Friday, May 29, 2009

Samsung netbooks to leverage SRS TruSurround XT and SRS WOW XT

Samsung looks set to up the ante when it comes to audio quality in their N120 and N310 netbooks by offering SRS TruSurround XT technology that ultimately churns out surround sound over a couple of speakers, while SRS WOW XT will make room for improved stereo imaging and bass response. The former is a solution that processes multichannel content to create compelling and immersive surround sound over a netbook’s two stereo speakers or headphones. Users who are sensitive to audio quality will also be able to notice improved audio clarity and low frequency response that offers deep, rich bass. In addition, dialog quality has been improved, allowing room for the spoken word to be lifted above the chaos of sound effects and background music, making it clear and distinct in its own right. Sounds like just the thing for folks who love to watch movies on their netbooks.

As for SRS WOW XT, this technology was specially designed to improve the quality of mono and stereo audio playback on virtually any mobile device by delivering powerfully rich bass for games and music over closely spaced speakers for stereo separation. When you pair that up with a good set of headphones, SRS WOW XT will offer a superior immersive listening experience compared to what you normally get with the same pair of headphones sans SRS WOW XT. It would be interesting to see just how many people will make their purchase decision on both the N120 and N310 based on the inclusion of these audio technologies, since most folks would get either more for their portability first instead of multimedia ability.

According to Kyu Uhm Eom, PC Division Marketing Vice President of Samsung Electronics, “SRS is a fantastic technology provider and has been an instrumental partner of ours for many years; we are thrilled to expand our deployment of SRS’s fine audio solutions further in our PC line-up, providing our netbook computers with superior audio enhancement technology. “With the integration of SRS audio solutions, we are more than confident that our netbook PCs will continue our tradition of offering class-leading performance, allowing our consumers to truly enjoy a no-compromise, remarkable audio experience for all their multimedia applications.”


Hourglass Coffee Brew for sensitive stomachs

Usually coffee is made in the old fashioned way of brewing it in the pot. However, if you have a stomach sensitive to the acids that are in coffee, you might find this different method quite useful. It’ll create your coffee in a way that is far less acidic and therefore a bit more gentle on your stomach. Of course it takes a little longer to create it initially, but it’s well worth the wait.

It functions a little more like a tea pot than a coffee pot. At least the process itself reminds me a little more of tea, except with a much longer steeping time. No electricity is actually needed, just add the ground coffee, fill the water chamber and then allow for it to steep for 12 hours. By doing this, it creates a concentrate that can then be mixed with water or milk and served either cold or hot. You can purchase the coffee maker for $79.95 from Solutions.


Sohodecor Decorative Garden Tulip Solar Lights

It’s not uncommon to find a garden with a few tulips planted here and there. It is a little odd to find them shining brightly though. Although a normal tulip does need sunlight, this particular type runs purely off of the sun. This doesn’t take any pesky tending or watering. Instead just sit it out in the sun and it will shine brightly as soon as the sun goes down.

The thing that concerns me is that you choose a pattern for the bulbs to flash continuously in. Hopefully they allow for them to be flipped to a mode where they don’t flash at all, but just shine. Otherwise I’d end up wanting to accidentally run this over with the lawn mower. It has an auto-sensor so that it can automatically turn on when the sun is down. You can purchase these LED tulips from Amazon for $26.99. Although I doubt that it’d be enough to replace real tulips out in your garden.


ROBOTOPS: One Constructive Robot

I have just seen Terminator Salvation, and I was somewhat impressed by what I saw. It certainly wasn’t the same quality as T3: The Rise of the Machines, but that is a very, very good thing.

I am not revealing any spoilers by saying that there is a scene where a gigantic robot scoops up humans, and then puts them in one of those flying ships that are seen in previous Terminator films. Of course, it isn’t explained why the heck these humans are being rounded up, nor why they are being stored at their main headquarters.

It cannot be denied that this new ROBOTOPS from Japanese company Tadano Ltd. bears a strong resemblance to the aforementioned people-snatching robots from the well-known Warner Brothers science fiction franchise, but this robot is designed for construction, to pick up very heavy objects such as girders and the like.

In fact, it has a high quality three-chip CCD camera, so it can be operated from a distance. In fact, it can go places that humans cannot go with 29 functioning joints, tank treads, hydraulic lifting legs as well as its grabby arms.

In other words, the ROBOTOPS is a machine designed to help humanity, not hurt them. Can we get over the nightmarish, dystopian images from science fiction and embrace an age where robots don’t take over the world?


Rescue Reel: Saving Lives One Dangler at a Time

When I first saw this guy using the Rescue Reel, I couldn’t help but think that he was some sort of Daredevil. That, or the photographer used that same effect from the old Batman show where they turn the camera on the side and Adam West and Burt Ward climb up the building without straining their arms and legs.

The Rescue Reel is designed for the user to hook the Rescue Reel in a secure place, put on the harness, and they lower themselves down with automatically controlled centrifugal braking. I would imagine that the experience would be like repelling down a mountain cliff, except it probably won’t be fun if you ever really had to use it.

Still, designer Kevin Stone is clearly on the right track when it comes saving lives from tall buildings. Something tells me that it was designed to combat the horrific images that we still have from the Trade Center Tower attacks. Unless someone designs the next 100 story building with massive fire escapes, history will repeat itself when disaster befalls a skyscraper again.

Of course, this is one device that had better have plenty of line, and designed to hold some overweight people. Also, do you really want to be in an emergency situation where you have to learn how to use it in the next few seconds, or else you will die?

I am guessing that OSHA would be all over these devices if they ever become reality. I would also imagine that Rescue Reels would be located on the walls under red-framed glass, like firehoses or axes.

Yeah, I can see a definite future for the Rescue Reel, and it can give others a future.


Cellular South offers Motorola Hint QA30

Cellular South, the nation’s largest privately-owned wireless communications carrier, has just announced the availability of its latest handset - the Motorola Hint QA30. This model will definitely keep all you social butterflies up to speed with the latest happenings among your peers as well as other events happening in town, where the innovative slider design will reveal a full QWERTY keypad when open to make way for easy messaging and natural browsing on-the-go. According to Jim Richmond, director of Corporate Communications for Cellular South, “Staying in touch with friends and family, keeping networks updated and ensuring constant access to social circles are top priorities for many of our customers. “Motorola Hint is a stylish solution for those social networkers who demand quick, reliable access and communication.”

