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How Temperature Affects Plants

Knowing is half the battle as the saying goes. This not only caters to battles but also to gardening as it involves knowing a lot about how plants react to certain factors in their environment. Researching on what particular temperature or seed to plant at a specific season requires research and patience. If you'd like to know how you can be a better gardener, then read on.

Have you ever planted flower seeds in your garden and then found out that the reason they wilt or don't grow as fast is because the temperature around them was wrong? Wouldn't it be easier of you knew how hot or cold it is in your garden before you planted them? Won't it be better if you planted the right flower seeds depending on your garden's temperature? You'll definitely be needing an outdoor thermometer.

Temperature has a big factor in plants producing the highest yield. For example, studies show that most plants give a high yield on temperatures from 59F to 77F. Almost anything above 85F will damage the plant; although this will depend highly on what type of plant you have. For example, some plants who thrive in the tropics would not do well in colder temperatures and vice versa.

There are a lot of factors to consider when talking about how temperature affects plants:

  • Elevation: There is a 1 degree drop per 300 foot rise. So the higher the ground the plant is in the cooler it will be.

  • Drainage: cool air goes down to the low spots at night.

  • Exposure: the temperature will depend on where you and the plants live on. for examples, those who live in high level areas tend to have cooler climates and thus have shorter growing seasons.

  • Season: Planting seeds on the wrong season will affect their growth. For example, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seeds grow better on the cool seasons. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, and melons on the other hand fare better during the warm seasons.

We emphasize that all this research and knowledge on how temperature affects plants will be for naught if you don't have one of the most important tools for the job: the outdoor thermometer.

We recommend buying one from where they offer classic looking outdoor thermometer and others that look a bit more modern.

Good luck on your planting, and remember there's no such thing as a green thumb, just someone who loves taking care of plants.

Palm Pre Onscreen Keyboard Hack!

WASHINGTON - JUNE 06:  David Schloss of Bethes...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Palm Pre's been out of the media radar for the last few days and with good reason: Apple's been getting a lot of interest because of the negative publicity it's been getting because of the Google App issue. So for Pre fans out there, this is for you.

The Palm Pre's onboard keyboard's been getting a lot of flack because it's making the mobile phone thicker than it's supposed to be. However, Palm's got a great homebrew community that can almost do anything they want with the WebOS.

Eric Gaudet and the WebOS Internals crew have done awesome work on the Virtual Keyboard for the Palm Pre and also provided instructions on how to install it in our forums (which have already made the rounds). The folks from WebOS internals and wanted to make things a little easier. They have an app installer called Preware that is able, as of last night, to safely install (and remove) patches. The first patch they've made available is the keyboard.
Here's a taste of it below:

As you can see it's still in it's early stages of development, but if you can't wait for the final version or if you want to test and help the devs out, the instructions on how to do it is here.

Always remember that when you deal with this things, you'll always run the risk of bricking your phone permanently, so research into it first by checking out forums on this subject. If you feel you're ready,then take the plunge and follow the steps very carefully. Good luck!


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Spotify has been approved!

When we wrote about Spotify a few weeks ago, we were concerned that Apple might not approve this application for the iPhone 3GS because it will be going up against the iTunes Store. Well, lo and behold! It was approved!
Apple’s Cupertino spokesperson tells us it has approved the iPhone app from Spotify, the music service that many people believe represents a threat to iTunes: “The current status as of right now is it’s been approved and we hope to add the app to the more than 65,000 apps on the app store very soon. We’ve been in constant communication working with the developer and have already notified Spotify that the app will be in the app store very soon.”
However, this will only be available in the following countries: United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, and France. So if you live in the United States and other parts of the world, you may have to wait awhile. Besides, just because Apple approved it for Europe doesn't mean that it's a shoe in here as well.

So how has Spotify affected Apple so far?
Universal Music in Sweden is already reported as saying it’s earning more now from Spotify than from iTunes. Some cynics had even wondered whether Apple was delaying Spotify approval to unveil its an unlimited music service of its own in its upcoming September 9 event.
Wow! Hopefully Apple will be able to survive Spotify's reign by creating a superior product. If they ever do, we'll be covering it!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The PSP 4000 will have UMD?

Okay, we know Sony's been on an extremely big roll with the PS3 Slim announcement and the e-reader triplets. However, the PSP guys are still hurting over the news that their beloved games on the UMD format will be useless in a couple of months when the UMD-less PSP Go will be making the rounds. What will become of these expensive little DVD wanna be's? A frisbee?

We guess the Sony Gaming Gods have heard every PSP gamer's prayers as they are thinking of putting in back the UMD! Welcome the (possibly named) PSP 4000!
The Sony PSP-4000, then, would have a UMD drive just like its predecessors, and go on sale alongside (rather than be replaced by) the PSP Go. That would certainly fit in with recent comments from Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai, who us quoted as denying that we’re seeing “the death of physical media”, and reaffirming that Sony will continue to support UMD and physical game distribution.
So if this was correct, Sony's planning to the same thing as with the e-readers: give the people choices on what to buy depending on their budget and preferences. Those who like their old games will be playing the PSP 4000 while those who doesn't want to lug around a couple of UMDs in their bag pocket would be very much happy in purchasing a PSP Go. However, if given a choice, the PSP Go is the way to go because it's lighter and easier to travel around with.

We'll see is this is just rumor or truth in a couple of days.


Sony E-Book Reader Trifecta

Since Sony announced their foray into the Amazon cornered e-book niche market, they've been figured to be the one to push the behemoth from the top of the mountain--and it looks like they're on their way to actually doing it.

Sony introduces a third e-reader!

Sony called a press conference today to announce something connected to their e-readers: The Touch and The Pocket. We thought we had most of it covered already until they unleashed a THIRD e-reader to put the nail in the Kindle's coffin: The Reader Daily Edition.
The Reader Daily Edition gives consumers wireless access via AT&T's 3G mobile broadband network to Sony's eBook store from just about anywhere in the U.S. Book lovers will be able to browse, purchase and download books as well as select newspapers and magazines when and where they want. There are no monthly fees or transaction charges for the basic wireless connectivity and users still have the option to side load personal documents or content from other compatible sites via USB.

How much would you pay for free e-books?

