Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gesture-based Music Playing Robot

I realize that the picture here looks like something from Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak” performances, but what you are seeing here is the QB1. Of course, this technology might seem kind of freaky, as that screen watches you. It will actually turn when you walk around the room, and these special sensors actually know your face.

Not only can it read your face, but it knows your hand gestures. For example, you can start your music tracks with a conduc wave of your hand. Turn your fingers into a shelf and gesture up to turn the volume up, then down to turn it down. If you spin your fingers clockwise, this works as a fast forward. I’m sure that you have figured out that spinning them counter-clockwise works as a rewind.

The oddest thing about the QB1 is that it will actually learn about you. The designer wasn’t any more specific about that, but essentially, it will learn what type of music that you like, and it will know what to play for you.

I like the idea behind the QB1, but I’m not certain that I like the aesthetic. I mean, do you really want a simple screen on a stand to do what the QB1 can do? Perhaps this is one of those products that are better off without a pretty package.

So far, this technology is still under development, but Swiss company OZWE hopes to have the QB1 perfected and mass-marketed some time in 2009. There is no word on a price as yet.


Ennova Direct releases newfangled USB flash drive with OLED display

Just take a look at your everyday USB flash drive and see whether there is anything outstanding or not. We thought that the level of progress has stopped when it came to retractable USB connectors (so that you don’t run the risk of losing the cap, of course), along comes Ennova Direct Corporation (DBA ION Technologies) who has just announced to the whole wide world its latest USB flash drive that boasts an OLED display. Great, even USB flash drives now can show off additional information on its content (and we don’t mean just the amount of space left inside), courtesy of US patent number 7,462,044. As if having n OLED display on it is not special enough, we also know that the built-in cover helps keep your OLED display in pristine condition always while featuring an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner which adds to the security level on the USB flash drive. Not only that, the OLED display will change color to indicate the success or failure of a match of the user’s stored fingerprint, while doubling up as an interactive interface which enables the user to select specific files and initiate specific functions.

According to Peter Garrett, Executive VP of Ennova Direct, “With USB flash drive memory capacities now reaching 64GB and higher, user’s are now utilizing their USB flash drives as full external backup drives, making it even more important for users to secure the large amounts of personal data they are storing on their USB flash drives. To that end, we incorporated a biometric fingerprint scanner function into the design of our new Patented Retractable USB flash drive, while keeping with the popular theme of our signature retractable USB connector. We paid special attention to the design of the retractable USB connector, adding an integrated cover that when closed protects the USB connector and OLED screen-biometric fingerprint scanner at the same time.”

Ennova Direct currently has outlined a release date for their new patented retractable biometric USB flash drive that will occur sometime in Q1, 2010. No idea on how much it will cost though.


Epson back with new Ensemble HD Home Cinema System

Epson’s got a soft spot for home theater systems, and they have just come up with yet another option for those who are thinking about getting one for their respective homes. The Ensemble HD Home Cinema System is now available to the masses, featuring a selection of projectors for you to choose from in order to fit into most budgets. A couple of the projectors in question are the PowerLite Home Cinema 6100 and Home Cinema 6500 UB. We suppose that once you have the Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System installed in your pad, you will find very little excuse to go out once you’ve returned home from work. After all, you might as well take advantage of all the technology on offer before it gets obsolete, right?

In a nutshell, the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System is a fully-integrated, high-end home entertainment solution that works great for viewing movies, TV shows as well as playing video games. Part of it includes a 10″ motorized screen, integrated surround sound, AV controller with built-in DVD player, universal remote and all the components required to get you up and running the moment you bring it home. These have also been tastefully designed to make sure it won’t be an eyesore whenever somebody decides to drop by.

There are three models in total to choose from the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System in order to cater to varying consumer needs. Entry level families who want something that will keep everyone happy without digging into the kids’ college fund can always choose the $4,999 Ensemble HD Home Cinema 720p. As for more seasoned audiophiles who have a better idea of what they’re looking for, there is always the $6,499 Ensemble HD Home Cinema 6100 and $7,999 Ensemble HD Home Cinema 6500 UB. Of course, it does make us wonder why Epson never bothered to throw in a Blu-ray drive into the package since this is one of the staples of high definition entertainment.


iTies conceal a secret pocket underneath

Guys are stuck wearing ties and frankly they’re a pointless accessory. They just look uncomfortable and they just sort of hang there. Chicks all the time have the perk of hiding small amounts of cash in their bra, but guys are stuck using boring pockets designated for that sort of thing. Well now you can have an extra hidden pocket behind your tie. It’s specifically made for small MP3 players like the iPod Nano, but it could be used for plenty more than that. Hopefully an iPod wouldn’t put too much weight on your neck though.

Besides a Nano this could be used for various MP3 players, business cards, credit cards, money and smaller sized cellphones. If you’re using it for an iPod or other MP3 player, the earphone cord could be hidden through your button up shirt and pop up at the collar of your shirt. Making it far less visible and making it easier for you to get away with not paying attention to what’s going on around you. There are several things a tie like this could be used for, it’s entirely up to you what you store within it. A six pack of the pockets will cost you $34.95 and would have to be sewn onto your regular tie. The ties will cost you anywhere from $35 on up to about $60.


Makin’ your own pasta, the Japanese way

Sure, you can get an attachment for that Kitchen Aide mixer which will allow you to make your own fettucine, but short of cannibalizing your kids Play Doh pumper number 9, you won’t get the chance to make elbow pasta or wheel pasta or those cute little bow ties. If you could do that, then making pasta would be something more interesting as there are literally hundreds of styles of pasta that can be made by pushing your semolina through a die cast mold. This Japanese model, called “Pasta Pasta” does just that.

Okay, the Pasta Pasta only makes just eight different kinds, and you have to hand crank it, but still, it can be fun. You just mix up and refrigerate some pasta dough, and when it’s firm enough, roll up some into a tube and place it into the canister. Rig that into the pumping mechanism, and start cranking. The dough gets forced through the die cast molds and then all one needs to do is cut off the shape when it makes the required thickness. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In addition to fettucine, the Pasta Pasta makes bowties, elbows, wagon wheels, twirls, raviolis, medallions and what looks to be a shell like pasta.

Cool “as seen on TV” video here.