Well, what can the Motorola Hint QA30 offer the layman? It boasts threaded SMS which is a boon to folks who text frequently, since it allows you to have the flow of the conversation right at your fingertips instead of scrolling through tons and tons of messages in your inbox. With Internet connectivity, you can also be on top of your emails wherever you go. Another interesting point would be pre-loaded, one-touch SMS access that enables important information such as weather, stock prices, sports news, maps and directions to be available right at your fingertips. Hardware-wise, you get a 2.5″ widescreen display, MP3 and video playback, a microSD memory card slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 2-megapixel camera and USB 2.0 connectivity.

You won’t find the Motorola Hint QA30 to be too heavy on your finances either despite offering some pretty impressive features and functions. In fact, Cellular South is offering it for just $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate, after being tied down to a new two-year customer agreement, of course. Each purchase will also come with full support from Cellular South’s online and in-store Discover Center, enabling the user to make the most out of the QA30 for folks who are less technologically savvy. If you want web access with the QA30, be prepared to fork out another $9.99 monthly.


Bat Signal Light

Some of you might remember at the end of The Dark Knight, where Batman is made into an outlaw, and Commissioner Gordon takes an axe to the bat-signal. I couldn’t help but think: “Dude, just take out the stencil. You’re ruining a perfectly good spotlight.”

Well, I’m certain that another Batman film is on its way, and if Gotham City really wants to call Batman, they can order another Electric Bat Signal from Entertainment Earth.

It is powered by a plug-in, UL Adapter and two ultra-bright light bulbs, and it has a swivel feature so you can put it on whatever wall you desire.

Some of you may have noticed that this Bat-signal looks nothing like the one from the comic books or movies, as there is no huge Batman insignia stuck in the middle. In all honesty, I never tried putting a signal on a spot light, but I don’t think that would work in real life. Maybe if you shined it up against something, like a wall, but if you’re just aiming it at cloudless night sky, I think the only superhero you would summon is Blotchman. Can anyone confirm whether this does or does not work? Leave a comment, please.

Anyway, if Gotham City wants to call Batman, then they can order this Batman JLA Trophy Room Electric Bat Signal Replica for just $258.39. Yeah, that is pretty expensive, but it is $40 off its current price and a limited edition collectible. Maybe Commissioner Gordon can borrow the money from Bruce Wayne.


Patriot Paintball Gun Twin Pack

What is your kid doing cooped up in the living room with the Xbox 360 throughout the entire summer? Banish that thought by introducing him to the great outdoors known as your backyard, and make the entire experience all the more interesting and interactive with the Patriot Paintball Gun Twin Pack.

Aim, fire, SPLAT! This serious adults-only set of paintball pistols is not for the faint hearted! Complete with safety goggles and two tubes of biodegradable water soluble paintballs so they wash off your clothes, this is quite possibly the most fun we’ve ever had with a couple of pint-sized pistols. Take a few pot shots at the wipe clean target or unleash a multicoloured messy attack on your enemies! The high powered paintball guns are pretty accurate and shoot well over long distances; just pull back the loading lever, push back into position, aim and fire! Your paintball guns require no batteries or CO2 making them very easy to use and lots and lots of fun! All you have to do is make sure your paintball pistols are locked and loaded with paintballs and you’re ready for a quick firing frenzy! Extra paintballs can be bought separately.

Who knows? Instead of playing a paintball simulation on the Xbox 360 itself, your teen might pick up a love for the sport and end up being a professional one day instead. The Patriot Paintball Gun Twin Pack retails for £29.95.


15 Second Pool Water Tester

Look before you leap - that’s one common piece of advice that many have taken for granted. However, with the plethora of diseases and danger assailing the average homo sapiens from all sides, it doesn’t hurt one bit to be extra cautious these days, hence the 15 Second Pool Water Tester.

This is the handheld device that automatically measures your pool’s water conditions within 15 seconds. It removes all the guesswork employed by systems that require you to compare a test result with a reference chart. Dipping one of the 25 included test strips into the water and placing it into the tester delivers a precise reading of the three most commonly tested pool water parameters: free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. The easy-to-read LCD provides a clear digital readout of results, indicating if each of the readings are high, low, or within recommended levels–it also stores up to nine previous test results.

Powered by a couple of AA batteries, folks who do a fair bit of traveling while bringing their swimsuit/trunks with them wherever they go might want to consider investing $69.95 by picking this up.


JVC launches new full HD LCD monitor

Most of us would purchase a high definition LCD TV for entertainment purposes, checking out the latest Blu-ray releases on them while drooling at the level of detail such sets offer. Well, JVC takes a different route this time round with their new Xiview LT-42WX70 being a 42″ class 120Hz 1080p LCD TV monitor which caters specifically to digital imaging professionals and enthusiasts who do plenty of shooting using high-end digital SLR cameras. The Xiview LT-42WX70 will make room for shutterbugs to see the subtle colors, details and textures of their images faithfully reproduced for the first time on a HD LCD TV right smack in the middle of your living room.

The monitor will come with expanded color space capacity that encompasses 100% of HDTV broadcasting’s (sRGB.904) color space alongside a coverage rate of 96% for Adobe RGB, which is the color space for still photographs taken on high-definition digital SLR cameras. These capabilities will make room for accurate reproduction of both video and still photographs. In addition, the LT-42WX70 will also come with 52 picture-quality adjustment properties for tweaking both still and video images source-by-source according to the exact colors and tones of your preference. Not only that, JVC’s very own GENESSA Picture Engine is able to churn out video images without blur, color bleed or noise for clear images with smooth movement.

The inclusion of 120HzClear Motion Drive III (100Hz for PAL video signals) in the engine also further reduces the amount of blurring, which is a problem that is normally associated with LCD TVs. Sounds like the perfect thing for sports and action movie enthusiasts since their entertainment of choice tend to have plenty of movement that can be smoothened out. With the 3D real time, motion-estimated Hadamard noise reduction being applied, noise will be further eliminated along with blur suppression. If you’re interested, JVC is offering the JVC LT-42WX70 for $2,399.95.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Insect repeller for summer

With summer having arrived, it is time to start the annual battle with pesky insects as well as other creepy crawlies who love to do nothing better than irritate you out of your skin by their mere presence in and around your home. Apart from keeping a huge collection of anteaters as well as spiders to capture those winged nemesis of yours, why not consider the Insect Repeller instead?

