Friday, July 31, 2009

Apple and ATT: Explanation time?

Apple's hot news for any tech blog and that's why it's in here today--and it's still bad news for the giant company.

FCC wants explanation from Apple and AT&T re: GV Mobile

Google iPhone web appsImage by somefool :: ɹǝqɐɯ ʍǝɥʇʇɐɯ via Flickr

When GV Mobile was removed from apple's app Store, there was quite a large uproar from the tech community. They instantly thought that AT&T was the culprit here; influencing Apple to take the app out of the store. However, with such a large amount of attention, the Feds have sent a letter to both Apple and AT&T asking them to explain why GV Mobile was treated that way. Obviously the FCC didn't like what they read and wanted the 4 W's and 1 H: What, where, when, why, and how the whole thing started.

The FCC’s new chairman Julius Genachowski made it clear Friday in announcing the letters that he was not pleased by Apple and AT&T’s actions, while leaving wiggle room about what, if anything, the feds would do.

“Recent news reports raise questions about practices in the mobile marketplace,” Genachowski said in a press statement. “The Wireless Bureau’s inquiry letters to these companies about their practices reflect the Commission’s proactive approach to getting the facts and data necessary to make the best policy decisions on behalf of the American people.”
How will both companies reason out that they eliminated GV Mobile just because Google's VOIP was messing with Apple's other apps? Everyone's dying to know how they'll get out of this one.

VoiceCentral finally gets response from Apple, but it's weird

If You're Not ConfusedImage by B Tal via Flickr

The other app taken out surreptitiously after it was approved 4 months ago and was already downloaded and being used was VoiceCentral. We reported last time that the developer was pretty much confused and angry and is now was faced with emails from angry users asking for their money back. What was even more frustrating on his side, was that apple never gave him a straight answer as to why it was taken out without even a notice coming from them. Well, Apple apparently needed time to carefully construct their words as they replied the next day:

On June 30, the team was finally contacted by Richard from Apple, a cordial person who was profoundly unable to provide specific, useful information to Duerr, details beyond the fact that “VoiceCentral has been removed from the App Store because it duplicates features of the iPhone … and was causing confusion in the user community.” When Duerr pointed out that other apps like Textfree, Skype, fring, and iCall also duplicated iPhone features, Richard said he couldn’t discuss other apps.

Apple and AT&T sure have a lot of explaining to do after this. I see this as a game changing event with the way carriers and mobile phone makers make their contracts and exclusive deals.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Apple: making moves that befuddle us

Listening to both customers and security experts can definitely help your company in the long run. The faster you react to their feedback or concern the better your product will be--and that's the problem we found with Apple.

Apple finally patches SMS flaw in iPhone 3GS

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

If you remember that last time, we reported a serious flaw in the iPhone 3GS. All it took was an SMS and your precious smartphone would be hijacked by someone else. The ones who discovered this potential devaastating vulnerability immediately reported it to Apple, hoping for a quick patch. Unfortunately that was almost a month ago. In order to push the company to move their behinds, the guys who disovered the hack decided to detail on how to do it on a Black Hat meeting.

Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner told the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas that the hack works by slightly modifying the data - sent by the network and which the user does not see - that arrives as part of a text message.
Which thereafter, Apple issued a statement that they would be patching the Apple OS on the following day. What concerned most people were how Apple dragged their heels to do this.
An O2 spokesperson said the patch would be available Saturday through iTunes.
"We will be communicating to customers both through the website and proactively," the spokesperson added.
"We always recommend our customers update their iPhone with the latest software and this is no different."
Although it may take weeks to properly create a hacking program that will be able to exploit this flaw, we're glad Apple moved in quick at the last minute--saving not only their company but their iPhone 3GS buyers as well. Let's hope everything goes well after the patch.

VoiceCentral follows Google Voice out of the App Store

Besides GV Mobile and Google Voice being taken out of the Apple App store, another--already approved and available in the store for the last four months--was immediately taken down. VoiceCentral is no longer there.
Until this week, everything was going fine for the developer. He submitted the app and was approved by Apple. He released updates and they were approved by Apple. Then, all of a sudden and without warning, his app was pulled from the store.
And when he tried to find out the reason why it was pulled out?
In a blog post on Riverturn's Web site Tuesday, the developer paraphrased the call. At one point the developer asks the Apple rep if there's something he can change in the app so it can be resubmitted to the App Store. The response: "I can't say."
The developer then asks, "if we can't figure out the issue then how will we know whether to resubmit the app. And how will we know whether to invest in any other development efforts? Future apps could be impacted."
The response: "I can't help you with that."
So, if Apple can't give you a reason why an app that you worked hard on for months got suddenly taken out, prepare for the answer: "I can't say." And what's worse the people who bought his app is now asking for a refund he can't provide. Ouch Apple, ouch.