And it doesn't end there, besides the e-books best sellers getting a big cut, Sony is also introducing The Library Finder: free access to a local libraries e-books. Yes folks, free e-books.
Today also marks the launch of Sony's Library Finder application. Sony, working with OverDrive (, the leading global digital distributor of eBooks and to libraries, will now offer visitors to the eBook Store by Sony easy access to their local library's collection of eBooks. Thousands of libraries in the OverDrive network offer eBooks optimized for the Sony Reader, and visitors can now find these libraries by typing their zip code into the Library Finder. Through the selected library's download website, visitors can check out eBooks with a valid library card, download them to a PC and transfer to their Reader. At the end of the library's lending period, eBooks simply expire, so there are never any late fees.
According to Gizmodo, there's a catch:
There aren't an unlimited number of ebooks—each library has an actual "stock" of ebooks (because the library had to pay for each copy). So, if they have a stock of 5 books, and they're all checked out, you have to wait in a queue for somebody else's book to expire when they hit the 21-day mark (when they automatically expire). When it's available, you get an email, and then you can check it out.
21 days of waiting for that e-book you've always wanted to read but can't, or won't, buy is good enough in my book!

I think our doubts from the earlier posts seem to be unfounded and most likely Sony will carve itself a niche in the e-book market. Most likely a lot of disgruntled and curious Amazon Kindle readers will try out the cheaper (and free!) features that Sony has to offer. It wasn't so long ago that the Kindle was one of the forerunners of the e-book revolution, now it looks so expensive, bloated, and restrictive. It seems Sony has taken the mantle off of Amazon this time.

Source for Sony Virtual e-Library
Picture of Sony E-Readers

Truveo and Univision Interactive Media Partner for U.S. Hispanics

Streaming videos are the talk of the town these days and the next thing that people have to consider is where to get such videos and the variety of films they can choose from. While we have a lot of them around, this partnership between Truveo and Univision Interactive Media promises to capture the attention of most streaming video consumers as they now allow users to search and browse a comprehensive global index of videos that include Spanish-language videos.

Now, people don’t have to worry about landing the right videos that they are looking for. Truveo aims to make all that easier, particularly for the Univision users. Truveo’s APIs enable website owners to create applications with video search and discovery features that build on Truveo’s leading video search technology and extensive index of more than 400 million videos.

(Source) Press

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sony S540 Walkman Now Available

Sony has been exerting all efforts to revive its infamous Walkman series and we have seen them in the past weeks. This time, Sony releases the Sony S540, boasting of a 2.4” of viewing area paired with stereo speakers that should deliver the songs and videos without the need to use headphones.

It can also be a handy recorder as it comes with an integrated microphone for users who want to record lectures or meetings to keep track of discussions and important matters. Music playback on headphones last up to 42 hours, while video playback has been rated at 6.5 hours. Supported audio file formats include AAC, MP3 and WMA, while video file formats include H.264, MPEG-4 and WMV.

The Sony S540 Walkman comes in 8GB ($110) and 16GB ($130) models.

Via Ubergizmo

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nokia 5230: Affordable Touchscreen

Besides Nokia's big announcement, they're also rolling out a new mobile phone that'll make those who can't afford to buy one of those uber expensive touchscreen phones: the Nokia 5230.

It's supposed to be the cheaper touchscreen--sorry--an entry level touchscreen for those who want to try it out. The reason why it's cheaper? No WiFi nor GPS. It has the following features though:
The Nokia 5230 features an easy to use music player with 33 hours of playback time. In select markets the Nokia 5230 will include Comes With Music service offering truly unbeatable value with all you can eat music. The recommended price of the Nokia 5230 with the Comes With Music service will be 259 EUR before subsidies and taxes. For a mighty music experience, any headphones with a 3.5mm AV connector can be used. In addition, the Nokia 5230 features a Media Bar with quick access to your favorite media and applications, such as music, photos, YouTube or Ovi Share.
Here's a video of it in action:

Pardon the really cheesy music, slight lag, and fingernail dragging, and this looks like a steal! Touchsreen and quick connection to Ovi Share is a great idea! Not everyone can get a WiFi connection 24/7 anyway so it's really not that of a requirement.
"Competitively priced at 149 EUR, we believe the Nokia 5230 is an unbeatable offer for many new customers who aspire a device that stars in music, mingles with social networks from Facebook to MySpace, navigates you to where it happens, when it happens, and comes in an array of dazzling colors, " said Jo Harlow, Vice President, Nokia.
Wait for it come 4th quarter of 2009!


Nokia Netbook 3G: Unveiled

Nokia has always been known as one of the mobile phone powerhouses. They may have been reported in trouble due to the emergence of the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, and Android Powered phones, but they're still a force to be reckoned with especially if you talk about international sales.

Hope Nokia Learned from the Palm Foleo

Now Nokia is going to enter a place that Palm have tried and failed to do so: the 3G Netbooklet realm. Most tech and gadget historians are familiar with the failed Palm product called The Palm Folio. A subnotebook that's supposed to run on the 3G Network via the Palm Treo. It was nevertheless scrapped just before it was to be shipped because Palm thought that they should focus on creating a smartphone that will be even better than any subnotebook. Good thing because of The Palm Folio's death came the Palm Pre.

Back to Nokia's little baby, the Nokia Netbooklet 3G, it should have learned something from Palm's failed experiment and, hopefully, do better.

Nokia 3G Netbook Specs and possible price

Here's a video of it below:

Here's what we've gathered so far.

Specs seems to be already confirmed:

Model name Booklet 3G
CPU type Intel Atom Z530
CPU speed 1600 MHz
OS Windows 7
Display Size
Hard Disk 120 GB
Keyboard YES
Mouse Pointer YES
Weight 1250g
Size (w/h/d mm) 265/185/20 mm

Physical Interfaces
SD card slot
USB2.0 (x3)
Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)

Wireless Interfaces
BT (type unknown)
HSPA (7.2/2.0Mbps)

Additional Specs and Accessories
(can vary)WebCam
Optional Specs and Accessories (can vary)Stereo speakers

Pricing for the Netbook is guessed at $799:
"Pricing information comes from Sascha at He’s been given a $799 price which, when considering that this is a netbook, is shocking but if it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, HDPA, A-GPS, HDMI and all the other specs as promised, including the huge battery life, it isn’t bad."
No news yet on when it's going to be on sale though.

What we like and what we're asking

We have to admit though that 12 hour battery charge does seem nice especially for those mobile warriors who want to get connected to the net most of the time. A Windows 7 running on a small netbook? We'd love to try that out! A 120 GB memory would mean a lot for those who are tired of carrying around thumb drives because their netbooks don't have enough memory. The weight and size really is the way to go for most netbooks: small enough, but big enough to do a spreadsheet on the road.