Insect Repeller is a small handheld environmentally-friendly gadget that plugs into any UK mains socket and emits an advanced high power variable ultrasonic wave and an electromagnetic wave to ward off unwanted pests and protect you and your home. Inaudible to humans and harmless to your pet cat and dog, the ultra sonic pest repeller consumes very little power and outdates messy traps and chemically-laden sprays. Once plugged in and switched on this 2-in-1 insect and rodent repeller protects 250 square meters, which is roughly the size of the average three bedroom home, giving you a healthy amount of breathing space between you and world’s critters.

Sounds like £12.95 well-spent if you’re going to bring home the Insect Repeller this summer.


Grilletto BBD makes BBQ easy and fun

Since summer’s here, why not take advantage by bonding with the rest of the family through social gatherings in your garden with a BBQ grill? We know that the very thought of it can be quite daunting for some due to the amount of cleaning up that one must do, but the Grilletto BBQ is different as it not only cooks but self-cleans as well!

For one the Grilletto Portable BBQ is ready to cook in just seven minutes. Second, there’s a massive cooking area that converts into a roasting oven so you can cook up a feast that includes anything from beef burgers to a Sunday roast. And third, this handy portable BBQ self cleans! With carry handles that double up as sturdy legs, this fold away portable BBQ is perfect for camping trips and tucking into a good old British barbecue from anywhere in the garden to the great outdoors – just unfold and start cooking! Double cast iron grills adjust to four cooking heights so you can really show off your culinary skills, and when you’ve finished cooking simply fold up the BBQ and it burns itself out, preserving the unused charcoal for later. All the ashes collect in the base making for an easy clean up and a snuff out pouch means you can pack the portable BBQ away straight after you’ve finished cooking.

Sounds so easy, although we’re sure that no matter how far self-cleaning technology has progressed in the future, there are a handful of folks out there who still believe that they should do the cleaning themselves to make sure that everything is spic and span. If you fall under the latter category, then the £63.95 Grilletto Portable BBQ is not the thing for you.


Nite Glowring

Not everyone of us are privileged enough to live in homes or apartments that have decent lighting as we walk up to them, let alone those automatic lights which come with a sensor to detect whether there is someone at the doorstep, turning on its spotlight so that you will have an easy time looking for your keys in your handbag. With the Nite Glowring, things could be different for the rest of us ordinary plebeians.

The manufacturers of our Glowrings, who produce military equipment and other need-to-see-at-night items, have taken this everyday nugget of basic science and made it their business. A Glowring is small enough and tough enough to attach to anything you might need to use in the dark, a bunch of keys being the most obvious. But because they can glow for up to a decade, you can leave them hanging off things that only come out once in a while like fishing gear and camping equipment. It does have to be pretty dark to see the glow, but that’s the point.

Sounds like £9.95 well spent if you tend to live the life of a night owl, retiring for the ‘night’ when the garbage trucks and street sweepers are starting to make their rounds.


The MP3 Clock DX

I still strongly prefer the classic look of this type of clock over the fancy new clocks packed full of LED lights. However, my alarm has far too many benefits to give it up for a clock that doesn’t even do half of what it can. Well although this clock features a very classic look, it at least has a little bit of a modern twist. It won’t work as a dock or double as a radio, but it at the very least can utilize MP3s to wake you up first thing in the morning.

The clock has a very large sound bank to let you choose between different alarm sounds. Instead of choosing one of those, you could also add favorite songs or strange sounds you’ve recorded yourself. With the ability to record your own sound effects and use those, you could wake up every morning laughing, just as long as you get creative. To keep this running it uses 3 AA batteries. It’s compatible with Windows XP and Vista, so those on a Mac not using Windows will have some issues. To pick this up it’ll cost you ¥ 3,850.00 or about $41.


Giant Katamari Controller

I have noticed a recent trend in video games that gets the player into the game with some kind of accessory. For example, Tony Hawk: Ride uses a plank for a controller for all kinds of skateboarding action. Considering that Guitar Hero and Rock Band have been very successful games with peripherals, it was about time someone developed a large trackball accessory for the Katamari series.

For those of you who are not familiar with Katamari, it is an odd little game that originated in Japan. The object is to rebuild heavenly bodies by rolling a sticky ball called the katamari that gets bigger with every object the player rolls over. Of course, the ball rolls quite awkwardly with all the incongruously non-round stuff attached to it.

A blogger by the name of Kellbot has created a way to make the Katamari game much more interactive by connecting an ordinary PS2 controller to a large ball. You can see a video of it after the jump to see how well it works.

Originally, Kellbot wanted to put this control on a yoga ball, but she found that the rubbery surface didn’t really work to well. Too bad, because that would have created a very unique video gaming experience.

If you would like to try this out, Kellbot has a schematic of her creation on her blog. If you ask me, someone needs to seriously mass-market this thing. Katamari people, get on this ball!


iTalk Alarm Clock

Sure, you can have the MP3 Clock DX if you want a cool alarm clock, but I will have to say that the iTalk from Neutrano is one of the most interesting alarm clocks that I have seen in a while.

After all, how many alarm clocks do you know that allow the user to set the time or alarm with your own voice? Yeah, no more of those stupid buttons that you have to hit simultaneously, and then keep pushing until the right time shows up.

At least, that is what the Press Release tells me. Apparently, the user just says “Hello iTalk”, and tell the digital alarm clock the time. It will understand any voice in English, and you can also ask: “what day is it”? I’m guessing you set that by voice too. The iTalk clock will also understand other commands such as “snooze”.

Granted, I don’t know if I will ever get up if I just say “snooze” for some extra minutes of shut-eye. I wonder if I will learn to say “snooze” in my sleep.

The iTalk needs 3 AAA batteries to power its huge 2 inch numbers. You should be able to get the iTalk from many retail outlets in a few months. That’s about as specific as my source will say, but it will definitely hit in June, with a suggested retail price of $49.99.


Halo RC Vehicles

There have already been several different Mario Kart toys that you can play with when away from the game. Finally Halo is getting a little love now too. Thanks to the Big Bad Toy Store, you can now own a remote control Halo themed toy. Giving you even less time during the day that you’re not playing with something that is related to your Halo addiction.

If you need a few minutes outside, there’s no reason to neglect your love of Halo. Just grab one of these and you can continue while you’re outside. There are three different toys up for sale right now. There is the R/C Mongoose with Master Chief, the Warthog with 2 figures and finally the IR Control Flying Hornet. That last one does actually fly and all of the preorders of that one are already sold out. The Hornet would have cost you $38.99, the Warthog $23.99 and the Mongoose for $23.99 at Big Bad Toy Store. The other two still can be preordered if you hurry. They will be officially out as of August of this year.


