Monday, June 30, 2008

Budget Servers Introduced by Dell Computers

Dell Computers is a known brand in the computer industry and just recently, they announced the unveiling of an entry-level server suitable for new businesses that are planning to implement technology in their everyday operations.

This will surely be welcome news to companies that are looking for budget-friendly solutions in the area of advanced systems and software solutions.

Dell on Monday launched single-socket servers for small and medium-size businesses, replenishing its overhauled PowerEdge line of servers.

The PowerEdge T300, with a tower chassis, and PowerEdge R300, a rack server, are designed to consume less power and include system management tools to better manage IT tasks, Dell said. The servers have quad-core Xeon processors and provide memory expandability and redundancy features, the company said.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dual Core Processors and CPU Upgrade

photo taken from Custom PC

They say they are the new kids on the block as far as new Pentium chip technology is concerned but my real question is up to when? I have been using my Pentium IV 2.0 for almost 5 years now and am pretty much satisfied. Aside from speed, can it handle my video editing software this time around?

These are questions in mind. I have been thinking of upgrading my computer and giving this PC to my wife’s cousin since he is taking up computer science today. While that would all depend on me, I guess I will pretty much buy the package I had made.

All I need are central processing unit (CPU) parts such as the processor, memory and motherboard if you think about it. Although being the computer geek I am, I put in a higher video card (1 gig I think!) and a 160 gigabyte hard drive as well as a brand new DVD writer to go. It is going to cost somewhere around the price of $300.00 just for those specs. I don't need a monitor since I still have my ACER AL1706 LCD monitor to use.

I think it is a wise investment considering online and telecommute work is now my main cup of tea. So if you want to get better results, chances are you have to be equipped with good equipment to support your work.

What I hate really is having to re-install everything. From the operating system to the other applications I need, its going to be a long day for me to get everything back together. This also includes transferring my thousands of files to it.

The OS? I think I will stick it out with Windows XP for now. While it can support the new Windows Vista operating system, I will cross the bridge when I get there.

Beware of Identity Thieves Online!

photo taken from Earthlink Protection Control Center Blog

Have you ever received any email telling you that you won $1Million or Pounds? How about a certain email saying that he or she inherited some money from a deceased military relative to which he will need to divert the money through you just to be able to get the funds of which he would give you a certain percentage like 20%?

We get this a lot and they do sound too good to be true. Apparently they ask for your personal information such as your name, address, phone number and bank account number. If you want some clean advice on this, it is quite simple…DON’T!

Your information is valuable and perhaps just a means to be used for mischief and no good. Based on what I have read on these emails, here are some things to consider to which you can just delete that message or trash it. Don’t waste your time!

1. Check for Grammar. Normally they are poor at this. Don’t know though if they are really from where they are but it seems like it.
2. You don’t win anything if you don’t enter any contest
3. There is no such thing as Instant Millionaires
4. Be wary of questionable origins of email
5. Be wary of links. Do not click on it.
6. People asking for your personal information
7. Check out the Subject. Normally it is something too good to be true

(Source) Yahoo Finance