All parts are made of ABS plastic and clean up is promised to be simple. Cost is about $155 US from Japan Trend Shop.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barack Obama Presidential Flash Drive

Yes we can make a USB Flash Drive with Barack Obama’s face on it, and yes, some company can make a few bucks off of it.

Of course, there is more to this flash drive than just a picture of the 44th President of the United States. No, this 2GB flash drive has 30 MB worth of bonus material.

This material includes the famous “Race Speech” in MP3 format which is about a good hour’s worth of audio. In addition to that, there are several other speeches on the thumb drive in PDF format. The Obama thumb drive also includes an official photo of the man himself from the White House, that the user can print and frame.

This reminds me of that Ghostbusters thumb drive that PNY put out a while ago. That one had the movie in DRM format, and I’m surprised that the Obama drive doesn’t have some video footage of the president. I was hoping this administration would be all over that.

So is this the beginning of thumb drives with a theme of world leaders? Why not. I can’t imagine what other countries are doing in light of this. As for now, the Obama thumb drive is available for a low price of just $10. Any of that money going into a re-election campaign?


Eizo Nanao New EcoView Monitors

Earth day may have been last week, but that didn’t stop Eizo Nanao from making monitors with an EcoView Sense feature. This feature allows the monitor to enter into sleep mode if no one moves in front of it for 40 seconds.

How is this possible? These new Eizo Nanao monitors come equipped with motion detectors that can somehow sense a moving form before the screen at maximum length of 120 centimeters.

So when you go to step out for a snack, you will come back to find your PC sleeping on the job. You may wish to disable this feature.

These new Eizo Nanao monitors come in two forms. The first is the 20-inch EV2023W with a 1600 x 900 resolution, 178 degree viewing angles, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The other is the 23-inch EV2303W, with a TN panel of 1920 x 1080 resolution, 160 degree viewing angles, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

Both of these monitors have a brightness of 250 cd/m2, along with a VGA and DVI-D input. Another eco-friendly feature is the monitors have an ambient light sensor that is designed to adjust the brightness according to the light of the room.

I don’t have a release date or a price on these eco-friendly monitors, but we will probably be seeing them quite soon.


Genius releases new G-Shot HD520 camcorder

Most people these days not only have a digital camera, they also own a digital video camera of sorts to make sure that still shots aren’t the only thing they can pass down to the next generation with video footage of their ancestors also being an important part of one’s history. Video archives have gotten more and more complex for the mass consumer market, and the advent of High Definition has brought about a slew of new players who want a slice of the growing pie. Genius is often on the periphery of computer accessories, but this time round they have dived deep into the world of digital video cameras by offering a new compact, pocket-size high-definition model that is not only capable of preserving your favorite memories at 11 megapixels, but is also capable of shooting and storing high-definition video at 5 megapixels in MPEG-4/H.264 format. Just in case you were wondering whether this is going to cramp your style, rest easy as the Genius G-Shot HD520 won’t weigh more than 6 ounces.

Genius has worked hard to turn the G-Shot HD520 into an everyday device which is easy-to-use, making this camcorder ideal for summer time outings, dads-n-grads occasions, moms on-the-go or anyone else who want to record life’s moments in brilliant color and clarity to help them remember when their memory fails them many years down the road. Playing nice with both Windows and Mac platforms, the G-Shot HD520 also comes with an ultra-bright 2.5” LTPS LCD display which can be rotated up to 270-degrees, virtually opening up new doors of freedom for you to shoot videos from a whole new variety of angles and positions. Perfect for folks who want to work on their technique in discovering weird and quirky angles.

Genius also knows how hard times are for the people, hence pricing the G-Shot HD520 at an affordable $149 - making this a very hard offer to refuse.


Mr Brightside USB Light

Task lighting is always nice when what you’re working on isn’t well lit, sometimes it can become difficult to concentrate. There have been several lights that are powered by your USB ports and this is just one more to add to the list. I do find it a little odd how tiny it is. With other types it seemed like it could easily illuminate something besides your keyboard keys, but with this it seems like it wouldn’t be that bright. However, if you like to plan for anything when you’re traveling, this could easily be stashed within your laptop bag.

Hopefully it’s brighter than it looks, from the picture it seems to be only as bright as one of those weak keychain lights. The light comes in a variety of colors, black, cherry, lime and blueberry. You can even choose to purchase a pack of three in all the same color for slightly cheaper than the individual price. For one it’ll cost you about $9 and for the pack of three it’ll cost you $20. Then if you lose one, it won’t be expensive to replace it.


Flippy V fan

Weather is slowly but surely heating back up, but being Springtime it’s that awkward period where heat isn’t usually needed and it’s not time for the air conditioning either. There are days though that you might be tempted to flip on the air conditioning. For days like that when you’re just not ready to flip on the air, it will take a very well powered fan to cool things down. This fan from Vornado would be great during those days when you need things to cool back down a bit.

This pricey fan even looks better than the average fan you might see sitting around the average home or office. Then you add in that it will move air 40 feet and this is no ordinary fan. You can set it up in a convenient spot, then keep the remote control with you, making it so you don’t even have to get up to adjust the fan. It has three different speeds and an LED display on the fan itself. It also comes with a 3 year warranty to make sure that you get your money’s worth. This fan will cost you $79.99.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Solar Power Gorilla Laptop Charger

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that we are reliant on power for so many things and battery technology just doesn’t seem to be evolving at the same level as everything else. What that means in practical terms is that it’s all too easy to be stuck somewhere with a dead iPod, phone or laptop and no way of charging it. (Unless you want to carry around all the chargers for all your devices, all the time. Which is a pain.)

PowerTraveller make a range of portable batteries that can be used to recharge devices on the fly and the PowerGorilla is the largest of these, storing enough juice to recharge a laptop.

Charge the PowerGorilla before you leave the house and when you need juice just plug it into your laptop (adapters for common laptops included). It will also juice up an iPod or phone at the same time via a secondary power output.

The display tells you what it’s doing and it comes with a worldwide mains adapter so it can pull power from anywhere. Interestingly, if you couple it with the SolarGorilla it can use the sun to recharge – although I’d like to see how well this works in the UK! Still, it’s one of the first solar power stations I’ve seen that is man enough to juice up a laptop so if you plan on visiting a country with some sun it might be worth the investment.

The PowerGorilla and SolarGorilla are available as a bundle for £279 from or separately for £147 and £137 respectively.