« Halo RC Vehicles The Devil Mummy USB Flash Drive » HP iPAQ K3 Obsidian from AT&T

AT&T is planning on launching a smartphone from Hewlett-Packard called the iPAQ K3. It will also be known as the “Obsidian”, and, I don’t know about you, but it reminds me of another mobile device that starts with Black and ends with Berry.

The smartphone works on a triband HSDPA as well as a quadband EDGE. It has an operating system of Windows Mobile 6.5, and features Global voice and data connectivity as its big selling point. The Press Release believes that the Obsidian as a “powerful laptop substitute” when a user is on the road.

Another big selling point is its “large ‘THUMB’ sized keys for heavy email usage”. I’m guessing that means the buttons on the QWERTY keyboard are terrific for giant fingers.

Other features include a 2.8-inch QVGA display, a 2 Mega-pixel camera, 256MB of RAM, a 512MB ROM, Bluetooth 2.0, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a microSD card slot, as well as GPS and Wi-Fi.

The release date is going to be November 30th, but there is no word on the price as yet. I predict that this smartphone is not going to be as popular as a certain phone available from AT&T with an “i” in front of it, but it might be a good seller.


Devil Mummy USB Flash Drive

Most people have their own personal version of what a mummy should look like. Some go for the cartoon look and others prefer something a little more terrifying that might be seen in some classic black and white horror movie. Either way though, I can’t imagine many people picture a devil mummy, but now you can own one. Well you can own a USB drive that is shaped like a devil mummy at the very least.

This USB drive is probably going to confuse most people and I can’t imagine those horns are too secure, but at least it’s different. This is just proof yet again that if you can think it up, it’s probably sold somewhere in flash drive form. This comes in a total of three different sizes, 2GB, 4GB and finally 8GB. The 2GB will cost you $16.99, the 4GB $25.99 and the 8GB $40.99. You’ll find this odd USB drive on Gizfever.


Microsoft Zune HD confirmed

“She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me…” At least that is what it feels like with the Microsoft Zune HD ever since rumors of it started flying around the Internet. Microsoft has just confirmed that the Zune will make its metamorphosis from caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with the Zune HD - a new piece of hardware that will bring unprecedented levels of enjoyment for your portable listening and viewing experiences, and with it, hope that will place it in a viable position to at least threaten the iPod’s dominant position in the portable media player market.

What’s new with the Zune HD, you ask? Well, it will feature an integrated HD Radio receiver that enables users to tune in to higher-quality sound compared to traditional radio on the go. Users can also help themselves to the extra song and artist data broadcast by HD Radio stations in addition to extra channels from their favorite stations multicasting in HD. If you find that not according to your liking, there is always the option to switch to its HD2 or HD3 channels for additional programming.

Hardware-wise, you will get a spanking new bright OLED touchscreen display that allows you to flip through music, movies and other stored content with relative ease, where the 480 x 272 resolution on its 16:9 widescreen display works perfectly well to convey visual stimuli without being a pain to your eyes in the long run. A HD-compatible output also allows you to playback supported HD video files from the Zune HD courtesy of a premium HDMI audiovisial docking station straight onto a HDTV in 720p resolution - although this will require you to fork out more dough as the HDMI audiovisual docking station is sold separately. A full-screen Internet browser with multitouch support and Wi-Fi connectivity completes the list of features.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The hi-tech souvenir - Cable Car USB Drive

Typically the search for a souvenir lands you a shot glass, t-shirt or even a goofy spoon that could never actually be used. However, San Francisco is taking a slightly more hi-tech approach to the usual boring souvenirs. Instead of picking up a post card that will only get tossed in a desk drawer and forgotten, you could pick up their novelty USB drive. Don’t worry, it’s not some 50MB drive that could never be used on a regular basis.

No, these Cable Car USB Drives go up to 16GB, giving you plenty of room to toss files onto. It’d also mean instead of having a useless souvenir, you’d have something quite useful. The only downside is that a shot glass is never outdated, however, someday a flash drive will. So although it would be useful now, you might find it silly to hang onto it later. The drives come in blue/red and green/red. Then to top things off, they come with 30+ pictures of San Francisco already on the drive. It retails for $36.99 (for the 16GB drive) on Amazon, or it can be picked up at the Cable Car Museum.


Hand Winding Solar Camping Lamp with Charger

I truly hate lanterns and for one simple reason. They take about six different D batteries to stay powered. Who honestly keeps D batteries around? I don’t think I even own any gadgets anymore that require that particular type of batteries. Well if you really don’t want to have to stock pile batteries, this small lantern uses other forms of power to make sure that your activities stay well lit.

It not only has solar power to charge it while the sun is up, but you can also use the hand crank. You can either have it shine 6 LED lights at once or go for the more dim option of 3 at once. The lantern is 18.5cm x 8.3cm, so it’s not the largest lantern out there. It also has a mobile phone charger for emergency situations. Even if it’s not the greatest lantern for camping, it’d be great to keep around in your car or basement as a part of an emergency kit. You can purchase it for $34.99 from GizFever.


Digital Opera S2 and Opera S5 wireless earbuds

Going wireless is the big thing for many of us - how far have we come since the good old days where cables were a necessity? As it stands, we have wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless hotspots, wireless charging stations (say hello, Palm Touchstone!), wireless projectors (High Definition ones at that), wireless routers and more importantly, wireless headphones. Bluetooth technology has played a pretty important role in the last segment, and today we shall look at the Digital Opera S2 and ‘Made for iPod’ Digital Opera S5 wireless earbuds, courtesy of DigiFi and Kleer. The announcement of both earbuds will definitely cause you to sit up and take notice - after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite tunes without having to get stuck in a tangled mess?

Both the Digital Opera S2 and the Digital Opera S5 wireless earbuds will come with volume and track control buttons that are conveniently located on the wireless earbuds. This is perfect for folks who enjoy listening to high-fidelity music without having any wires to get in the way, especially when you’re working out in the gym, pounding the treadmill with your multimedia playback capable-cellphone providing the musical tracks of your choice. Both models are able to stream uncompressed, lossless, CD quality (16-bit, 44.1KHz-sampled) digital stereo audio for maximum enjoyment, working in a range of 32 feet at best. Anything more than that is out of a Bluetooth connection’s reach. Each pair will also have a listening time of 10 hours, where you can stream audio to a maximum of four people who are using Kleer-based wireless earbuds for a more communal experience.

