kindle to ensure it's still the e-reader to beat? We don't know, but we guess running an OS on it may probably interest some people. That's exactly what Jesse Vincent decided to do for his beloved Kindle: he hacked the Kindle to run Ubuntu 9.04 AKA Jaunty Jackalope.

    Ubuntu Jaunty has an ARM target. It's a fairly similar linux to the OS shipped on the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX. A little bit of fiddling and an NFS export later, I was able to chroot into an Ubuntu environment on my Kindle.
    That was when I discovered that Lab126 have built the Kindle's kernel without CONFIG_VT...and really wants a tty or virtual terminal, but not for any particularly good reason.
    This evening, I managed to bludgeon into submission and found myself face to face with everybody's favorite checkerboard background.
    After that, it was just a hop, skip and an apt-get until I was watching the mesmerizing transitions of xdaliclock.
    Now if only Amazon picks up on this and makes a Kindle MORE than just an e-reader, then they may just have something new on their hands.


    Wednesday, September 02, 2009

    The iRiver Story: A New e-Reader

    From the looks of it, a few months ago e-books was Amazon land, the Kindle was the only king of e-readers, and most customers were stuck with reading their favorite e-books on a few devices that Amazon allowed. Then came the challenge from Sony: three e-readers to cater to your wallet and wants, great discounts on bestselling e-books, and a library where you can rent e-books for free for at least 21 days. Kindle users will most likely take a look at the tag price disparity between the Kindle and Sony's e-readers and the prices of e-books available at the Sony store--how can you beat free anyway?

    It looks like this move inspired a lot of other companies to try their luck in the e-reader business. iRiver, a company known for the its DVD and mp3 players in the past, will be rolling out its own e-book reader called The iRiver Story.
    You won't find wireless downloading like Amazon and Sony offer in their devices, but the Story does support SDHC cards and a slew of useful formats without conversion: PDF, E-Pub, txt, e-comics and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word and Excel docs).
    From the looks of it, it's a Kindle clone. The price is not as competitive as the Sony's, but it can read more than a book though. The first ones to get will be Korea this month, while iRiver's still negotiating a deal with both the Europe and US publishers. We hope that they can cut the price lower than $300 to ensure some competitiveness in this market.

    Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Nokia Booklet 3G Official Specs

    When we wrote about the Nokia Booklet 3G, it was just all videos and speculations on the specs. Now, Nokia's just released a statement providing the official specs and the price. Initially, the price was guessed at $799, but coming from a Nokia person, it's going to be at $820. Expect it to rise once it gets to the US though.

    Specs are below:

    All day computing
    • Up to 12 hours of usage time Last for a heavy work day
    • Windows 7 and Intel Atom processor
    • Charge it and go – no need to worry about taking your charger with you

    Sleek, robust design
    • A stylish, premium design with a chassis made from a single piece of machined aluminum
    • 19.9 mm thin
    • Three different colors at launch: black, ice (white) and azure (blue)
    Seamless connectivity
    • Inbuilt WLAN and WWAN enable connectivity to the Internet anywhere a WiFi or cellular network connection is found
    • 3G/ HSPA with hot swappable simcard
    Sync easily with your Nokia handset
    • Integrated Ovi Suite enables easy sync of calendar contacts, media with your device and the cloud
    Integrated Nokia services
    • Ovi Suite 2.0
    • Nokia Music for PC
    • Ovi Maps
    • Social Hub – keeps track of your social software feeds in one spot and serves as a SMS sender
    • Nokia software updater
    Nokia Booklet 3G full specification
    • Weight (max) 1250 g
    • Dimensions (max) 264 x 185 x 19.9 mm
    CPU and Chipset
    • Intel Atom Z530, 1.6 GHz
    • Intel Poulsbo US15W, fanless design
    Memory and Storage
    • RAM: 1 GB, DDR2, 533 Mhz, soldered down
    • HDD: 120 GB, 1.8”/5mmH/SATA, 8 MB cache, 4200 RPM
    • 10.1”, 1280×720 pixels, glass window
    • 16 cell, 56.8 Wh, Li-Ion prismatic, removable design
    • 802.11 b/g/n, 2T2R
    • BT 2.1 + EDR
    • Inbuilt 3G modem (data calls only). Different variants: WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 or WCDMA 900/2100 or no modem.
    • All modem variants have GSM and GPRS
    • Assisted-GPS
    I/O ports
    • 1 x HDMI 1.2 out
    • 3 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x headphone out (OMTP 3.5 mm) – with OMTP headsets also functions as audio in
    • 1 x DC-in
    • 1 x SD card reader
    • 1 x SIM / USIM slot
    Camera and microphone
    • 1.3 MP front facing camera with integrated microphone
    • Frame keyboard
    • 2 physical layouts: US (78 keys, 17 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke) and UK (79 keys, 16.7 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke)
    • Accelerometer
    Inbox contents
    • Nokia Booklet 3G
    • BC-1S battery
    • AC/DC power adapter
    • Quick setup guide and warranty instructions
    • Headset WH-205
    • USB charging multi-cable CA-126
    • Operating System: Windows 7 Starter Edition, Home Premium or Professional
    • MS Office Small Business 60 day trial
    • MS Internet Explorer 8
    • HDD protection utility, Hotkey utility , Knock Control utility, Power Profile Switcher, Battery Life utility
    • Nokia Update Manager
    • Ovi Suite
    • Ovi Maps Gadget
    • Social Hub
    • F-Secure Internet Security 2010 trial