Just one of the questions here though is if Nokia can really afford to give a premier netbook that won't bank on their name. With netbooks all the rage now, what can Nokia give that the others can't? Will this be a new beginning for Nokia on another gadget or will it go the way of the Foleo? Will partnering with Windows 7 be a good or bad deal for them?

Nokia 3G Netbook is Real
Nokia 3G Netbook Specs
Nokia 3G Netbook Price Speculation

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Memories Around an Outdoor Firepit

Special places doesn't always have to look grand or unique. Sometimes all it takes is a memory of an event to make a place stand out among other memories; it could even be as usual as an outdoor fire pit area. Below is my account on how that place and piece of outdoor furniture enriched my life and my children's lives as well.

When I was a nine-year old boy, I would always like to go camping with my friends. We'd sit in front of an outdoor fire pit and talk about the latest toy or cartoon episode one of us saw, tell really weird stories, and show off what we know of the latest news regarding our favorite comic book superhero. As time went on and we'd enter high school, we tended to go on dates with girls rather than sit and tell stories about G. I. Joe in front of the fire pit.

After graduation, suddenly life became a blur of work, eat, sleep, and back again--it got hectic pretty quick. Stress was gaining on me quick and I needed some downtime. I tried and almost done anything legal that'll make me feel relaxed and stress-free but it's either not working or it just takes too me much time away from my job. I racked my mind, as well as my friend's, on how to go about this--until my own two boys asked me if I wanted to join them on sleep over in our backyard.

For me that was my lightbulb moment. All this time I've been looking outside my home on how to take it easy, yet the answer was always here.

First thing we did was to make a list of things to bring with us in our backyard camping night out.
  • Tent
  • Pegs
  • Cloth
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Flashlights
  • Extra Batteries
  • Mobile Phone
It was a treat then that we already have our very own outdoor fire pit. No need to look for firewood and all those troublesome stuff. It was pretty convenient that my old folks decided to give one in our house-warming party. Never thought I'd need it until it became essential to our camping trip in the backyard.

The outdoor firepit was a Sojoe Firepit from Outdora: one of their premier outdoor firepits. It was circular, elevated from the ground, and was colored in an earthly tone. The sides were designed with cut holes that were made to look like the moon and stars. There was a footrest that doubled as a safety ring which was a great way to safely warm our cold toes. When we fired it up it surely made the whole place warm and alight!

So there I was with my two boys sitting around the outdoor fire pit; talking about the craziest Youtube videos, silliest blog posts, and coolest online games. Eventhough they'll eventually grow up and have careers of their own, I hope they'll always remember the time we three spent together, enjoying the night away, around the outdoor fire pit. I know I will.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

PS3: No to PS2 and Amazon Gives Warning

After a day or two, the PS3 Slim is still the biggest news in Tech town and we're really not surprised at all as most tech guys dabble in a lot of games as well. Below are just a rundown of the latest news we got.

PS2 Backward Compatibility Never to Appear in PS3

No Virgina, PS2 backward compatibility will never appear in the PS3 whether it be phat, slim, or anything in between. It has been confirmed by John Koller, Sony's Director of Hardware Marketing in an interview:
"It's not coming back, so let me put that on the table," Koller says with an air of finality. But it's all people ever talk about!

"It's not as big as a purchase intent driver as you may be hearing," he claimed. "We've got such a substantial lineup of titles on the PS3; most people are buying the PS3 for PS3 games. They've buying it for PS3 games and Blu-ray movies."

"That won't be returning," he repeats.
Before you nerd-rage on Sony, you have to remember that they still got the PSP Go--and we think that's where old PS2 ports will come to nest as your beloved PS2 finally bites the dust.

Amazon: Shortage of PS3 Slim in the US

PANIC NOW! Amazon has just announced that the PS3 Slim is already running out of stock in the US! So far they're limiting the sales to one PS3 Slim to one person only. Sony Europe is saying that they have truckloads of the stuff to satisfy all customers.

Let's hope they get enough before the Holidays, as you don't want to know how nerds get mad when they don't get their game on!

Source for PS3 never getting PS2 backward compatibility
Source for Amazon running out of PS3 Slim

Android Hack and HTC Click Revealed!

The Android and the HTC seems to be connected at the hip these days. One almost always seems to be involved in the same news. It makes me wonder whether the other Android powered mobile phones feel jealous about it.

Hack your Android Phone the Easy Way

The Android is an extremely flexible mobile phone Operating System due to it's "open source"- ness. This literally means that if you have enough knowledge and experience in this particular field, you can do anything you can imagine. It's not surprising then, that some people actually does something to make your Android-powered phone better without coming from the usual sources.

Unfortunately, if you don't have the know-how of dealing with complicated matters such as the Android, you run a rather large risk of making your mobile phone an expensive piece of brick. It's a good thing then that someone in the Android community has developed a program that will increase your chances of being successful at hacking your mobile phone OS.

RyeBrye has pieced together an Android app that does all the rooting legwork, a process that used to range from mildly intimidating to headache-inducing. In either case, the prospect was always daunting for the mainstream, which kept the joys of an unbound Android from most G1 and MyTouch owners.

Here is the complete list of steps on how to do it right. As a bonus, here's a video that'll show how fast and easy it is to do it.

Just a little note: this is good for US Android phones ONLY! Good luck!

HTC Click Gets Shot!

We mentioned last time that if HTC doesn't go on par (price-wise) with the Motorola Morrison that it may just lose the Android OS race. Lo, and behold! HTC's got one brewing under the name of the HTC Click. Supposedly this phone is still under development, however there's a video proof that it already exists in the wilds of Tech Cool Vietnam.

The device sports some interesting graphics (likely customized by the owner) on the back, a microSD slot, 1100mAh battery, standard 3.5-mm headphone jack up top, camera (no flash), and of course, Android, "Donut" build 1.50.999.0 according to the device's about page. Clearly, it lacks that swank SenseUI and the LCD is much smaller than the HTC Magic -- indicators that the Click is very much HTC's cheapo Android phone as previously rumored.

This surely targets those who want a cool Android phone but doesn't have the moolah to buy one or someone who just wants to try out an Android OS before he buys the more expensive ones. Whatever the reason, it surely must be on one of the top of every mobile gadget freak's Christmas List.

In the end, anyone with an Android mobile phone wins as its future as a powerhouse mobile OS is assured. The question now is--how will it break into international waters when the iPhone 3G and Palm Pre are still US bound? Will the Android overtake them? With it being free and open source, you bet it will. How can you beat a quality mobile OS that's free?