Folks who interact more with a range of portable and stationary media players will find the Opera S2 to be suitable courtesy of its 3.5mm-compatible transmitter which works great with most media players, be they MP3 players, PMPs, computers, cell phones, TVs or iPod docks among others. As for folks who enjoy their portable music on nothing other than the iPod, then the Opera S5 would be more ideal since it allows you to play, pause, advance, previous, fast forward and rewind a song using the track control buttons on the wireless earbuds. There is no word on pricing, but both the Opera S2 and iPod-compatible Opera S5 will be released worldwide on June 20th this year.


The 3-in-1 Retro Adapter for the Wii

Technology moves so quickly that many gadgets get tossed out and forgotten. However, gamers aren’t always so quick to toss aside old gear. After spending so much time bonding with and getting used to an old controller, using a new one is just never as good. There is the Classic Controller that was created for the Wii, but it’s still just not the same. So for those that still have their old Nintendo controllers, now you can put them to good use on your Wii.

This 3-in-1 adapter will allow for you to hook up the original NES, Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo controllers to your Wii. For those of you that tossed out your old controller, you might want to be on the lookout for replacements. Komodo and Innex are supposed to be officially announcing the adapter at this year’s E3. It’s supposed to be priced right around $19.99 once it does come out. Of course, that won’t be until mid-June, which isn’t all that far off.


Dog Barking deterrent

In certain countries, you aren’t allowed to keep dogs if you’re living in an apartment. One of the reasons is the apartment is not exactly the most conducive place for a pooch to roam around, and if the dog doesn’t learn to stop its barking, it could end up as a source of irritation to your neighbors. Why not train your four-legged friend to stay quiet unless commanded otherwise with the Indoor Barking Dog Deterrent?

This patented device quickly and humanely restores peace and quiet to a home vexed by a dog’s excessive barking. No special collar is required; when a dog barks within 25′ of the unit, it emits a harmless ultrasonic tone, inaudible to humans, that startles the animal into silence. The dog quickly associates its bark with the unpleasant sound, which conditions him to curb this undesirable behavior. The unit can also be activated manually to help you correct a dog’s other bad habits, such as lying on furniture or foraging through the trash. One 9-volt battery (not included) provides power for about two months, and an LED indicates battery life.

Meant for indoor use only, you can pick this useful tool up for $49.95 from Hammacher.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Solar powered Headphones

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we have reported on solar-powered devices that are designed for Digital Audio Players (DAPs), but the Q-SOUND, a concept device that is part headphones and part headband, definitely makes the most of days when the sun is beating down on your head.

As you can see, solar cells are placed directly on the user’s crown, absorbing valuable rays for power. Some of you might wonder how these solar cells can be curved when most are generally flat and stiff, but these cells are constructed of flexible plastic that uses silicon solar cells.

The Q-SOUND incorporates Bluetooth, which allows the user to sync their Bluetooth enabled mobile device for some wireless sound action. Not only can the user listen to their music, but he or she can also take phone calls from a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. In case Bluetooth isn’t available on the mobile device in use, a wired connection is also possible with the included 3.5 mm jack.

Shepeleff Stephen, designer of the Q-SOUND, has said that one hour of sunlight is sufficient to provide the user with 2.67 hours of running time. The headphones should be able to hold a forty hour charge with the two removable NiMH batteries.

Time will tell if this concept becomes reality, but I would not be surprised if the demand for solar powered mobile devices increases in a “greener” world.


Bike Moto Horn

Get your bike motor humming and people jump out of your way.

Revving the Moto Horn!

Rev it up!

Did you ever wish that your piddly little bicycle was a fearsomely noisy motorbike? Course you did. It’s why you stuck spoke-bothering lollipop sticks in your forks and bent your mudguards inside out. ‘Phturrrrrppplll!’ But if you were really cool you bought one of those rev-able vroom-vrooming soundboxes.

The Moto Horn is an exact replica of the deafening spring-loaded noisemaker coveted by every bike-loving kid back in the 70s. Simply attach it to your handlebars (via a peasy clamp system), give it a twist and prepare to have your eardrums assaulted by its realistic (well, sort of) revving noise. Think Strepsil-less dinosaur gargling chainsaws and you’re halfway there. VROOM, VROOM!


Dog Washer: dog washing machine

Some dogs absolutely hate getting washed and it can be a major chore to get them cleaned, so while the idea of throwing them into a dog washing machine might sound cruel, it seems like a pretty good idea.

You just stick them in the machine, press “start,” and smugly watch with the knowledge that opposable thumbs make you the boss. According to the manufacturer, the animals don’t suffer.

Self-charging mobile

Meet the Chairman. We’re talking VIP but Very Important Phone as opposed to Person, because the Chairman is a new phone with a difference.

The clue is in its maker - Ulysse Nardin, watch maker extraordinaire. This phone takes top-of-the-range watch technology and teams it up with a touchscreen giving us a stylish hybrid handset. Its built-in battery is charged by the kinetic energy generated by the moving rotor so that your phone charges without you even noticing, while it’s working.

But if you thought this was a gimmick phone, think again. Ulysse Nardin have created an interesting multi-touch smartphone. Complete with Wi-Fi, 5 megapixel camera and 2.8 inch screen, the Chairman ulysse-nardin-the-chairman-rotorcertainly sounds like a phone to look out for. Release dates and price are currently under wraps but we’ll keep you posted.


Samsung LED TV Series Launched

It’s a TV! “That’s not a gadget” we hear you sigh, but when a TV is as clever as this Samsung LED TV, it most definitely is. At first glance we were taken by its stylish look. A large screen set into a glass look piano black frame always looks the part and when you put that on a crystal necked stand, it really is quite striking. But that aint new.

Once turned on the picture quality is most definitely High Def and runs at 100mhz, to help reduce that edge blur effect you get in big fast action sequences. But again, nothing new. It is pretty new and mighty impressive when you consider the screen itself is only 1.2” thick! Now things are starting to look up. On closer inspection we found out that this stunning beast also has a multitude of connection possibilities. These stack up to an impressive 4 x HDMI ports, 2 x USB ports, a DTV Tuner, wireless LAN and internet TV. Yup, we did say wireless Lan and internet TV. It comes in a 40”, 46” or a 55 and has been designed as a single moulded piece of tech (like the ipod). Oh, and apparently its “green” and has a much smaller “footprint” than other tellies.

