Thursday, March 23, 2006

HP All-in-One Colored Printers Review

Four years ago, for some silly reason, I was thinking of a colored printer that was able to do more than just print hard copies from a computer, pictures or brochures alike. This was to be used rigidly by the new company that I just joined, and definitely, for start up companies, costing at the lowest possible price was very necessary. At this point in time, colored printers were starting to pick up the pace in invading the market, replacing the usual black ink jet printers that were usually packaged with new computer set purchases.

Relying on the reviews and feedbacks that leading printer manufacturers and users were sharing, the number of actual users for this kind of a printer was not that convincing at first. A probable reason was the actual crisis and inflation that the economy was facing, hence, more people and companies were tightening their belts, opting to spend their money wisely on much needed necessities for their everyday routines.

After some computing and analysis, I took the liberty of preparing the necessary steps to convince my superior of the fruits that this contraption can give to a start up company, at the same time, provide leeway before the company can actually purchasing such equipments, as scanners, photocopying devices and the usual facsimile machine that any business would usually need to operate effectively. The company had just purchased a HP PSC 500 printer, and the first demonstration made has really impressed me to this day. The first demo was the photocopying feature, which left me totally speechless. The copied material was almost the same as the original, from the words to the pictures. The quality was hard to discriminate since the quality was very much impressive. And this was only the normal quality, so anyone could just imagine the output if the selection was placed at a more higher quality level.

To this day, this contraption is still up and running and I have rarely experienced any problems or limitations. The quality is still the same as the first day I used it. The only fallback that I can see for now is the price of the ink cartridges it uses. The price of the cartridge may not be easily affordable, but considering that it takes some months before it is replaced, depending on the usage of the printer of course, I would say that the printer is a very good buy, or a steal even since this is not only a printer, but can be used as a photocopier, facsimile machine and even a scanner. The software included by HP with it, makes it much easier to use. Its interface is compatible with almost all known software that we use, like Adobe, Corel, etc.

At the moment, that model is no longer available in the market. New models like HP PSC 2410 and PSC 1315 are offered for sale at lower prices, most probably due to the fact that other leading printer manufacturer have followed suit in offering the same device to the consumer. Truly, this device is a must have, especially for people on a stiff budget. There is nothing more you can ask for in maximizing a printer’s use than just producing the usual outputs for your work.

IT Personnel Tidbits

A large part of underrated people in any organizations right now are the people who comprise the Management Information Systems or Information Technology department of companies. Though these people were not really given much importance before, the boost of technology in helping out corporate entities has totally changed this scenario. Though at present, more corporate organizations do not see the benefits of putting up or giving due emphasis to this division, one can only need to point to over achieving companies in their success as a proof of the added benefits and deeper analysis of how their respective companies are operating and at what level they are at the moment.

Needless to say, these people bring innovations to the old style of corporate success. Without a doubt, the fast paced development of technology has aided a large portion of corporate entities in evaluating and forecasting better operations and profits. With the new manner of collective data from their operations and transforming them into easier ways of analyzing through graphs and figures, people can now find out in a day how they operate and what they need to possess to be able to improve and even medicate certain deficiencies from their actual operations.

Though for some companies, having this kind of a department may not be feasible, comparing this scenario to a company that relies on consultancy basis may not be as cost effective. There are times when the needs of a company may become already outrageous that they would eventually consider their consultant corporate partners as impotent and ineffective, which is very unfair since there are instances that some demands may also need the value of time management or curing periods, to whichever case it may be applicable.

Moving forward, there will be times that the importance of these people will be realized once they are nearing stages of leaving behind the company for better opportunities for growth and development of their skills. Once this point arrives, a question arises for all corporate entities with regards to security of their systems or maybe even the safeguarding of their data or documents. Though this may be hard to defend at times, legal processes are the usual resorts for some companies. However, it would seem unprofessional for such an occurrence and more often, it is these people who would be ruining their names rather than the company’s. More plainly put, systems can be restored at some point, credibility and trust never.

Making Money Online

In the recent years, practically everyone who was exposed to the Internet was exploring all possibilities on how to make this gift of technology a revenue making opportunity. Making money online was something that people left to the mercy of the bigger organizations and the benefits that individuals could gain from it were relatively remote. With a ton load of information anywhere from people who use the web as a medium of exchange for their communication and reference for certain matters as studies and business related endeavors, there was bound to be some way that people could make money online.

Today, there are various ways of being able to make the most of using the Internet. Common hearsays such as adsense, content writing, article marketing, reciprocal link exchange auctions and all have suddenly become an opportunity for the people to earn profits from them. While there will always be risks involved, in actual life, risks are part of business related tie ups. Getting into business is like gambling, and whether such people would gain or lose from it is entirely up to them. Fact of the matter is business is not purely about trusting intuition. It is about properly enhancing situations and taking on the chance to enter into a whole new world of investing and money making opportunities online.

Some people would stick towards the old fashioned way of earning, which of which was to look for a job and actually go to an office or work place where they can totally see the operations daily. These setups will soon vanish one by one, thanks to cyberspace. Putting emphasis on Information Technology development, it won’t take long when people will have the luxury of working anywhere they wish, as long as they have a computer and complete access to the World Wide Web.