I have recently heard that 38 percent of people believe that a television set is no longer a necessary household appliance. I can see why, because most of my television watching is done from the Internet anyway.

It would appear that computer giant Asus is ready for a new era of television watching with the Asus Express TV Stick. All a user needs to do is plug the TV Stick into a spare USB port, and he or she will have access to its auto-installation software for high quality digital (DVBT) and analog TV signal reception.

Don’t know what to watch? No problem! Pop-up technology allows the user access to an instant display of television channels. It sounds like the TV Stick is also a TV guide.

In addition to these features, the TV stick has 4GB worth of memory. This allows the user to store the shows that he or she wants to watch for a later time. Then, if he or she wants to watch them from another place, only a USB port on another computer is required. Maybe the TV Stick should be called the TiVo stick.

Well, whatever the name, the Asus TV Stick certainly sounds like quite a deal! Now, if my sources only had a price and availability date for this product, both you and I would know just how good a deal it is.


Tape Dispenser-4-port USB Hub

Although like many people I have tape tossed in the back of my desk drawer, some people use it more often. For those that do, it may end up staying out on your desk quite often. Then if you have to have a USB hub on top it, you’re slowly acquiring more and more clutter on your desktop. If you like things nice and simple then an overwhelming amount of clutter can make it difficult to concentrate on work. Especially if you have to keep shoving things out of your way with every task.

Instead of keeping two items out on your desk, you might as well combine them as one. This tape dispenser not only holds your tape, but offers 4 USB ports. Of course if you don’t use tape as often, this might be something silly to invest in. With hubs though, you can be exceptionally picky about your needs and still eventually find something that fits you. The dispenser is only sold in the clear shown here and will cost you $21.99 from USB Fever.


Monday, April 27, 2009

CleanKey Keyboards for germ-free typing

We’ve all had the joy of hearing about how disgusting our keyboards tend to become. I actually saw proof of this the other day when I thoroughly cleaned mine. Afterwards I wished I’d had something like this keyboard. It’s actually meant for medical and hospital environments where germs and spread of infections are a major concern. However, after seeing what was underneath the keys in my keyboard, I think I might want one of these.

The entire keyboard is sealed, which eliminates the space for dirt and germs to hang out in. It also makes it so that you could easily wipe it clean when you’ve managed to spill your drink of choice. If wiping it clean doesn’t satisfy your clean freak tendencies, then this keyboard is even able to be submerged. If you’re too busy to shut off that PC of yours, you can hit the clean button and clean it while it’s still plugged into the PC. Of course there is no word on how much these will cost you. You’ll have to actually contact Devlin Keyboards to find out that information.


Yummy iPod Shuffle treat

At first glance I figured this was some chocolate themed MP3 player, but as it turns out it’s not. It’s actually merely a disguise to make your brand new iPod Shuffle look like a cheap MP3 player. Thankfully, cheap MP3 players aren’t quite as desirable to steal as iPods tend to be. It also has no need to leave space for controls, so there are absolutely no outside markings for others to figure out that an iPod is concealed underneath.

It leaves space so that you can still clip your iPod to your shirt, or wherever else you prefer to clip it. It also has an opening to make sure that you can plug in your earbuds as well as charge your iPod without having to take off the case. This chocolate case comes in three different flavors, white chocolate, milk chocolate and I’m guessing a strawberry chocolate. Either way though, there’s a pink chocolate option. The case won’t cost you much, which is nice since you’re just covering an extremely tiny gadget. You can purchase a case for $8.99 from SwitchEasy.


Kinesis Industries K3

The last time we covered Kinesis, it was at CES. Back then, we were covering the unveiling of the K2, a charger for mobile devices that uses both solar power and wind power. The company has recently unveiled the K3, a “tribrid” charger. It would appear that three is indeed the magic number as a user can charge their mobile devices three ways.

The first method is with simple AC power, and the K3 is also capable of charging from a USB port or a standard car cigarette lighter. The second and third way of charging is by using the sun and the wind, and this can be done at the same time.

The battery has a built-in capacity of 4,000 mAh, and it is good for charging an average mobile phone five times. It is also capable of juicing up an iPod 10 times over. The time it takes to charge 30 minutes of talk time (or 300 minutes of time playing MP3 files) is about one hour.

The device weighs in at 10.5 ounces, and it is designed to be weatherproof. Chances are, it will probably used as an emergency charger, which we all need when the lights go out.

The Kinesis K3 will be available in June, for a price of about $99.95. According to my sources, the previous version is only $30.


Ball Alarm Clock

Once again, we here at Coolest Gadgets have discovered another cool concept alarm clock, and this would be the time to state the usual conventions.

Number one: Talk about how difficult it is to get up in the morning as a lead-in.

Are you the type of person who has difficulty arising? Maybe you need a little bit of a shriek to scare the daylight into you.

Number two: Talk about the alarm clock’s unique feature.

The Shrieking Ball alarm clock will wake you up with a loud scream, and will not rest until you put it to rest. In other words, you pick up the shrieking ball when you wake up, and then must put it back into its cradle to shut it up. It’s like a crying baby, but easier.

The last two steps are after the jump.

Number three: The Funny anecdote.

I have two options for this one, so pick one:

1) So what happens when you wake up and you groggily drop the Shrieking ball before you can put it down properly. Hopefully it will not roll underneath your bed, as it could be hard to retrieve.

2) Hey, I got an idea: a Shrek-ing Ball alarm clock. This is an alarm clock that looks like Shrek’s head that will say lines from the terrible Shrek the Third sequel until you shut it up. Just don’t shut it up permanently, even though it deserves it.

Number four: The hope that someday this concept will become a reality

No word on when this Shrieking Ball Alarm Clock will be mass produced, but for some of us, it won’t be soon enough.


Cleaner liquid ionizer air purifier

Most of us would think that air purifiers are just that, but the Cleanaer is different as it ushers in a new standard in air purifier, introducing the liquid ionizer to the world.

Cleanaer’s innovative process is like having millions of tiny air purifiers throughout your room with Liquidions drifting on air currents to every corner of the room and locking out 99.9% of particles on contact - without using propellants or producing harmful ozone. Cleanaer works silently, day and night patrolling the breathable air to lock-out pollutants, giving you freedom to get on with your life without the demanding cleaning becoming a real chore.