Source for Apple finally patching iPhone OS
Source for VoiceCentral app for the iPhone pulled out of App Store

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LG BL40 Chocolate

LG Electronics officially revealed today the full image and key specifications of the new LG Chocolate phone (model: LG-BL40).

The fourth handset of the Black Label Series boasts a distinctive 4.0-inch wide screen high-definition LCD with an 800 by 345 pixel resolution for a superb viewing quality. The wide screen breaks away from conventional screen designs with a 21:9 aspect ratio for a panoramic, cinema-like quality and optimal mobile computing experience.

With the enlarged screen, users will experience a surprisingly convenient and efficient mobile environment. Browsing the Internet is made incredibly easy because with 800 pixels at one’s disposal, there is no need to scroll horizontally to read entire web pages. The 4.0-inch display also features a Dual Screen UI that can efficiently display two different types of content simultaneously.

The wide HD LCD “Real VGA” screen provides a full range of natural colors for displayed images, making photos more crisp, videos more true-to-life, games more dynamic and documents more readable.

“The initial response to the new LG Chocolate phone has exceeded our expectations by a wide margin,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications. “Although much interest seems focused on the striking shape of the handset, the real surprise will be when people discover the advantages of the 4.0-inch screen in terms of viewing pleasure and ease of use.”

The new LG Chocolate’s wide screen is overlaid with curved tempered glass and is seamlessly encased in a glossy black finish and iconic red highlights. Although the screen may be much wider, the new LG Chocolate makes an incredibly slim and chic style statement that was also inherent in the original Chocolate.

The new LG Chocolate will be available beginning Q3 in 54 countries.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS: SMS weakness and Android potential problem

The iPhone's image in the media, especially to most tech bloggers, have been dipping as of late. I guess when you reach the top of the mountain, there's nowhere else you can go to but down, butApple seems to be intent on remaining on the top despite these challenges. Just some of the challenges facing it right now can be read below.

iPhone 3GS SMS vulnerability still not patched?

:Image:IPhone_Release_-_Seattle_(keyboard) cro...Image via Wikipedia
There's an iPhone 3GS SMS vulnerability that can give a hacker total control over your iPhone and it was discovered by OS X Security Specialist Charlie Miller. He reported to Apple a month ago and was hoping for a patch--but it never came. Now he's going to unload on how to do it on a Black Hat conference this week.
We'd stop short of suggesting iPhone owners all turn off their handsets and take themselves firmly off the grid and into a completely disconnected underground bunker the moment the attack becomes public, but if it's as serious as Miller claims, it definitely bumps up the pressure on Apple to get a fix out on the double -- preferably before 3.1 drops.
What could push an OS X expert to reveal details on how to hack someone else's iPhone? We can only ascertain that this is this Charlie Miller's way of saying to Apple that they'd better patch it up soon. So far, there's been no patch coming from Apple and time's running out.

Pre vs. iPhone vs. Android?

Alternate logo.
We've been reporting on a lot on how the iPhone and the Pre has been edging each other out, but according to Matt Asay of CNET, there's another up and coming enemy coming up in the guide of Android.
Importantly, Android is growing in the area that defines the iPhone's success more than anything else: applications. BusinessWeek's Stephen Wildstrom says that "Android is now a contender" in large part due to its growing array of third-party applications:
The Android Market is surprisingly well-stocked, considering the relatively small number of Android phones in use....[W]ith support fromGoogle and from handset makers desperate to come up with something that can mount a serious challenge to the iPhone, Android could become a major player.
With a third player coming in the game, it just may make the fight between Apple and Pre more interesting. Will Android stand with one party or will it stand on its own? We'll see when the phones come rolling out of production.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LG GD910 video and Verizon's change in business strategy

There's always something new in the horizon, whether it be a new gadget or a new way of looking at the future. The following articles will show that the future seems to be getting brighter.

LG GD910 shows off

If you remember we mentioned that the Samsung S9110 watchphone may go to the stores earlier than the LG GD910 watchphone, well, looks like they LG's pushing the fast-forward button on this one: they've released a video of it in action!

Nice, eh? It'll be available around August at the price of...I'll let Slashgear break it to you:

Of course, the question we really want answered is how much the GD910 will cost when it launches. Early tips have consistently hovered around the £1,000 ($1,623) mark on an unsubsidized pre-pay contract, which instantly puts the GD910 out of reach of most would-be buyers. We’ve also heard talk that LG have limited supplies of the watch phone, lending it even more exclusivity.