Source for How-To Hack your Android
Source for How-TO Hack Your Android steps and video
Source for HTC Click

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The LG Watchphone is here!

Every once in a while a gadget will literally blow you away and change the way you look at technology forever, such is the LG GD910, otherwise known as The LG Watchphone.

With the current crop of mobile phones with time-telling ability, the watch has literally gone down the list of must wears before going out. However, with the LG Watchphone, not only will it be hip to wear it again, but productive as well!

We reported on this a month ago and even showed you a Youtube clip, this time around the good people of Orange UK will be demonstrating the other capabilities of the LG Watchphone.

If you think it'll be complicated to operate such a device, you'll be in for a surprise!
To make a voice or video call – in true 22nd Century fashion – all you have to do is ask it nicely. The combination of voice activated command, VGA camera and Bluetooth technology mean you’ll never have to raise a finger to make a call again... just turn your wrist and talk away. The handmade timepiece is designed with the image conscious in mind too and features eight different watch faces – one to suit your every mood or crime-fighting outfit.

What are you waiting for? The gadget will be available in limited supply, on a first come first served, one device per customer basis, from August 27 9:00 AM in the Orange Shop at Bond Street, Central London, and will be sold for just £500.

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Android Updates: HTC New Firmware, G1 Rises

T-Mobile G1 Google AndroidImage by netzkobold via Flickr

When we reported on a couple of Android powered mobile phones a few days ago, we were left hanging on a couple of issues: Will the T-Mobile G1 OS ever get updated? What's being hastily updated with the HTC Hero? Here are a couple of updates on both news.

HTC Hero Firmware Update Preview

Someone named Paul in the MoDaCo Forums was able to get an advanced firmware for the HTC Hero (the one which was reportedly on the way within a couple of days). The coolest thing about it was that he did a video of it and uploaded it to Youtube for everyone to see!

According to the video there's only two features that he noted was new:
  • An addition of a Java icon: we don't know whether the phone's Java was updated or if the icon was just placed on the menu. We're hoping it was then former.
  • Smoother scrolling from the Homescreen: no lag according to the video. This will surely please fans who were bothered by how terribly slow the HTC was scrolling that they missed punching keys.
It looks good but something bothered us as well:
Paul says he thinks the ROM “takes the [Hero] to the next level”, and considering we called it the best Android device so far that’s a pretty impressive level indeed. Our only point of concern is timing for its release: HTC told us it would arrive “in the coming weeks”, but Paul seems to have been told “a couple of months”.
Whether in a few days, weeks, or (gulp) months, this will be a very welcome update for those who already have the HTC Hero.

G1 Rises From Seeming Death

The T-Mobile G1 can be considered as one of the pioneers of the Android OS. It's name will forever be known as the one that started the Android revolution. Unfortunately, according to our report a few days ago, it's time is up and, supposedly, there won't be any upgrades to that mobile phone anymore.

It's good news that the G1's death has been quite exaggerated. According to a certain Mr. Wimberly of Android and Me, he was able to discover something to the contrary of our earlier post:
According to Wimberly, he’s seen builds of Donut listed as 1.6 in “mobile analytics reports” and that G1s will, in fact, receive the update later this year. Which is probably sooner rather than later considering Google dropped Donut a few weeks back.
Cupcake seems to be going Donut for G1 in the near future.
It never hurts when Android engineers, like Dan Morril chime in, “Rumors of the G1’s demise are greatly exaggerated.”
The only questions left regarding this piece of news is when and how it will be implemented to an extremely limited memory of a mobile phone. Overall, we'd call it a resurrection from rumor death for the G1 and its loyal fans. Once it does happen we'll be there to report it.

Source for HTC Hero firmware upgrade preview
Source for T-Mobile G1 getting a new lease at life

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PS3 Slim: Announcements, Secrets, and Firmwares

When I woke up this morning and read through the tech blogs, there was only one particular news that was all over the headlines: PS3 Slim! Yes, it's no longer the fake that we saw a few weeks ago, but rather the real deal!

PS3 Slim Unveiled in GamesCom 2009

At Sony's GamesCom 2009 press conference, SCEI CEO Kaz Hirai unveiled the PlayStation 3 Slim. The new model will be available in stores starting the first week of September 2009. It is roughly 1/3 smaller and lighter than the current PS3 (and uses 1/3 less power! Gcycle!!!). The Slim will come with a 120GB hard drive. Sadly, backwards compatibility will not be a part of the PlayStation 3 slim, as well. However, most importantly, it will be the cheapest PS3 to date, with a price of $299 USD. The lower price will also apply to all 80GB models still available.
Let's admit it, the Sony PS3 was expected to become the no. 1 gaming console in the world when it went out, but it was beaten by a smaller, cheaper, and more gameplay innovative Nintendo Wii. Sony decided to do something about it by somewhat "copying" the Wii: they got smaller and (supposedly) cheaper with the new PS3 Slim.

Sony hid the PS3 Slim secret from everyone!

Here's an interesting story about the PS3 Slim: Sony wanted to keep it hush-hush before the big announcement (which was today). They used "Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc." to file the PS3 Slim with the FCC.
Turns out "Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc"'s address in Foster City, CA is registered to Sony, and by listing the PS3 Slim under a different company, they avoided detection by diligent FCC hunters like, well, us. Interestingly, the filing includes mention of two other models, differing only in HDD capacity from the 120GB model we've seen—looks like a 150GB and a 250GB.
Well, they surely hid it well and now the interwebz is all abuzz with the new gaming console!

Here's what we know for now:
  • Price: $299.99
  • Color: Matte Black
  • HDD: 120GB 2.5-inch SATA
  • Dimensions: 11.42 x 2.56 x 11.42 in.
  • Weight: 7.05 lb.
  • Power: 250W
  • Compatibility: PSOne
  • BRAVIA Sync (HDMI-CEC): Yes
  • Bundle: Wireless DualShock 3 controller
  • Availability: September 2009

Sony Playstation Firmware 3.0

In a related story, the Sony PlayStation Firmware will be upgraded to 3.0. The changes will be as follows:
  • A new Playstation Network tab, named "What's New". Supposedly it'll be the first thing that pops up when you turn on your console. It will focus on new features, news, and downloadable content
  • New theme upgrades. You will have to option to change themes as the day goes on.
  • A status box will allow you to see and contact your friends who are online.
  • New avatar icons. There will be premium ones which will have to be bought from the Playstation Store.
Here's a couple of screencaps for you:

How will this impact sales for the Wii and the Xbox 360? Does this mean that there will be a price cut for the PS3 Fat 80 GB (since it's both priced at $299)? Will Sony finally make a killing on the gaming console industry?

