Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Maximizing Online Storage with Yahoo Group Features

People always have this problem of saving their files or finding the best way to access them wherever they are at anytime. Sure, there are compact discs, the usual USB drive and the standard diskette, although the latter has a limited capacity, around 1.3 megabytes allowed only. For the people who are not that acquainted with the web, using the many resources like sites that offer a certain storage quota where they can store there files temporarily may be something due for consideration.

Of course, this is only limited towards the people who are not that well-versed of the web. Although some are already practicing such, the limitation is that the need for an Internet connection becomes the only hindrance for such.

The Yahoo Groups offers such a storage capability, even allows a person to store pictures separately from the files. All that is needed is for a person to create a yahoo group, and name it as he wishes. Of course the existence of a yahoo account makes it easier, especially for validation procedures.

For more information just visit the Yahoo Groups for a more detailed summary and procedure.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Information Tecnology, MBA and perhaps a Doctorate Degree

In my years of experience, handling Information Technology work and quickly excelling towards a managerial position, I found this work more of fun than being a professional. They say that the best way to excel at something you do is to find it easy to deal with and at the same time the hunger for advanced knowledge. Thanks to the Internet and various exposures to exhibits, IT shows and such, I can say that it has successfully been a big part of my career at some point.

Thus in 2005 became my year to explore other opportunities, those of which are in the other business related side. Continuing where I left out in 1998, I found the completion a resounding fulfillment of sorts, since it is so ironic that I stopped then to pursue my career in Information Technology. While I am sure that I have not covered all aspects of the IT career, venturing out into the business world and once again attaining a lead role, particularly an officer level status as of late have become two of my good sides in the professional side of my life. While I know it will take another couple of years to be able to establish my name again in this new role, combining my stored knowledge with my marketing endeavors shows great promise.

To this day, I am still fascinated with the fast evolution of technology, but at the same time, business practices need a new look, and hopefully, I will be able to do the same in the coming years and perhaps consider advancing to my next dream, that of which is to start my final goal, that of which is to attain a Doctorate Degree at the only other school I have not been able to go to, that of which is the University of the Philippines. Once accomplished, I have completed my task, that of which is to go to the top three schools in the country today, the others being De La Salle University where I got my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Applications Majoring in Computer Applications and just recently at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business where I got my Masters in Business Administration Degree.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Funny Thing Called "BUGS"

No developed system is perfect. Definitely, there will be glitches, most of the time minor. These are often referred to as “bugs”, a defect in a routine program or code. Many would say that this is the bail out word that programmers and system developers use once their finished program is unable to create the necessary output, or worse, in times where in the system would suffer from a critical error that could eventually lead to system crashes or downtime. A good example is the operating system we are using, whether this be Microsoft Windows or Linux. There are periodical update patches that are advised to be download most of them critical to safeguard our computers from such untoward intrusions like “hackers” or the more commonly known “viruses” from creating havoc in our computers.

To declare that a company has a perfect system really depends as to how the programmers are able to effectively translate the workflow of a company’s operation into a working system. This is one reason why it takes some time before a systems development project group takes on the system architecture that they have laid out to meet their superior’s or client’s needs. Properly identifying these critical points is a must. Shortcuts to processes must be put at a minimum otherwise, this would just open the door for bugs, leading to criticism on the part of the project development group, and most likely leaving the door open for bugs to arise.

Systems development is really more than meets the eye. It needs a more thorough and deeper analysis of how to translate daily operations and procedures are done, and at the same time serving the necessary output expected from it. Systems should never be deemed as fully accomplished. They can be termed as developed “according to what the end user needs” but should also be left open for further enhancements. Especially in our day of age, most companies need more than just figures and graphs to determine the actual corporate stature, most top officials would want to go deeper, to the last centavo as they would typically term it. These are things not usually included in a developed system, rather a summary of the performance of that entity. Though these may not be categorically identified as “bugs”.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Days

Internet Relay Chat is one thing I miss ever since I got to hook up on the World Wide Web. Meeting people, typing away and flirting, and allowing fantasies to run off to a certain level, chatting surely had its boom in the late 90’s. All of us experience a certain portion of our life where we have to grow out of it, and while I totally agree, I miss the days when my new found friends would be online until the early mornings, just chatting. A sure stress reliever in my case, the company I had then in cyberspace was truly something I treasured.

Of course, there will be people who are just there to join in the fad, fictional in the sense that this is only the Internet and that people met here are subject to criticism. No doubt about having hesitations. I mean, how can people find out if the people they meet are sincere and true to whom they claim to be? For most people, they would not take such a past time seriously. While I must admit I did take it seriously, I can safely say that the experience was worth every time and effort I placed in it.

Cyberspace relationships as well were a fad in those days. I remember relying on my intuition to find out what the person looked like or how she was like. There were times I even fell in love just by knowing the people. But of course, the fact of the matter is, if all is a lie, then you have to live with it. These situations would best be tagged to people who have high regards to trusting their emotions rather than their mind. But whichever the case may be, it will also depend on the person and how he or she would handle it in any case. Sure wish I could meet them all up again, maybe for one last rare occasion.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Video Editing with Ulead Visual Studio

During my college days, I always had the knack for finding out how technology driven things could be done outside the usual professional businesses. Striving at the closes possible way, among these fascinations was video editing and enhancement. There was no doubt it boggled my mind on how they were able to do this, and if there was any way to do it at home and produce my own videos.

Well the time came late last year during my return to the MBA scene at the Atone Graduate School of Business. Again, presentations were around, and most of them started to make use of video coming from the web. It was really simple. Using downloaded commercials or spoofs as part of their Power Point presentation already impressed the professors, but at the back of my mind, armed with the proper IT degree and Internet access, I know I can do better. I had the equipment, a video camera, computer, video interface gadgets, music files and of course the best software I got to use which can be similar to just making simple slide presentations, Ulead Visual Studio.

Not many would have knowledge in it, video editing using the computer and all, and I knew I could be the first one to do this at school. The first presentation was a blast. First was compiling commercials with the use of simple transitions, then some on the spot interviews with added text and all. The best part of it all was the bloopers part where I had a blast compiling the wrong takes of my group mates. Wouldn’t you know it? That was the best part of the presentation since people would laugh a lot. From thereon, people took up the endeavor, although some still look for me to make their presentations, something I really just do for fun.