Expensive yes, but imagine that you'll be one of the few people to have this first! We'll be waiting for the reviews to come in next month or so.

Verizon going up against Apple App Store?

With AT&T

Cellco Partnership D/B/A Verizon WirelessImage via Wikipedia

having exclusive rights to the iPhone and Verizon about to get a Palm Pre soon, they're also gearing up to go head to head against Apple's App Store.

Verizon Wireless is jumping on the application store bandwagon and taking on Apple and its App Store with its own Vcast application store, which it announced at its first ever developer conference in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday.
The new Vcast application store will launch in the fourth quarter of 2009. Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Wireless, said it will offer application developers a quick and simple way to distribute and monetize their applications while providing wireless subscribers with an easier way to discover and buy new applications for their smartphones.
Although Verizon's been known to being too tight-fisted on their own apps, the company seems to have seen the light and will be open to third party developers.
"It's a new day (in wireless)," McAdam said in the opening address of the developer conference which was also Webcast. "And our future success is no longer in the walled-garden. Our success is tied to you (developers)."

It truly is a new day, and we're glad Verizon's going in the right direction.

Source for LG GD910 video
Source for Verizon Vcast App Store

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Monday, July 27, 2009

iPhone Apps: Spotify and RE4!

Monday mornings usually mean traffic on the way to the office, and there's nothing better to then play around with your iPhone 3GS (that is, if you have one). So far, the available Apps at the iTune Store are good, but we'll be looking at two productivity killing apps that just may make your Monday morning commutes a bit better.

Spotify: the app that can rule them all

Spotify for the iPhone 3GS seems to have caught the attention of a lot tech bloggers/tweeters and has been hailed as a music app that can "kill Pandora, Last.FM, Slacker, and iTunes" in one fell swoop. If it's that good, we hope Apple will approve it and place it in their iTunes Store. And it's on Europe only-basis, and that means still waiting a bit even after Apple approves it (if ever).

It's a great app as you can see, however the problem now is will Apple put a competing product on iTunes? Hmmm...with their history of being tightly closed to 3rd party apps that may affect their sales--there's a slight chance we might not even see this coming, but there is hope that they'll change their minds about this.

Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone

Next on the list is a game that most of you will most likely want to play in the morning with a lot of people around: Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone.

The iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 is based off another mobile version originally created for a Japanese mobile phone company. The game features the usual over-the-shoulder third-person shooter gameplay that you have come to expect from the series, and with that comes the usual “stop and pop” shooting mechanic. Resident Evil 4 also features some decent looking 3D graphics, location-based damage, shake to reload, and a mercenary mode, which was first introduced on the mobile version of the game.
It's a port from Gamecube so don't expect a lot: no voice overs, and trimmed down story to fit in a 37.3 MB downloadable file. Although it is still considered a classic, so whether you played it before or not--it's something worthwhile to download and try out. Available now at the iTunes Store for $7.99.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Samsung Revitalizes Notebook PC Market with Launch of New Premium Portables

Samsung Electronics today unveiled a variety of new notebook PC products, signalling its commitment to grow its regional market presence in the mobile computing segment. The new premium, high-performance line-up includes five different models from the X and R Series notebook PCs and N Series mini notebooks that will cater to a wide spectrum of consumers and business users.

Building on Samsung's success to date, the company's foray into the notebook PC market is a strategic move to extend its leadership and propel regional growth in the IT segment. Samsung is already the market leader in monitors and the number two player in A4 laser printer market in Southeast Asia and Oceania. By expanding its IT product offerings to include notebook PC, Samsung intends to tap on the dynamic growth of this region and enhance its presence in the regional IT industry.

Despite the slowing economy, global notebook PC shipments grew 10 per cent year on year in the first quarter, according to iSuppli. IC Insights' Integrated Circuit Market Drivers Report 2009 further projects that notebook PC shipments will rise 13 per cent to 156 million systems this year. In particular, Display Search is forecasting a 66 per cent year on year growth in the mini notebook category to exceed 27 million units globally in 2009.

With its track record in providing the best-in-class hardware and software solutions for optimal performance and its partnership with Microsoft, Samsung is well-placed to capture market share in this growing segment.

Notebook PC:

  • X Series Notebook PCs - Built for maximum portability, the 14.1-inch ultra-thin and light X460 packs the world's first 2950mAh six-cell battery for an unrivalled 10 hours of computing use. The X460's secure biometric fingerprint and trusted platform module authentication system makes it a key choice for mobile professionals.

  • R Series Notebook PCs - Samsung's R420 and R470 come with 14.0-inch LED widescreen displays. Both models feature an innovative water-tight seal around the chassis to prevent damage if liquid is spilt on the notebook PC. The R Series also comes with SuperSilent Mode© for noise-sensitive environments.