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Source for Sony Using Pseudonym to hide PS3 Slim
Source for PS3 Slim Specs
Source for Playstation Firmware 3.0

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Palm Really Needs More Apps

Palm Pre JPGImage by renaissancechambara via Flickr

We reported a few days ago that Palm's Pre was in dire need of games in its App Catalog to liven it up a bit. Unfortunately it was just the tip of the iceberg as Palm explained the reason for their low number of apps in their store:
Palm said the low number of apps initially were because it had been offering its Software Developers Kit (SDK) called Mojo only to a few select developers. On July 16, the company made its Mojo SDK available to all.
After a week the Pre was launched last June 6 only 30 apps existed. Most can probably attribute it to the SDK not being released early enough, but it's really losing big time to Apple's App Store up until now.

What's curious is that Apple's iPhone 3GS has more apps in its store than the Palm Pre's even though it's regarded to have such a "closed" platform compared to Palm. Why is there a lack of interest in creating applications for the Pre? Is it because the developers feel that they won't earn anything off it? Most likely...
Now with the App Catalog e-commerce beta program, Palm has taken the next step towards having a complete app store. Developers will receive 70 percent of the revenue from their apps, with Palm collecting the rest 30 percent. The split is similar to what Apple charges for iPhone apps. Pre users will be able to purchase apps using Visa and MasterCard credit cards, said Palm.
With this carrot dangling in front of application developers, hopefully it will change things around for the excellent yet app/games thirsting Palm Pre.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Tale of Two Android Phones

Open Handset AllianceImage by dannysullivan via Flickr

It's about time we write about one of the newest and possibly-game changing smartphone OS out there: the Android.

For those who want to know what the Android is without going to Wikipedia, we've posted it here for you:
Android is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance. It allows developers to write managed code in the Java language, controlling the device via Google-developed Java libraries.
If you're familiar with Linux as a free OS that's uber flexible that can run on any old computer, then imagine it in your mobile phone.

Is this end for T-Mobile G1?

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 21:  A customer looks ...One of the very first phones out there that had the Android was the T-Mobile G1. It was touted as "the Google Phone" and was considered as one of the best phones of its time. However it's OS: the Android 1.5 (loving nicknamed the Cupcake) maybe near its end.
According to Android software engineer Dave Sparks, a time is soon coming when devs "wont be able to fit the latest [Android] release on the G1's internal flash," and yet another engineer has chimed in via Twitter to say that he "can't promise" that any update after 1.5 will fit.
From what they're saying, it's more of a hardware problem than anything else. After that Engadget article was put up, a T-Mobile representative said:
"We plan to continue working with Google to introduce future software updates to the T-Mobile G1. Reports to the contrary are inaccurate."
Is there a miscommunication between Android developers and T-Mobile or is this just another way of you not ditching your G1 for an iPhone 3GS? Will there really be a new update for this legendary phone? Will we ever see the Donut in the T-Mobile G1? Only time will tell...

HTC Hero about to get a new update in ten days?

HTC HeroOn the other end of the spectrum, the newly released HTC Hero Android OS maybe getting an update really soon! This was disclosed by an HTC customer Service e-mail:
“HTC is actively working on a software update that will make your experience on your Hero device better. A partial update is ready in 10 days and a major release will be available in mid-September containing local language support.. Please check our website from time to time and update your device when the software is available.”
The catch was that there was no info nor any details on what those updates will be. Is this another one of those "leaked" news coming straight from the Marketing Department? Why is this Android OS being updated so quickly as the T1 has been left at 1.5? A lot of questions, but it'll be a win/win for HTC Hero users nonetheless.

Nevertheless, updates are supposed to make your OS phone better and if the update does come, we'll be sure to cover it as soon as we get it.

Source for T-Mobile G1 Android OS update stopped?

Source for HTC Hero Android OS update
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Palm's Lack of Good Games is Showing

Touchstone charger and Palm PreImage by PatrickMoorhead via Flickr

Despite some security issues, the Palm Pre is a magnificent mobile phone. It's almost gone toe to toe with its main rival, Apple's iPhone 3GS. However, it does lack one feature that their rivals have: good games.

Should they be bothered with the lack of games in their phone? Both phones may not have been originally marketed for gamers, but let's admit it: a lot of gadget lovers are gamers as well! It may not beat the Nintendo DS nor the PSP, but if people get stuck in traffic or in a commuter train, some would wish for a game to whittle away their time rather than listen to some mp3s.

We're familiar with a lot of games for the iPhone 3GS, but none yet coming from Palm Pre. As far as we know only emulator hackers and homebrew heroes have tried using the Pre, but none yet coming from big time gaming companies or even from Palm itself.

It's nice to know that Palm Pre's really serious about putting games into their phones by posting a "webOS™ and Game Development" article on their site. However with the phone's WebOS, 3D games will surely be out of the picture. Instead, they are promoting "puzzles, word games, card and board games, innovative social games, and the list goes on – even simple arcade games." The question here, is how can they beat the iPhone's games with such?

Hopefully with Palm Central's list of Homebrew games for the Pre, it should urge the company and some developers out there to try using Palm's newest baby as a "somewhat" platform for gaming.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK700

It seems to be Logitech love today here at Technology and Tricks as we found out another gadget coming from the said company that will be coming out this month for the US and Europe.

The keyboard and mouse are two of the necessary input devices that you will need to use your computer. It's a wonder then that most PC users would focus on upgrading processors and graphic cards yet have really crappy keyboards or mice. Logitech is now offering a two in one release of their Logitech® Wireless Desktop® MK700, a wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce clutter behind or even in front of your PC.

Below are the keyboard's features:
  • Low-profile keyboard with Logitech® Incurve keys™: Concave keys position your fingers properly, and their softly rounded edges invite your fingertips to glide from key to key, hour after hour. Keys so comfortable, you’d think they were custom-made to fit your fingers.
  • Longer key travel: Not easily found on many low-profile and notebook keyboards, longer key travel improves comfort and your overall typing experience.
  • LCD dashboard: Gives you at-a-glance icon status of your battery, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock, you won’t skip a beat while typing. * Keyboard battery life calculation based on an estimated 2,000,000 keystrokes/year in an office environment. User experience may vary. Mouse battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.
Listed here is the mouse's benefits:
  • Cushioned palm rest: Feels so much better than hard plastic.
  • Sculpted mouse: Positions your hand and fingers comfortably and naturally.
  • Reliable connection: Logitech® Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology dramatically reduces interference with virtually no delays or dropouts.** Includes 128-bit AES keyboard encryption—one of the highest levels of security available. Get all the benefits of a cord, with the convenience of wireless. Range up to 30 feet (10 m).
So what are you waiting for? It's wireless and it's from Logitech, go get one!