Why do I want it?
Unless you have a pretty special TV already, this would definitely be a “trade up”. For starters it looks sexier than a strip club to a monk and is thinner than a supermodels lunchbox. 1.2” thick for a TV is insane! To put it in context (sort of), it is thinner than the centre finger bone of the average mans middle finger (don’t try and work that out while drunk). Because it is so thin it easily fixes to your wall, allowing you to mount this piece of tech art anywhere that has a solid(ish) surface. Once powered up it has fantastic picture quality with a great refresh rate.

When you couple this up with the HDMI connections it possesses it really does scream Hi-Def gaming to us. Bored of watching films and gaming? Simply connect to the internet and view some much loved comedy YouTube clips. These Samsung LED TVs certainly beats being sat at your PC in the dingy study, and could make watching those “special” movies you like, that little bit more “satisfying”. Still think its not worthy to be classed as a gadget? Didn’t think so.


Bath tub waterproof LCD

This could be straight out of a fantasy dream of yours. Watching TV while sipping lemonade and cooling in your bathtub. True it is possible! A water proof LCD in your bath could make that a reality!

A 22-inch bathroom TV with mirror screen is out from `Waterproof LCD TVs’. A spa, sauna, swimming pool or even outdoors, the TV gives you a great relaxing experience. It has two separate chrome loudspeakers, 16:9 ratio, 500 cd/m2 of brightness, a water proof remote control, a built-in Freeview and terrestrial tuners, A/V inputs etc.

From the comfort of your bath, you can watch TV, VCR, DVD, Cable, satellite or Freeview on your TV without a wire needed between them. How does that work? Plug the transmitter into the 21 pin connector SCART socket of your device.

The LCD retails at US $ 1,400.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MSI X-Slim notebooks

When the Apple MacBook Air was first released and unveiled to the world, everyone was astounded as to how thin and slim the entire piece of computing was. Even until today, you won’t find any other notebook coming close to the Apple MacBook Air, never mind the fact that it isn’t exactly powerful to be on par with the rest of the other MacBook Pros in Apple’s stable. Well, other notebook manufacturers did not waste the opportunity of seeing how the Air wowed first time viewers when it was unveiled, and MSI is among one of them to leverage on the lean theme with a couple of X-Slim notebooks. MSI will make available a couple of models to the masses in due time - the 14″ X-Slim X400 and the 15″ X-Slim X600, where both of them will be released sometime in Q2 this year.

Both the X-Slim X600 and X400 are record breakers in their respective categories, having taken top spot in lightness and thinness categories. This comes across as no surprise, thanks to the use of a super slim Li-poly battery in the 14″ X-Slim X400, making the entire notebook weigh no more than 1.5kg. As for the 15″ X-Slim X600, it is slightly heavier (obviously) with a similar battery, tipping the scales at a mere 2.1kg. Both of them are also less than an inch thick (or should we say, thin?), coming with 16:9 theater-class LED displays, full I/O ports, and Blu-Ray support. The beefier X600 is more entertainment oriented as it is also accompanied by a discrete graphic card to maximize visual performance.

There is no word on pricing for either machine,. but we do know that the X-Slim X400 will come with an optional 8 cell Long-endurance battery, while those who settle for the X600 can always opt for the slightly longer lasting 9 cell long-endurance battery. Both models have kept up with the times by adopting external ODD drivers that will further keep the X-Slim series notebooks slim and trendy.


Verizon Wireless offers HP Mini 1151NR

Do you happen to have a traveling lifestyle that requires you to bring your work with your on a notebook wherever you go? If you answered in the affirmative, chances are you would have or already have considered a netbook, being lightweight and yet boasting more than enough processing firepower to get your work up to speed. Another important detail not to miss out on is Internet connectivity - why subject yourself to the mercies of a Wi-Fi hotspot’s availability when you can use the built-in 3G connection? This is exactly what Verizon Wireless is offering with their new HP Mini 1151NR that was out yesterday, retailing for just $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and new two-year activation on a Mobile Broadband plan. Monthly plans begin from $39.99 onwards, turning your HP Mini 1151NR into a workhorse in over 175 destinations, where more than 45 of those destinations offer 3G speeds.


Hands free magnifying lens

We all know that as we age, various parts of our bodies will start to go, and our eyesight is among one of those parts that fail to deliver in due time without the help of correctional surgery or prescription (read: glasses). Well, if you’re one who indulges in plenty of reading, sewing, hobbies and crafts (does gaming count?) that require a whole lot of eye-power, perhaps the Hands Free Magnifying Screen might interest you? It is a freestanding 3X magnifier that is mounted on a sturdy, nontip base, capable of rotating 360 degrees for the right angle. The Hands Free Magnifying Screen will retail for $12.99 each.


Vtech begins to ship

VTech Communications, Inc. has just made available its latest release to those who reside in the US - their pride and joy, the IS9181. At first glance, the IS9181 might not seem as though it amounts up to much, but upon closer inspection, you will realize that the $199.95 price point does offer a rich feature set that is value for money, being a Wi-Fi music streaming device that was concocted to function as a complete music hub for the home, leaving you one less device to purchase if you’ve just moved into a new pad. For those who have already been rocking to Internet radio for quite some time already, the IS9181 takes this to a new level, where you need not remain glued to your computer just to check out what’re the latest tunes those virtual DJs are spinning, since the IS9181 is equally adept at pulling audio streams wirelessly, pumping it out for your aural enjoyment via the integrated 3W front-facing tuned stereo speakers, accompanied by the rich bass afforded by its 10W subwoofer with class D amplifiers. With over 11,000 free Internet radio stations worldwide, you’re definitely spoilt for choice once the IS9181 is connected to any compatible wireless network.

For ‘virtual’ music exploration, IS9181 users can search for stations by country, state or genre using the one-touch access button or remote control, or by visiting the comprehensive online music guide offered on The IS9181 un-tethers music lovers from their computers with sound quality unparalleled by PCs so digital music from around the globe can be enjoyed in the living room, bedroom or anywhere in the home.

Each purchase of the VTech IS9181 comes with a one-year limited warranty, and with the ability to hook up other MP3 players or portable media players through its 3.5mm headset jack, one might dare venture to call the IS9181 as being the all-round home entertainment hub (where audio is concerned) that will be around for a long time to come.