Sounds like a dream to have in any home, especially for those living in urban centers where pollution is more of a problem compared to countrysides.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Samsung announces netbooks

The world of netbooks sure have grown by leaps and bounds ever since the Asus Eee PC 701 made its appearance a couple of years back, and just about every major notebook manufacturer have jumped aboard the bandwagon and come up with their own version to compete against one another. Samsung is not exactly one of the more mainstream names when it comes to notebooks, but their netbooks have made an impact in the industry so far. This time round, Samsung has announced a couple of new models in the form of the N110 and N120 for those who are interested in picking up a new netbook. They are readily available online as well as in retail stores, going for $469 and $459, respectively.

Let’s take a look at the Samsung N110 netbook first, where you will find its 10.27″ x 1.19″ x 7.3″ measurements to be extremely portable. In addition, you won’t find your shoulders strained when carrying this around with you on your travels as the N110 tips the scales at just 2.78 lbs, making it a snap to be stowed in a briefcase or travel bag. Touch typists will also find the ergonomic-friendly 93% full-size keyboard a joy to use, while the 10” LED SuperBright Glossy Backlit Display ought to do its part in keeping your eyes fresh even after working on it for a few hours at a stretch. Other features include a 6-cell (5900mAh) lithium battery that theoretically provides up to 9 hours of battery life, and we suppose that is only possible with all, if not most of the options turned off. Other features include a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, a 160GB hard drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, three USB 2.0 ports and a 3-in-1 memory card reader.

As for the Samsung N120 netbook, this is more multimedia centric although it weighs a tad more at 2.8 lbs. The keyboard is also larger, being a 97% full-size keyboard with trackpad. In addition, you will also benefit from a SRS 2.1 channel system that is powered by two 1.5 watt stereo speakers and a dedicated subwoofer, in addition to a 1.3 megapixel digital motion camera for video-conferencing capabilities.


Spy Pen

Watched too many spy movies that you wish you had your very own Q along with a collection of toys and gadgets that would put James Bond to shame? Why not start off with the Spy Camera Pen that is able to hold up to 15 hours of footage, where it also doubles up as a fully functional pen to put down your John Hancock on those official government documents.

A tiny built in Spy Camera lens is situated above the pen clip, hard to see even with the keenest eye. Perfect gifts for James Bond wannabes, these Spy Camera Pens are a great addition to our Thumb Camera and Spy Glasses! Use the Spy Camera Pen in meetings, to document important conversations or just to try out your spy skills wherever you go! Just place the pen in your front pocket and record everything in front of you in full color. The Spy Pen camcorder also features sound! A microphone is hidden under the pen clip giving you full video camera capabilities. To download your footage simply install the software disc and attach your Spy Camera to your computer with the USB connector. Simple to use and effective on Watchdog style missions. Go undercover at school, catch your sister picking her nose at home or record your work mates falling asleep in your bosses meeting. The Spy Camera Pen will make your Mission Impossible…possible! Whether you casually leave it on a desktop or wear it in your front pocket, catch the action as it happens! If you need to covert video footage at the touch of a button then this nifty Spy Camera Pen is the ideal solution. Footage can be uploaded onto You Tube, editing tools and emails quickly and effectively.

The £59.99 entry price might be a bit steep for those who are looking for a little bit of fun, but something tells me if this thing gets any cheaper, we’ll see more and more voyeuristic kind of videos around the Net (as though there weren’t enough of these around already).


Viewsonic: All In One PC

The last time I reported on ViewSonic, I was at CES. I was quite impressed by their 3-D monitors and projectors, and I saw several other quality ViewSonic products while I was in Las Vegas. I believe that one of them was the All-In-One PC.

The VPC100 is designed to “operate independently, hardwired into a LAN network or work wirelessly in any 802.11 b/g WiFi network”. It has a 19-inch display that is very thin at 35mm. Inside is a built-in Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor with Microsoft XP Home, as well as 1GB of RAM and 160GB HDD.

Other features include a 4-in-1 card reader, a DVD RW drive, 2×3 watt speakers for video conferencing and Internet browsing, an integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, and 4 USB 2.0 ports.

I believe that ViewSonic is marketing this product for those who need the space on their desk, and they also say it is perfect for schools. Sounds like a real winner on many fronts, and you also have to admire its sleek black look.

My sources do not say when the ViewSonic VPC100 will be released, and I am afraid that I don’t know the price either. I hope that the price will be brought down, as an inexpensive All-in-One PC could really make a killing in today’s market.


The Strike Video Game fishing rod

I remember playing this handheld electronic game ten years ago called Bass Fishin’. I’m sure most of you remember it, because it was quite a big seller. In this game, you had a controller that looked like a fishing rod, and a little screen to show when the fish were ready to be caught. A shaker was also in there, and if you brought up the rod controller at the proper time, you would get points for the fish you caught.

It would appear that Griffin International wants to take this fishing action and put it on the console with The Strike. As you can see, The Strike comes with a fishing rod controller for what one gaming publication has called “the best fishing video game ever created”.

Griffin has said that the game will also feature customizable characters with boats, lures, rods, and reels. Its advanced graphics allow for “realistic lake bottom topography” and “lifelike fish behaviors”.

The Strike will be available during the fall for the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, and the PC. I’m not certain what the price is for the Wii or PC, but the Xbox 360 package with rod controller is planned to be $69.99.

In addition to The Strike, Griffin is also planning on releasing a game based on hunting rather than fishing. The title of this game is simply The Hunt, but I haven’t heard anything about a controller that looks like a hunting rifle.


Portable Digital Photo Gallery

You know how proud grandparents love to show off pictures of their descendants by pulling out there wallets and purses? Well, why not settle for something more high tech with the ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery that is able to hold up to a whopping 40,000 pictures in your pocket - whereby your audience (who are most probably within the same age range as you) would have nodded off before you’re even a hundred pictures through…

No bigger than a paperback, this ultra-chic 4GB photo album can store over 40,000 photos, showcasing them on its eye-poppingly crisp 7” screen. Just upload your photos directly from your digital camera, memory card, flash drive or computer, then pop the ALBUM in your pocket or bag. It’s a doddle. The arrow buttons move between directories or photos. The middle button opens directorie, enters the menu, or confirms a selection.As you’d expect, the idiot-proof ALBUM features an automatic slideshow function. You can also scroll through pics manually, delete photos and create albums and favorites using its unobtrusive side buttons.