Product Page

Logitech: Harmony 900, S315i, and S125i

Logitech has always been known for its quality and diversity of PC and gadget accessories as they always seem to be churning out new ones almost every week. It's no surprise that they would usually release more than one and it's what we'll be reporting on below.

Logitech Harmony 900 Remote control: One control to rule them all

Do you own a lot of remote controls? One for the TV, one for the DVD Player, and another one for a certain gadget? Isn't it always a chore to handle two or even three of them at a time? Wouldn't it be better if you have one remote control to rule them all? That's what people from Logitech thought of when they designed and built the Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Control. The Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Control serves as a universal remote control to your favorite gadgets connected to TVs, movies, games, and music.

“Like all Harmony remotes, the Harmony 900 simplifies home entertainment, which is particularly relevant with more and more people staying home to watch movies on their big-screen TVs and enjoying surround sound and hi-def video from the comfort of the couch,” said Ashish Arora, vice president and general manager of Logitech’s Harmony business unit.
This device would definitely be a shoe-in for those loved ones who have a hard time moving around the living room to be entertained. This would also be ideal to those who don't like a lot of clutter and wires all over the floor.
“Unfortunately, more remotes and more wires tend to be byproducts of increasingly sophisticated home-entertainment systems. With the Harmony 900 remote’s RF technology and ability to control up to 15 devices, you can say good-bye to the clutter while gaining better control of your devices.”
It's so simple to use that almost anyone will know that pushing the "Watch TV" icon means what it says. To know more about the details of this product feel free to go to the product page.

Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i and Portable Speaker S125i

Since we're talking about entertainment gadgets, nothing comes more complete than using the iPhone 3GS/iPod. Unfortunately with such a small and mobile device, you really can't expect much of it when you want to share music and dancing with your friends. It's great then that Logitech has announced, not one, but two speakers that fit well with your mobile phone or player! Logitech® Rechargeable Speaker S315i and the Logitech® Portable Speaker S125i.

The S315i is really two gadgets in one. Besides amplifying the music from your iPhone, it also charges it as the same time!

Because you don’t always have time to recharge your iPod at home, and it’s inconvenient to carry your charger when you’re out and about, the Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i gives you a full day’s (or night’s) worth of music on a single charge – up to 20 hours of power (in power-saving mode). Plus, unlike other iPod speaker docks, the Rechargeable Speaker S315i can play your music while it’s plugged in and charging your iPod.
Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! The Logitec Rechargeable Speaker S315i will be available in the US and Europe this month for $129.99.

The S125i on the other hand is extremely light at a weight of one pound. This is ideal for those trips to the park where you just want to enjoy music with your loved ones or when you want to make an impression with your friends.

At less than one pound, the portable, power-smart and compact Portable Speaker S125i runs on AC or battery power – up to 10 hours of battery-powered music (4 AA not included) – so it can go just about anywhere inside or outside the home.
The Logitech S125i Portable Speaker is already available in the US and Europe for $69.99.

Press for Logitech Harmony 900 Remote Control
Press for Logitech S345i and S125i

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Palm Pre Gathers Your Data

Customer trust is something that a company works on. However, if it betrays that trust, the company will lose in the end.

This is the predicament where Palm is right now.

According to a Wired article, the Palm Pre sends your GPS location, what web apps you use, and how long you've been using it to Palm HQ everyday. This happens even after you turn off the GPS in your mobile phone. All this was discovered by Joey Hess, a programmer.

Hess says he stumbled on to the privacy problem while trying to find a fix for another issue. “I bought the Touchstone (wireless) charger and found that the screen stays on all the time when the phone is on it,” says Hess. “That was keeping me up at night so I started looking around to find a fix .”

Instead Hess, who works as an embedded systems developer, stumbled into the code that showed how the webOS collects data.

In response, Palm said the following:
“Palm takes privacy very seriously and offers users ways to turn data collecting services on and off,” says Palm in a statement. ”Our privacy policy is like many policies in the industry and includes very detailed language about potential scenarios in which we might use a customer’s information, all toward a goal of offering a great user experience.”
In short, they're doing it so they can figure out how to service the Palm users better. However, it would have been better if Palm has been upfront in telling the user about it rather than the user discovering it running under his nose.

Charles Golvin, an analyst with Forrester Research, said the following about disclosing this deed:
“The question here is the level of granularity when it comes to seeking permission,” says Golvin. ” If the permission on part of the user is overarching, which seems to be the case with the Palm Pre, then it is a rather crude way of doing things.”
So far, Palm hasn't issued any further announcement on this issue. For the meantime, if you're a Palm Pre user, you can turn out the batteries of your device if you don't like the idea of them snooping on you or continue using it if you think it's ok.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sony ups the ante vs. Amazon's Kindle

Sony Reader, PRS-505 modelImage via Wikipedia

If you're into e-books then most likely you love them and hate them at the same time. Not the books themselves mind you, but they way that it's been restricted for you to read them in certain mediums. Amazon is one of the well-known proponents of this as their e-books can only be read through their uber expensive Kindle or the iPhone. It's good news then that Sony seems to be thinking in the opposite way.

We reported on Sony's e-readers a few days ago, the Pocket and the Touch, and we were rather surprised at what the company will sacrifice to ensure they get one over Amazon in this market. First, they decided to make two e-readers--both priced way lower than the Kindle. Second, they slashed the e-book Bestsellers from $11.99 to $9.99. Now, they've totally gone way overboard with the latest news that they will be releasing books on the ePub format!

What's ePub? It's a format that will allow you to read your e-book on a plethora of e-reading devices! Imagine buying a book through Sony and then reading it in the Plastic Logic eReader or the iPhone through Lexcycle Stanza! This is totally the opposite of how Kindle is handling their e-books.
“There is going to be a proliferation of different reading devices, with different features and capabilities and prices for a different set of consumer requirements,” said Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading unit. “If people are going to this e-book shopping mall, they are going to want to shop at all the stores, and not just be required to shop at one store.”
Somehow the gadget book geeks will be taking a second and even third look at Sony's Touch or Pocket as a better and cheaper alternative to Kindle. We know we will!