Sonix7 Media Pro

A few weeks ago, I reported on the SlotRadio from SanDisk. I believe that I said something about it being a Portable Media Player (PMP) that your mother or grandmother could use because of its simplicity. I mean, who wouldn’t like a PMP that comes preloaded with 1,000 hit songs?

Now there is the Sonix7 Media Pro. This one PMP has an outstanding feature: a very long battery life. How many other PMPs have 20 hours of video playback (30 hours of audio) on a single charge? Not only that, but it has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with an “easy to use animated menu”.

You think that is cool, then listen to this: it supports MP4, AVI, and Xvid formats. It also has eBook capability, and even has a digital and video camera! Yeah, don’t ask me how that was put in. I don’t really see a lens on this.

Like Coolest Gadgets, this Sonix7 Media Pro comes from the land of Britain, and it costs $136 (£90) for the 8GB model, and $159 (£105) for the 16GB version. According to Sonix7, it has a 77 percent bigger screen than an iPod Nano, and costs £42 cheaper than an iPod nano. Nice!


Lolaloo Baby Rocker

Parents often find themselves needing to get other things done, but their infant needs rocked to sleep. Well if you need just a few moments of peace or just have to deal with your older child, this would be a nice gadget to have around. It’s actually an electronic item that rocks your child’s stroller back and forth. Putting them to sleep and giving you just a few moments of sweet silence.

It’s a German product, so it’s not all over just yet. However, it’s easy to see this taking off in other parts of the world. The device itself can run anywhere from 2 hours on up to 4 hours. You can of course adjust the intensity of the rocking to meet your child’s needs. It attaches to the stroller with a couple Velcro straps. As of now this is being sold in Germany for $174, so it is a bit pricey. The more broke parents might just opt to do the rocking themselves.


Zune and Xbox 360 in 1

Just to let you know, this product here, complete with picture, is a rumor. The source of this story comes from Team Xbox, who say that Microsoft is working on this Digital Entertainment Handheld. This is what it is: an Xbox 360 with a Zune. Your two favorite things in one package? Well, maybe not the Zune, but one out of two ain’t bad. (Not another “Zune slam”, stop it already.)

Anyway, the project is codenamed “xYz”. I am assuming the “X” comes from the Xbox 360 and the “Z” comes from the Zune. As for the “Y”, the answer to that is “because they can, and it would make money”.

Other facts are pretty sketchy at this point, but we do know that the xYz will come with a WVGA touchscreen. Assuming, of course, that it gets created.

Normally, I don’t report on something unless I have a viable source (or sources), but I am reporting on this to generate buzz. You see, I am hoping that all the chatter about this product will create a demand for an Xbox 360 Zune, and the company will make it to meet this demand. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Seriously, does anyone out there know if this is legit? If so, feel free to chime in with a comment.


Bixi, Bicycle Sharing

I have a bike, but right now it is out of commission. At this present time, I would be a good customer for Bixi, a bicycle sharing program.

It works by going to one of the bike stations that you see in the picture here, and borrowing one of the bikes. All a user needs is a credit card, and then the user can ride around freely as they normally would with their own bike. Once the user is done, he or she simply returns it to another bike station.

I am not certain how Bixi keeps track of all of its bikes, but I’m told that the setup is “computer-chip based, solar-powered, and Wi-Fi enabled”.

Montreal is the first North American city to host this program, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the last. I’ve never heard of Bixi before, but it really is a program that is ingenious in its simplicity.

In fact, this bicycle sharing program has to be big in certain regions of Asian countries like China. I’ve seen pictures of Asian bicycle racks that rival parking garages in the Western world. If Bixi doesn’t have presence in places like these, then it really ought to.

But hey, who am I to offer advice to a bike lender? Right now, I am in need of one. Too bad I’m not in Montreal.


RIDE set to Thrill

The skateboard is one mode of transport that tends to lean more towards the hardcore segment of the population as there is a huge international scene behind it. Well, for those who prefer to experience the thrills minus the spills, here’s the new Tony Hawk: RIDE game from Activision Publishing which will require the gamer to play physically using an innovative motion sensing skateboard controller. We’re guessing seasoned skaters will find this to be much easier to use compared to those who have even yet to try out the Wii Balance Board.

Tony Hawk: RIDE features a wireless skateboard controller designed in conjunction with the game to offer a dynamic gaming experience built from the ground up. Using a combination of accelerometers and motion sensors, the intuitive controller allows players to physically control the action by performing various movements and gestures on the board that directly translate into amazing tricks in the game. Without complex button combinations or analog sticks, gamers of all skill levels can literally step on the board and play!

Those who are interested can check out Tony Hawk: RIDE when it arrives later this year - just make sure you’re rocking to an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii consoles.


UFO-shaped Electronic Drums

Do you have the beat of drums coursing through your hands that you can’t wait but to express it? Well, this concept UFO-shaped Electronic Drums by Petr Kubik ought to fit the bill if they ever make it off the manufacturing line, featuring a smooth surface that will emit a sound whenever you strike your palm against it. Needless to say, the harder you beat it, the louder the sound is, but hopefully you won’t crack the thing in the process since it isn’t made out of tough cow hide. Gotta love the psychedelic lights that appear to suit your current playing style - that certainly adds to the overall mood.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The USB Hub with a built-in flashlight

I keep going through all the dozens of reasons that this could be useful, but then I end up canceling them out for one reason or another. I thought it might be great to sit at your computer and then the flashlight would be useful for when you’re playing with cords at the back of your computer. However, I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t feel my way around it to figure things out. I’m sure that someone could find a use for this flashlight meets USB hub though.

If you are female and for some reason like to carry around a hub with you, then you’d always have a flashlight handy for various tasks. The hub conveniently tucks into the hub itself when it’s not in use. You can hold it as either a flashlight, or it flips open to be used as a reading light. The LED light is rechargeable, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in to work. The hub itself has a total of 3 USB ports. You can purchase it for $14 from Gadget4all.


WWF USB flash drives for sale

Active Media Products (AMP) has come to a licensing agreement with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), where the former will develop and sell a series of portable USB flash drives which will resemble the many endangered species on our earth. Each purchase will see 5% of the retail price of this product line enter the WWF’s coffers so that they can continue in their work. A no-brainer candidate would be the giant panda USB flash drive, although this is diminutive in size at just 2.5″ long. Made of PVC-free non-toxic silicone, this lead- and mercury-free drive will come in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities, where the most spacious model is tagged with an extremely affordable price point of $25.