Make grandpa or grandma proud with the £179.95 ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery as a gift - better do it soon before it is too late!


Wireless Tiny Keyboard With Trackball

Brando is back with yet another interesting device for those who do plenty of traveling - the USB 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Tiny Keyboard With Trackball. With this combination device, you won’t need to tote a mouse with you any more, although folks who deal with more precise movements in their line of work on their notebooks will think otherwise. The keyboard comes with 56 keys alongside 29 hotkeys, where it is connected to your computer through the 2.4GHz spectrum. Being small enough to be carried around (with at least half of it sticking out of your jeans pocket), the USB 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Tiny Keyboard With Trackball has an operating distance of 10 meters. We would’ve liked to see the USB receiver come in a much smaller size though. You will have to fork out $55 a pop for this.


Friday, April 24, 2009

GPS navigation system save you gas

GPS manufacturer Navteq says it does. They recently released the results of a study that they had commissioned that show that drivers that have a navigation system used less fuel on an annual basis then drivers that don’t.

The problem is, because the Navteq paid for the study, you have to be a little cautious about their objectivity. Personally, I believe it. Having used a GPS satnav to travel long distances, I find that I can get from point A to point B much more efficiently than with a printed map or directions. Of course, on a daily basis the only real benefit would be if your GPS had traffic avoidance. But If you can avoid sitting and idling for long periods of time, you could save some fuel there as well.


Nintendo wii remote

To be quite honest, I’m surprised that it’s taken so long for someone to dig up the old patents for the Nintendo Wii Remote. Not that I’m the type to have gone digging for it, but the Wii has been out since ’06. Well, kudos to Siliconera for doing all the hard work on this one. Other patent images were found for the Classic Controller and Nunchuck, but the Wiimote seemed to have gone through most of the change. Hit the jump for a detailed image of the evolution of the Wii Remote.


Spy Tie

Can you pinhold camera? Is it penetrated into your Life? It costs $66. It is hidden in the TIE pattern! Check carefully and have a remote! Add to cart! 2GB memory for store video!

# Specifications:
# Pinhole Lens
# Resolution: 352 x 288 pixel
# FPS: 12 frame per second
# Recorded file format in AVI
# Video and Audio
# Built-in 2GB Memory
# Rechargeable Li-ion battery


Bell&Ross: Bringing it all back home

Finally, a B&R I can stand behind. I love B&R. I love GMTs. This is like two great tastes that taste great together.

This new model is a bog standard GMT with a stationary central bezel - which means you can’t change the 24-hour markings - and a movement that will move the hour hand back and forth to show the local time as well as the time at home.

No price but expect it to hit at about $7,000. Finally: A B&R with a little pizazz. After all their gold-encrusted models they’re kind of figuring out that their watches are popular with dudes.


Apple’s App Store: 1 Billion Served

Well, it finally happened. Apple just delivered its 1 Billionth application download from the App Store, which currently features over 25,000 apps (35,000 by one estimate) built by thousands of developers. The significance of the milestone (besides just the 1 billion mark) is that it’s taken only nine months from when the App Store launched on iTunes to hit 1 billion paid and unpaid downloads.

Last summer, Apple sold one million 3G iPhones worldwide across 21 countries in the first 3 days on sale. During that same time, iPhone users made 10 million app downloads from the then newly launched iTunes App Store.

The count was at 300 million in early December, and the App Store hit 500 million downloads by January 16th. It took Apple six months to reach the first 500 million downloads. It would take Apple only three months to get another 500 billion downloads. By March, 2009, it was at 800 million. We started keeping track via Apple’s billion-app countdown at around 928,077,779. Apple also offered us a fleeting glimpse of the most popular apps ever, something the company only did once before.

Apple apparently already had a hunch of when the billion mark was going to be passed, because the billionth app celebration page was already ready to go.

Apple predicted the time when the billionth app would be downloaded: 1:24:06 AM PST on April 23. That didn’t happen.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kenwood SP0001 Glass Speakers

Speakers are typically made out of unattractive plastic. It’s rarely anything special and they’re more meant to blend in than to stand out. Of course that’s fine, because not every gadget you own needs to become a focal point. Although, these Japanese speakers aren’t meant to just stand aside in your home not to catch a second glance from any guests you might have. Even if you get the version without LED lights, the clear glass would be eye catching enough all on its own.

There are two different types of these speakers, there’s the type without lighting and then if you pay a little extra you can get one with white and blue LED lights. Of course no gadget would be complete without the option to make them glow. Especially blue, for some reason it seems like every gadget connected to my computer (including the computer), is capable of shining in bright blue. These SP0001 speakers only have 10W per speaker, so you might not be thrilled about the 100,000 Yen price tag that converts into about $1,000. So far though these are only sold in Japan anyway.


Sharp Mebius comes with LCD Trackpad

It seems like only yesterday that I was discussing trackpad issues with the SmartTrack Neo. Actually, it was yesterday.

It would appear that Sharp has created a netbook with a trackpad like no other, as the Mebius PC-NJ70A trackpad is also an LCD. This four-inch screen has a resolution of 854 x 4850, and it can be used as a secondary display.

The LCD trackpad has a lot of cool things to do: like a paint program, a calculator, a piano keyboard, and a very interesting bowling game. As for the other features, the Mebius has 160GB HDD, 1GB of RAM, a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, as well as a three USB ports, a multicard reader, and WiFi capabiltiy. The big (or should I say bigger?) screen is at 10.1 inches, with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

No doubt the Sharp Mebius is designed to compete with the rumor that Apple’s newest MacBook will come with a glass touchscreen. It doesn’t look like Apple is going to make that particular MacBook model, so Sharp stands to make a huge profit on this one.

There is no word on when this particular netbook will be released, but it is rumored to have a relatively high price at $817.


Netgear releases Digital Entertainer Elite

Netgear is a household name when it comes to networking solutions, and they at the top of their game yet again with the announcement of a new Digital Entertainer Elite that goes by the model number EVA9150. This powerful and flexible digital media player will go down well with folks who have a streamlined mode of entertainment at home, where one is able to seamlessly stream digital content over their home networks to their respective high-definition home entertainment systems. Netgear ensures that the Digital Entertainer Elite will merge the most up-to-date video, audio and wireless technologies for home users to enjoy an unparalleled living room experience.

