Friday, July 23, 2010

Miniguru Keyboards have Been Cancelled

If you were among the people who were awaiting the release of the Miniguru Keyboard, bad news! It seems that while the keyboard stood to make typing easier, its complex nature failed to impress and convince the makers to go through with it.

The whole concept of the keyboard was indeed neat but also complicated. The makers lost faith on the potential of the keyboard, a peripheral that is certainly not as hot compared to other ones we see in the market.

And while typing could have been easier, old habits are hard to beat. The idea may be welcome but if you take it all seriously, it is not an immediate need meaning techies could very well do with standard keyboards and not change them at all.

Oh well, its back to the old drawing board for the people behind the Miniguru Keyboard. Maybe a different idea would be great, something rare and of course mind-boggling!