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Kitty USB and Nick Notebook

Exposing kids to new technology these days doesn't seem to be that hard compared to the olden days. They get to see it both in the cartoons they watch and the people around them. They're basically a goldmine for tech companies if somehow they convince the kids and their parents that their product is best for their child. Below are just two products that will just make your young child giddy with excitement over new technology.

Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition

Since Spongebob Squarepants burst into the scene, the kids who religiously watch his antics on Nickelodeon have increased as time went on. Now some of the kids who used to watch his early shows are either young teens or even parents already. It's a treat to both of those groups that Dell and Nickelodeon is producing the Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition.

Designed specifically for kids, the Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition sports Nickelodeon's trademark green slime yet is loaded with entertaining and educational content that will also appeal to moms and dads. Designed with kids in mind, the Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition is wrapped in an eye-catching, Nickelodeon-inspired slime artwork scheme. Based on Dell’s popular Inspiron Mini 10v netbook, it features a bright 10.1-inch color LCD display and built-in wireless Internet access.

It will be available October 2009 and specs will come shortly before that.

Hello Kitty USB Flashdrive

If you thought Nickelodeon had a big following, Hello Kitty is even bigger! Hello Kitty's fans are even more older and diverse. It's noteworthy to say that she will be celebrating her 35th birthday on November 1, 2009. To celebrate that occasion, Hello kitty and her friends will be immortalized in MIMIBOT fashion.

The crossover collaboration with Mimoco will begin with Hello Kitty® and expand to include SANRIO friends Badtz-Maru®, My Melody®, Kuromi®, Keroppi®, Chococat®, and TuxedoSam™ in MIMOBOT form ranging from 2GB to 16GB capacities. The MIMOBOT flash drives will also be bundled with the mimoDesk™ personalization suite of SANRIO-themed wallpapers, screensavers, icons, and avatars, as well as videos and other digital surprises. The line will be available for purchase at and, select SANRIO boutiques and other specialty retailers.

More information will be available next month.

Source for the Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition
Source for Hello Kitty Flash Drive

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's the Traffic Tweetuation?

Ever had a time where you heard from the news that your way to the office would be clear However that may change as Mobomo just announced that they will be releasing an app for the iPhone 3GS that will allow you to view, search, and tweet traffic conditions in any U.S. city. This is way more better as it is in real-time compared to other services where you need to wait for reports of traffic in your area.

Key Features:
  • Leverages iPhone 3.0 OS Maps API to directly embed Google Maps into the application, providing a quick snapshot of all traffic alerts on nearby highways and roads.
  • Leverages Twitter Platform so drivers using TrafficTweet can report current road conditions (traffic accidents, lane closures, speed traps and other alerts) to others via Twitter on an interactive map. App users can use color-coded icons to provide the driver with instant feedback.
  • One-Click Driver Reporting eliminates need for onerous driver texting as it takes just one click to report speed and two clicks to report a traffic incident.
  • Powerful Search Function embedded in TrafficTweet app allows users to quickly search for traffic conditions anywhere in the world.
The good thing about it is that it doesn't depend on proprietary data nor does it refer to driver generated content, but rather it's based more on a community attitude. Think of it as helping your fellow driver in avoiding the heavy traffic you're in right now.
"With the click of a single button, TrafficTweet is really the first way for drivers to, in effect, let off some steam about driving conditions in an easy, safe and productive way that allows other drivers to benefit from real-time updates tweeted by the community," adds Upender. "And by leveraging the Twitter platform so drivers can report conditions of any road or region - no matter how rural - TrafficTweet is truly global from day one."

Apple Airport Express

Now with blazing 802.11n, the affordable Apple Airport Express is powerful enough to run a home Wi-Fi network, yet small enough to take on the road. Share your wireless network with up to 10 users, print documents, photos, and more from any room in the house to one central printer, play iTunes music through your stereo or powered speakers using AirTunes, and more.

AirTunes takes the music from the iTunes library on your computer and sends it wirelessly to any stereo or speakers in your home. All you have to do is plug an AirPort Express into an electrical outlet near those speakers, then connect them with an audio cable. In iTunes, you can choose which speakers you want your music to play on--in your den, living room, or bedroom.

If you have more than one AirPort Express connected to speakers, you can play the same music on all your speakers at the same time to create a whole-house musical experience. Plus, if you already have a wireless network in place, you can use AirPort Express to add music to its capabilities.

(Source) Amazon

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

Combined with a My Passport portable drive, the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player is the most convenient way to play HD movies or user-generated videos, listen to high-quality digital music and show high-resolution slideshows of your family photos on your TV. Also works with popular USB drives, and digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players that can be recognized as mass storage devices.

Full HD video playback and navigation - up to 1080p - Experience the spectacular picture quality of HD video and crystal clear sound clarity of digital audio. Use the included remote control to navigate through your entertainment choices using our crisp, animated HD menus. Collect without limits - There's no limit to the size of your media collection; just add more USB drives for more space.

Access two USB drives simultaneously - Two USB ports on the player let you connect two USB storage devices and access them simultaneously. Media Library feature aggregates the content on both drives into one list sorted by media type. HDMI and composite video connections - The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port lets you connect to the highest quality HDTV or home theater.

Additional composite (RCA) outputs ensure compatibility with virtually all television sets. Hassle-free playback of HD movies, home videos, digital music, and photos on your TV



Apple iPod touch 8 GB 2nd Generation

The iPod touch has always been an amazing iPod. And with its groundbreaking technologies--including a Multi-Touch screen, the accelerometer, and 3D graphics--and access to hundreds of games, iPod touch puts an amazing gaming experience in the palm of your hand. It comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB models with new volume controls and a built-in speaker. Play hours of music.

Create a Genius Playlist of songs that go great together. Watch a movie. Surf the web. View rich HTML email. Find your location and get directions with Google Maps. Browse YouTube videos. And shop the App Store for games and applications.

Price: $214.99

(Source) Amazon

Monday, August 10, 2009

Motorola Morrison Specs Leaked?