Features include a built-in 500GB hard drive which we believe that this 500GB will run out of space pretty soon judging by the amount of media that we love to hoard these days, but good thing it can be upgraded easily to larger capacity drives as your budget permits. Theoretically, this would make it the world’s largest capacity home video jukebox on the market - although you’ll need to perform the upgrading work yourself. The Digital Entertainer Elite is fast enough to play Blu-ray quality digital video up to 1080p, high-resolution digital photos, MP3s and recorded TV shows off from their computers or storage devices on the network without suffering from jarring images or dropped frames. In addition, the Digital Entertainer Elite also plays nice with other media-heavy Internet content including YouTube, Internet radio, Flickr, RSS feeds and videos from popular websites.

What’s more, the Digital Entertainer Elite is highly flexible as it plays nice with most major computing systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux platforms in addition to other Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Other features include a couple of USB 2.0 ports, direct searching and indexing on the device itself, the ability to navigate through a bunch of content across multiple PCs and devices simultaneously and an easy accessible library among others. You can have the Digital Entertainer Elite perched in your living room for $399 a pop.


Relational Pillow concept

We love our pillows as there’s nothing quite like resting our heads on something soft and fluffy after a long hard day at the office, and the Relational Pillow concept takes things one step further as it will feature light and touch sensors fitted within. Just when you thought it could not get any more high-tech than that, you’ll be pleased to know that the Relational Pillow features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to send emoticons to another Relational Pillow as long as they’re online. Sounds like the perfect gift for couples who are having a long distance relationship to bridge the physical gap with an emotional solution. We would very much like to see this concept come to life, that’s for sure.


AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are great if you hold many social functions in your backyard, but it would be better if these speakers were wireless as you will run less risk of anyone tipsy tripping over and breaking a bone (or neck) in the process. The AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers hope to fulfil this specific need without looking out of place in most gardens.

These speakers truly do deliver with their pounding bass, sweet treble and a design that makes them look like some sort of futuristic office block - they’re shaped this way to keep the speakers water resistant in case the weather decides to spoil your mosh pit in the garden - it doesn’t do the bass any harm either, the shapes perfect for driving those deep sounds into the ground, giving you that warm earthy feeling that can only be experienced while listening to phat bass.

You can connect just about any device with a headphone or jack output to the AQ Wireless Outdoor Speaker’s transmitter, where it has a radius of 100 meters. You can pick up the AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers for £89.99 a pair.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Extreme sports has another lifeline in case of disaster.

Snowboarders, downhill and cross country skiers, snowmobilers, even mountain climbers now have a very comfortable too to help them survive an avalanche. If the initial tidal wave of snow doesn’t kill them, suffocating while trapped underneath the snow is certain to. Not because there isn’t any air to breathe, but because of a local build up of carbon dioxide that super saturates the area where the victim may be breathing. But the Black Diamond Avalung II uses simple misdirection to change all that.

The idea is simple. Breathe in the air that is around you and exhale your deadly carbon dioxide into the Avalung, which then distributes the Co2 away from the “fresh air intake zone,” and gives the survivor more time to wait out rescue.

And as a bonus, the Black Diamond Avalung is made of Nylon and flexible plastic making it both light and extremely comfortable to wear. It weighs all of 9 ounces and fits casually as a shoulder sling around the skier’s upper torso.

And with a price of under $120 from Amazon, it’s so affordable, that any extreme sports fanatic would rue the day to be caught without it in a worse case scenario.


Bridgestone color electronic paper

Over here at Coolest Gadgets, we’re extremely interested to see how technology is able to aid our everyday lives in various ways, where such aid could also become a point of contention when it comes to us humans getting lazier and lazier. After all, who could deny that the introduction of escalators, elevators and travellators at shopping malls and airports have greatly reduced our need to walk? What about Segways and the remote control which further reduce our need for physical activity? Well, one thing’s for sure, not all new technology turns us humans into fat, degenerate slobs who will eventually need a robot to take care of our personal needs. Bridgestone Corp. has come up with a color electronic paper (e-paper) device that also boasts pen input support. This device will bring together the “QR-LPD,” the company’s e-paper device using its proprietary electronic powder and granular material, with Wacom Co Ltd’s electromagnetic induction type pen input tablet and a color filter.

What’s so special about this, you ask? Well, for starters, Bridgestone has accelerated the screen refresh speed of the e-paper device to enable pen input,taking all of 0.8 seconds to refresh the display where its previous efforts of A4-sized e-paper device required around 10 to 15 seconds. That’s a whole world of improvement no matter how you look at it, and it will definitely bode well for new devices that require a fast refresh rate - something digital artists would love to enjoy.

Bridgestone has so far kept mum on further details of this technology, but it has quickened the refresh speed primarily by improving drive technologies. This will greatly enhance the device’s ability to follow the pen input and enabled it to display input texts and graphics smoothly, making it easy on your eyes in the process. The e-paper device will be powered by a passive matrix panel. No idea on when it will enter full commercial production though.


Spion’s Portable Voice Lie Detector

Lie Detection. Apparently, it is the latest thing. Just last week, we reported on the Truth Wristband, a device that can detect a user’s galvanic response to a question, and will glow in a proper color if he or she is telling the truth.

It would appear that Spion has created a Portable Lie Detector that works by detecting the tension in the suspect’s voice. The degrees of vibration are enough to reveal whether or not a suspect is calm when answering interrogation questions.

All you need to do is ask the Spion device three yes or no questions to record the voice and “establish a baseline”. Once you have that, you can have the suspect on his or her lies. The display devil’s nose and horns will grow when a fib is told.

Believe it or not, the Portable Lie Detector can be attached to a telephone, and you can actually ask your truth-revealing questions from a mobile phone as well.

I have heard that this device is not 100 percent accurate, but it is apparently more accurate than the polygraphs that the FBI uses. I believe I mentioned this before in the Truth Wristband article, but I’m not certain how accurate those wired polygraphs are.

If you want to find out how accurate the Spion’s Portable Voice Lie Detector is, feel free to go over to the Brick House Security Web site and lay down $79.95.