Off Brand version of Wii Fit Balance Board

If you want to play games that utilize the Wii Balance Board, but don’t want to spend the money on the actual Wii board, now you can get an off brand one. It doesn’t come with the game, like the Balance Board does, but it is cheaper. Plus it has nifty blue non-slip grips that stick onto the top of it for those that are coordination challenged. It hopefully is just as accurate as the actual brand name version. Sometimes buying off brand gaming accessories ends up not being a good idea.

This one comes from Chinavasion and it’s really a debate as to how good of a deal it is to purchase this. Considering the actual Wii Fit will cost you $89.99 and this one from Chinavasion will cost $67.91. It is cheaper, but it only has a Balance Board and nothing else. For those that somehow manage to break their Balance Board though, this might be a better idea than buying the real version.


Robotic Taxi Service

I’m sure all of you remember the movie Total Recall, where Arnold Schwarzenegger rides in a cab that drives itself. It would appear that someone has taken inspiration from science fiction with this Robotic Taxi Service.

It looks a lot like the “Slimos” that we reported on a week ago. Designer Kubik Peter’s automated transport is electrically powered, and can seat about two. That may not sound like much room, but there is a trunk in the back for some luggage.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: how does the passenger tell the robo-cabbie where to go? I believe the user just makes a selection of cross-streets on a touchscreen controller. I would imagine that the touchscreen would have internet access, so maybe the passenger can watch a little YouTube video while he or she is waiting to get from Point A to Point B.

I’ve noted that the robo-cab looks a little skinny. Perhaps it is prepared for an era where two people can comfortably travel side by side in a lane normally made for one car. Considering that many metropolitan cities have way too many cabs on their streets, they could use an exclusive lane devoted to cabs.

This robo-cab could hearken in an age where a taxi driver is no longer needed. Of course, they could always create the Johnny Cab dummy drivers from the aforementioned Total Recall. Remember that cabbie that could talk and attempt at make conversation with starters like “hell of a day, isn’t it?” Well, if these robo-cabs are ever perfected, I’m certain it will be a “hell of a time”.


Logitech Harmony Adapter announced

PS3 owners, sit up and take notice - Logitech has just announced that its Logitech Harmony Adapter for the PS3 is readily available, letting you use your Harmony universal remote control with Sony’s latest gaming console. It will offer support for all 51 PS3 commands (yes, count them!), where you will be able to navigate the PS3 XrossMediaBar from afar (as long as the range permits, that is) without having to tussle with the PS3 controller’s form factor that was meant more for gaming than anything else. Those who are interested can pick up the Logitech Harmony Adapter for $59.99 while our friends across the pond can only do so in July.


NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler

Are you running some high powered notebook that seems to burn your family jewels each time you try to make it live out the laptop calling? Well, NZXT empathizes with you by releasing the Cryo S notebook cooler that works with notebooks of up to 15″ in size, removing heat from the fan vents in addition to keeping the entire notebook case’s temperature low overall. It comes with a couple of adjustable 120mm fans for powerful cooling, while the rubber finish will help raise the notebook when in use for heat pockets to be removed. Constructed from a thick, brushed aluminum body, this notebook cooler won’t shortchange your notebook in the looks department even in public, making this $49.99 purchase extremely enticing.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Heart Handbag Necklace USB Drive

Mother’s Day usually means tons of very cheesy and fairly cheap jewelry. Well if you are going to pick up some cheesy jewelry, it might as well be useful too. This heart necklace is probably more something a young kid would think their Mom would love, but sometimes moms still love this stuff. It comes covered in crystals, so there’s no doubt that it will be eye catching. Then it also hides away a USB drive.

Thankfully with this there are no worries of losing the cap to it. The drive just slides away to be hidden within the heart. It’s actually a handbag shaped heart pendant. The drive itself is only 2GB, which isn’t anything stellar, but it works. It also won’t break the bank to pick it up either. You can pick it up from Gadget4all in either pink or white for $23. You should probably get rush shipping though since Mother’s Day is right around the corner.


The Water Clock for the extreme minimalist

This clock may be about as minimalist as it gets, but it leaves plenty of room on your part for a bit of creativity. This clock consists only of two tiny discreet balls, anyone glancing at them would never know what they are. Actually even after you have them all set up, it may take you a long while to figure out what time it is exactly. With this around though, you get to choose the china you put these within, giving it your own personalized look.

They are two little magnets, the red one shows hours, whereas the small white ball shows the minutes. Choose a cup and then a small plate, add water to them and drop in the magnets. It then keeps time and there’s not even a need for batteries. It doesn’t entirely explain how it all works, but I’m sure if you order it they’ll give more instructions on that sort of thing. Despite that this is merely consisting of two little magnets, this clock is a bit on the expensive side. The Water Clock will cost you $299 from Generate.


LED Toothbrush cleans teeth even better

Here in the US we have access to all kinds of UV gadgets that will sanitize your toothbrush. Oddly there aren’t many toothbrushes that have some sort of lighting within the brush itself in the US or UK. Yet Japan has managed to take their toothbrushes to a whole new shiny level. These new and improved versions have LED lights that are placed inside the brush itself. Giving you a shining light to go directly into your mouth and shine on those pearly whites.

The LED light is said to somehow help with illness prevention. It doesn’t explain that statement a whole lot, partially because it’s not always the best translation going from Japanese to English. I’m sure if you could read Japanese, it might be a little more clear on that. The design is supposed to be released at about the middle of May, so it should be fairly soon now. It doesn’t give pricing information, but if you’re outside of Japan it’s going to be difficult to get your hands on this toothbrush anyway.


Chaos Stickers help outlets stand out

Typically people try to clean up and hide their cords and don’t want to draw attention to their outlets. Lately though people have been getting creative with their cords and instead of hiding them, decorating them. Which makes it only logical that eventually outlets would get their own strange form of d├ęcor. Not just some silly face plate that gives it a cheesy design. Instead, it’s a sticker that manages to utilize the outlet to spruce up the plain wall it sits on.

These very large decals stick directly to your wall, provided your wall is a normal texture. With these around, not only would you not be concealing the outlets, but you’d be doing a great job at making them stick out. No one could possibly walk past the sticker and not manage to notice it. Due to the fact that the website is in a foreign language, it makes it difficult to be sure on the price. However, it appears that a set of these goes for $71. If you do decide to pick them up, you’ll have to pay the price for them to be shipped out of the country.