After we were able to confirm that Motorola has gone Android OS via the Morrison a few weeks ago, the specs suspiciously appears out of nowhere. Now, we don't have any qualms about leaks because that's where we get some of our unconfirmed news from (yes they're called rumors), but someone in Motorola Inc seems to be happily giving this out as a way to drum up publicity for this phone. Nevertheless, as we mentioned last time, if this is cheaper than HTC (who uses the same OS), then this phone just may be the winner of the Android phone race. Specs below:

  • CPU: Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz
  • Memory: 256MB RAM
  • Flash Rom: 512 MB
  • Memory Card Type: microSDHC, Class 6, 32 GB supported
  • Display: 320×480 (HVGA)
  • Accelerometer: 3-axis, Four-way screen rotation
  • Magnetometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Voice Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900, W-CDMA 900/(1700 or 1900)/2100
  • Wireless Lan: 802.11 b/g, WEP, WPA, 802.11i (WPA2)
  • Bluetooth Version: 2.0 + EDR
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, GAP, HFP 1.5, HSP, SDAP, SPP
  • USB: USB 2.0 High Speed, Micro USB connector
  • Headset Jack: 3.5mm, Stereo out, Mic
  • Camera Resolution: 5 MP
  • Image Capture Resolution (max): 2560×1920
  • Camera Features: Autofocus, White Balance, Geotagging, Color Effects
  • Camera Digital Zoom (max): 5.4x
  • Video Recording Resolution: 320×240 (QVGA)
  • Video Recording Frame Rate: 25 fps
  • Location Services: Standalone GPS w/ internal antenna, Assisted GPS, E-Compass
  • Email Protocols: POP3, IMAP4, Exchange ActiveSync
Surprise, surprise! With the leaked out specs, there's a "possible" release date as well on October 21.


Friday, August 07, 2009

Mogo Mouse for Netbooks!

One of the really annoying facts with the Netbook design is that the trackpad is small--it's so small that people with fat fingers would have a hard time using it. Therefore most would bring in their own mouse. The problem with that is that they have to place it in a separate part of the bag and usually the cords get tangled with the other cables. It was with this problem that Mogo decided to actually attach their Mogo Mouse BT to the Netbook via a hostler at the top.
MoGo NetPack Mouse X54™ Finally a solution to the cramped trackpads of netbooks. A slim holder attaches to the top of a Laptop or Netbook and holds the MoGo at the ready. Slides easily into laptop sleeves and pockets. Kit contains the MoGo X54 Presenter Mouse, NetPack holder and a USB Charging Cable. Add an optional Bluetooth adapter for $9.99
The main star of this pack is the Mogo X54 mouse.
It includes the same functionality as conventional laser wireless mice – scroll, right click, left click – without the bulky, oversized design. With the push of a button, your MoGo Presenter Mouse X54™ turns into a wireless presenter – allowing you to control your PowerPoint presentations with 30 feet of freedom. It features a slide changer, start/escape button and laser pointer.
This mouse would be ideal for those Netbook users on the go but it would also suit well for those who just wants to look cool in a free WiFi Cafe.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pentax Optio WS80 Waterproof Camera

Pentax Optio WS80 Waterproof CameraPentax has unveiled the successor for its Optio series with the release of the Pentax Option WS80. Though touted as a water-proof camera, it can only be used up to 5 feet down. So if you are a diver or a person who loves to take images below the sea, this camera may not necessarily be suited for that.

The Pentax Option WS80 has a 10 megapixel CCD with a 720p video capability. It is equipped with face detection, smile capture and blink detection. It is available in black with orange accents or white with purple. The camera costs $250.

(Source) Dvice

Site Review: Qwest Broadband Services

For those who want residential broadband services, you can look in a lot of places for it. You can register for several different internet service providers for what seems to be decent DSL, but various problems like lag and frequent disconnection may plague you most of the time; all this while having to pay high monthly rates, despite the below-average quality of service. It is quite a tall tale to find a provider that can provide quality DSL while still being affordable for most households, but there is one. Qwest can provide all of these and more.

With other DSL services, you may have to pay extra for renting the modem and even for an extra phone line if they pull a fast one on you. It is best to do your research right before register for a service. If you are someone who is upgrading from 56 kbps, then going to the Qwest website to learn more about what should be done. You can learn more about the services available along with the DSL connection, like the equipment and other amenities.

Speed is definitely not a problem with Qwest. They have DSL services with bandwidths from 1.5 to 20 megabytes per second. This gives you options according to your needs, but this is definitely more than enough for residential use. They even have information on how to avail of these services without having a local phone line. With monthly rates are as low as $19.99 plus 2 gigabytes of online storage, it is definitely great value. If you have more questions, you can get most of the answers from their website. There is definitely no reason to complain at all.

Qwest also have other services like wireless internet, VoIP, and TV services. All the information is available in the website, especially their digital TV service. You can consult their map to see if you are within Qwest's area of jurisdiction. If you do, then you can avail of their services not only with DSL, but also with digital TV. If you are a new customer, all you need is your zip code to know more. Just visit the website and click "TV services" for more.

You have to browse through the site to learn more about the services, especially once you do have it. They have installation and troubleshooting guides and walkthroughs for beginners who have just availed of Qwest's broadband services. You will learn about the equipment, the DSL service's technical aspects, and how you can maintain it for longevity. As long as you are a paying customer, you can make use of this information

They also have other special offers and promos along with the registration. If you get lucky, you can even get two months of service free, as well as many incredible offers for new customers. All the information about these is available in the website as well.

If you are interested with what Qwest broadband services are all about, just visit the Qwest website to know how to register for this incredible service.

Ringtones are Down, Ringbacks are Up

Mobile phone ZombiesImage by Edward Barnieh [back in a few days!] via Flickr

Let's admit it: ringtones aren't such a hit here as it is in other parts of the world. What we want is a normal message alert and a normal ringing phone. Putting in the latest music as a ringtone isn't really that important and sometimes it just gets downright irritating, isn't it? There's been a study made by the folks from SNL Kagan showing just how much the ringtone market is shrinking:
Ringtone sales declined 24% in 2008 versus 2007, from $714 million to $541 million, causing overall U.S. mobile music revenues to post an annual decline -- a first for a U.S. mobile content category. Ringtones' share of the total U.S. mobile music market fell from 80% in 2005 to 63% in 2008.
Maybe it's the recession? I would rather find a job than subscribe to a ringtone, yes? Or maybe that people have finally gotten tired of the whole ringtone business as changing it to the latest music has become an expensive chore.

The music and mobile industry doesn't have to quake in their boots due to such an alarming reduction in profits as ringbacks, music played while you're waiting for the other party to pick up your call, has risen.
So what's the next revenue generator for mobile music? "When we ask mobile music insiders what will replace ringtone revenues, RBTs (ringback tones) are most often mentioned," said SNL Kagan wireless analyst John Fletcher. "We estimate this category grew at a 37% CAGR from 2005 to 2008, from $77 million to $199 million."
Ringbacks for ringtones? Less irritating as everyone in the room doesn't have to listen to it.

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