Sigma’s new Zoom is enormous

Sigma is on a roll in the digital slr world. Seems like after 20 plus years of languishing as a third tier lens manufacturer, the value base glass maker has come across a series of designs that has even Photography magazine buzzing almost every issue. So when they recently came out with a 200-500mm f2.8 lens, the reaction should have been a predictable one. Until the size became apparent. It’s HUGE.

Weighing in at nearly fifty pounds, this Sigma lens is not for anyone with a steady hand and a regular gym membership. In addition to covering the popular 200-500mm range at f2.8, it can double the focal length and still clock in at f5.6 – which isn’t too bad if one has a beefy tripod to hold it still. This Big Bertha like lens would be very popular for astrophotography, sports and wildlife shots thanks to its low dispersion glass elements for image correction. The multi-layer coating reduces glare and ghosting, and it’s specially designed lens hood blocks out annoying ambient light. There is also a built in LCD panel for live view when not looking into the camera’s SLR viewfinder or LCD. The lens is powered by a single dedicated lithium ion battery (BP_21) for auto focusing and zooming operations which would make holding this mammoth a heck of a lot easier.

But the cost is equally heavy at a hefty $28,000.


RealRyder ABF8 Stationary Bike

I don’t have one of those stationary bikes in my house. In fact, the closest thing I have to an exercise system is the WiiFit. However, if I did have room in my place for a stationary bike, I would definitely want to have the RealRyder ABF8.

What makes this stationary bike different from all the others on the market? For starters, it feels like the user is riding a real bike. How many stationary bikes do you know that allow the rider to steer, lean, and balance?

So not only are your legs and upper body going to get a workout from this, but you will be improving your balance. A person’s sense of balance is almost just as important as exercise when it comes to physical fitness. I learned that tidbit from the WiiFit.

So, if this is a stationary bike where balance is important, what happens if you don’t keep your balance? Do you fall over? Maybe that’s why this guy in the picture looks so nervous.

Of course, if you want to have the experience of riding a bicycle inside your house. It will cost you. You should be able to purchase it for about $1,995. Yeah, I’m not certain how many bikes you could actually buy for that price.


The weather-proof Soundcast Outcast Outdoor Speaker

Spring is finally here and it’s starting to actually feel like summer might be around the corner after all. Once the weather does keep warm, you might want some music for entertaining outdoors. You could set up something indoors and just open a window, but then it’s loud inside and doesn’t sound that great outside. Instead it’s better to pick up a speaker that can withstand the weather, no matter what it may bring. Well, ok, so it might not do so well in earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, but what would?

This approximately 1000mm tall speaker is an all weather portable outdoor speaker set up for your iPod. You just put your iPod on the dock and leave it indoors, then it will transmit wirelessly to this speaker. It will do so up to 100 meters away. This is a slightly more high end speaker, so you can be reassured knowing that it will likely have great sound quality. The speaker is thankfully not affected by microwave ovens, phones or other random wireless devices. It has an 8” bass woofer and four 3” high frequency treble speakers and a 100 watt digital amplifier. It will operate for up to 10 hours using the rechargeable NiMH battery pack. This will cost you £464.89 or about $675.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

here’s nothing quite like a nice cuppa tea to sit and relax for awhile, but while you’re enjoying your blend of Ceylon, you very likely have just added that bit more to your carbon footprint.

Well here’s a way to enjoy your afternoon tea break guilt-free, and best of all, it will make your brew faster than a standard kettle.

The Tefal Quick Cup Delux has the capacity to get your tea steaming away in your mug in three seconds. That’s faster than the time it takes me to walk across my kitchen to grab the choc biscuits.

The new model has been designed to fit in with the most stylish of kitchens and will even work as a quick upgrade to your workbench from the ’70s.

Its ability to heat water so quickly means that it saves around 65 per cent of the energy used by a standard kettle. According to Tefal, this is enough to save you £80 off energy and water bills throughout the year, though how much tea you need to drink to do this isn’t mentioned.

The new model comes in either a red and black or stainless steel finish, and includes new features including an adjustable tap, anti-splash spout and drip tray, which makes it easier to dispense water into either a short tea cup or a mega-mug.

It also now has a digital reader, which tells you when you need to buy a new filter cartridge, as the old ones used to clog-up pretty quickly.

It comes with a 1.7 litre water tank which enough for a decent round of tea. For £69.99 it may just be a worthy investment to get your green credentials just that bit better, one earl grey at a time.


USB Riff Rocker: Rock like a rockstar

What is it?
The Riff Rocker is essentially a USB controller for a game. You plug the little rocker into a free USB socket, download the two games off the Riff Rocker website, and then thrash your little fingers off.

The downloadable games come with the usual 3 difficulty settings and are based around the guitar heroes-esc format of “press the correct coloured button in time with the on screen prompt”.

Why do I want it?

Hear at GFM towers we love the Guitar Heroes series of games but have come to the conclusion that you could never really call them “portable”. This is where the Riff Rocker shines, as it is light enough to be transported by pocket and small enough to be easily hidden within a work desk.

As the games are downloadable you don’t need to worry about transporting any software and as long as the unit you plug it into has an internet connection, you will never be more than a couple of clicks away from getting your button bashing fix.

This makes it perfect for an impromptu lunchtime concert where you can wow your co-workers with your guitar fettling skills and shake off some of those office blues. Suitable for new comers and pros the Riff Rocker is easy enough to pick up and really difficult to put down.


Roxy Fashionable Headphones designed for women

There’s some good news for the women who enjoy their tech gadgets to be good quality as well as stylish. As it turns out JBL and Roxy are teaming up to create a line of headphones specifically for women. From their teaser pic you can thankfully see that they aren’t just painting a thick coat of pink on and leaving it at that. From that one little picture, it appears that the headphones will most definitely be worth checking out. You won’t have to wait all that long to see them either, it appears that they’ll start unveiling these next month.


Powerplus Solar Charger

Don’t you just hate it that when your life revolves around gadgets and gizmos, one of the most irritating things would be to have that particular device die on you during the most inopportune moments? Well, why not do your part and charge your cell phone as well as portable media player before heading outdoors so that you can have maximum enjoyment of said devices before returning home, but what happens when the situation is less than ideal? There’s always the POWERplus Eagle Solar Charger & Torch.

POWERplus Eagle is a powerful LED torch and solar charger rolled into one cool package. Pack it in your pocket to enjoy the freedom of mobile light and energy wherever you go! This solar charger has triple solar wings for maximum power – just fold out each wing in daylight until the internal eco friendly battery is fully charged. Once charged, the Eagle solar power charger holds enough juice to recharge a gadget such as your mobile phone and you’ll find cables and adapters to cover most phone and gadgets. There’s even a built-in LED torch with three powerful LEDs to shine a light on any emergency; select 1 LED, 3LEDs or 3 LEDs flashing.

You can pick up this nifty and potentially handy gadget for just £29.95, making important phone calls getting cut off due to a dead battery in your phone a thing of the past.


Wii fit: Jog Game controller

How many of us have made our New Year’s resolution to work off those fats sticking around our waist like a barnacle that seems to grow larger and larger by the month without any sign of abating, and yet feel disappointed as we prefer to relax on our couches without hitting the treadmill? Perhaps video games could be used to make exercise more fun, as with the Jog Game controller for the Wii.

Jog takes you one step further into the immersive world of Wii gaming by hooking your controllers up to a waist-mounted step counter. Every time you run a step, the sensors pick it up and your onscreen character moves in the direction you’ve pointed the Nunchuk joystick. It’s that simple – just plug in and play. Within seconds you’ll be pacing, pelting along and having an all-out sprint to evade black magic zombies, score against Manchester United or knock out the Green Goblin stone cold.

The Jog will work with hundreds of existing games, and you benefit more from both exercise as well as getting an immersive gaming experience right in the comfort of the living room without having to share it with other sweaty folks from the gym. Perfect to bring the family together for a healthy and fun workout-cum-gaming session. You can pick up the Jog Game Controller for just £24.95 and start gaming to a healthier you! Just lay off the pizzas and sodas during those breaks.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

iPhone Cleaning gadget

I’d treat my iPhone once every morning with it that stick. So it’s nice and clean. Like a shower for your mobile.

clean your iphoneTouch screen gizmos are all very impressive but you have to touch them. Lots. And because your fingers are greasy, mucky and coated in a layer of unidentifiable gunk, beloved screens soon resemble windows dipped in chip fat and sprinkled with dust, dandruff and gawd knows what else. So thank goodness for the Procare Mobile Touch Screen Cleaning Kit.


Handpresso: Portable Espresso

Handpresso has announced a Handpresso DomePod which uses ground coffee instead of ESE espresso pods. Personally we prefer less mess when making out portable espresso, but if you're a true espresso snob you're going to want to grind and use your own. The DomePod allows you to pack up your favorite Arabica, Robusta, or Fair Trade coffee instead of being able to source your coffee in ESE pod form. The patented Handpresso Domepod system makes it easy to empty the coffee grounds – a simple click on the dome is enough. You can fill 3 DomePods and take them with you in the included case.


Sleep tight: Sound asleep pillow

The Sound Asleep Pillow is a great invention which if you enjoy listening to music and also sleeping then you will really enjoy this. The Sound Asleep Pillow has a built in speaker which you can connect to your iPod, other MP3 players, CD players and most radios.

With this you get surround sound music straight to your ears whilst you drift off to sleep or even just while you rest your eyes. If you find it hard to get to sleep this could really help having some low level music or a sound of your choice playing in the background. Another plus to this great gadget is that if you want to listen to music or the radio you can without disturbing your partner when they are asleep.

The Sound Asleep Pillow is a lot easier to get to sleep with than trying to listen with earphones in which tend to be very uncomfortable. If you would like to purchase the Sound Asleep Pillow you can now for £19.95.


Sat Nav Shoes

What do you do when your sense of direction is about as accurate as a Fred Goodwin’s in a financial crisis? You buy a pair of these sat nav shoes, that’s what. Now I know I’ve talked about super shoes before but these are pretty cool. Just enter the postcode in your heel and you’re away.


Get directions from the LED DNav Bubble on the front of your left shoe which will point in the direction you need to walk and beep if you’re heading the wrong way. You can also use a Bluetooth headset so that you don’t walk around sounding like that guy out of Police Academy and you will hear instructions like “bear left at the next McDonalds”.

LED DNav Bubble sat nav shoes

It runs on two rechargeable AA batteries and it’s speakers are waterproof so jumping in puddles is still very much on the cards. And do you remember the robot legs we featured a couple of months ago? These would go perfectly on the end of them for completely effortless travel!

AA batteries in the sole

So next time someone tells you to get lost, just pull up your trouser leg, show off your shoes and walk away, content with the notion that getting lost is very much a thing of the past.

Snatch these up at Firebox for £129.95 / $187.10.

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SEGA twin player console

Video gamers have this thing about retro games, and more often than not, they don’t mind going back to the good old days once in a while and indulge in a little bit of nostalgia, where pixelated graphics ruled the day and the gameplay experience coupled with an overactive imagination proved to work better than just flashy graphics. For those who missed out on Sega’s heydays as a home console manufacturer, here’s the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console that allows you to go through a bunch of 16-bit classics.

Simply plug it into the telly and you’re away. It might be smaller than the original but the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console is preloaded with 15 Sega licensed games, including Sonic and Knuckles, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe and many more. Better still you can bung in all those old Mega Drive and Genesis cartridges that have been languishing in the loft. Indeed, this nifty region-muncher doesn’t care where your games originated.

You will be able to bring home the Sega Mega Drive Twin Player Console for just £39.95 - a small price to pay for those glorious moments of yore without having to contend with the taint of downloading illegal ROMs.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Amcor Wall-Mounted Plug-in Air Purifier with Nightlight

An nice choice for the bedroom, bathroom, or to take along when traveling, this small but powerful air purifier features a whisper-quiet fan and filter system that helps promote healthy indoor air. To use, simply plug it into any 120-volt outlet; the wall-mounted unit will operate as long as it's plugged in. The air purifier draws air in at the top and bottom of the front grill, charges incoming particles with ions, then collects the particles on its dust-collector plates before expelling clean air out into the room from the center of the front grill. The unit's Ionic Electrostatic filter captures even the smallest airborne particles, and its washable dust-collector plates never need to be replaced, which means no-cost easy maintenance. Furthermore, the air purifier comes with a soothing blue built-in nightlight that turns on and off with a manual switch. The ETL-listed plug-in air purifier measures 2-4/5 by 3-2/7 by 8-2/3 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

Price: $29.99