  • N Series Mini Notebooks - Comprising the N120 and N310, the lightweight and eye-catching Samsung N Series Mini Notebooks built with HSPA, WiMAX and WiBro technologies can provide more than 10 hours of battery life for extended surfing and entertainment. The N Series is ergonomically designed with large keyboards for greater user comfort.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Cricket TXTM8 Now Available

Cricket Communications unveils another QWERTY device in the Cricket TXTM8. Primarily built for text and picture messaging, this latest mobile solution from Cricket was developed by Personal Communication Devices.

As most devices we see in the market today, the Cricket TXTM8 is no different. It can be used as well through mobile social networks, for email and of course mobile browsing. It has a sliding feature which reveals the QWERTY keypad below the 2.2” TFT color display screen.

Among its other striking features include:
  • 1.3 MP Camera with Zoom

  • MP3 Player

  • MicoSD Memory Card Slot

  • Voice Recognition

  • Bluetooth

  • Tri-Band Connectivity

The Cricket TXTM8 is now available at all Cricket retail store and dealers for $159.99.

Palm vs. Apple is Inevitable

Palm's update of Pre's WebOS to 1.1 is pretty significant in a lot of ways. It shows that the company listens well to its customers and is actively patching and improving the OS. However, it also shows that the OS has a lot of holes to be fixed.

Palm updates WebOS to sync with iTunes again

Is it just us, or do we feel that there's an inevitable battle between Apple's iPhone 3GS and Palm's Pre? A few weeks ago, the Pre was able to use iTunes and was even registering as an iPod. We believe that the Apple people didn't like this as they upgraded their iTunes a few hours later after this news broke out. Palm reacted by putting out their latest update that circumvents Apple's iTune patch to block the Pre. And yes, even Palm's management people got in the act:

Oh, and one more thing: Palm webOS 1.1 re-enables Palm media sync. That’s right — you once again can have seamless access to your music, photos and videos from the current version of iTunes (8.2.1).

John Traynor

VP, Business Products

So far no response yet from the Apple side of the fight, but nonetheless someone's fuming like heck there now (like say the one who created the update to block the Pre in the first place perhaps?). With such statements coming from a Palm VP, it seems that the battle for mobile phone supremacy has begun between these two giants: and it's all because of WebOS 1.1.

Palm Pre's WebOS 1.1 update extras?

WebOS 1.1 had an official list of updates in their site, but did you know that there were even more improved under the OS hood because of this update?
  • Changed sound for notifications - You still can’t change them yourself, but the new sound is much richer, if a little quieter
  • Animated drop down menus - they look really slick and really change the experience. The Context menus also have some nice animation.
  • Additional photo upload options - you can now upload a photo to either Facebook or Photobucket
  • Lots of Photo app improvements. A more distinct bar between all photos and your albums in the photo app, plus they’re calling the Screenshot album “Screen Captures.” The preview thumbs also slide in from the right. Faster photo rendering. Overall the Photos app feels much more fully baked.
  • Emailing Memos - The memo app now has a menu option to email a memo.
  • A new font for the Browser - uses Palm’s system font and, truly, it looks fantastic.
  • Disabled the key combo in browser to open in a new card. Boo-urns.
  • Javascript interpreter Performance upgrades - this will speed up virtually everything and is great news
  • Sporadic reports of speed improvements both in the browser and system-wide, but it’s always tough to know if these are real or just perceived
  • Seems to have better Gmail handling - not failing when you tap on a notification for an email you’d already archived on the desktop
  • A new icon for AIM
  • More auto-complete / auto correct entries in the dictionary.
  • With the slider open, the Center button now turns on the screen, where as before you had to hit a keyboard key or the power button.
  • It’s a little finicky, but you can double-tap to start text selection in editable fields (note, however, that cursor placement in the Memos app is buggy)
Source for Palm Pre syncs with iTunes again
Source for Palm Pre WebOS 1.1 additional updates

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Security vs. Convenience

Being a techie blog, we always strive to ensure that our readers are well informed of what gadgets they bought or will buy in the future will affect their lives. One of them is a user's information security: how will your mobile phone protect your information from people or parties that want to take it from you? Wired Magazine and New Consumers covered this a few hours ago and we'd like to discuss it here as well.

Being connected to the Internet whether it be through a laptop, desktop, or your mobile phone requires giving up some personal data in exchange for something else. This is where security comes in and if your device or medium seems to have a problem with it, then this is where the dilema begins: do you ditch that device or continue using it and hope the hackers won't target you next? This is the situation that's presented by the seeming lack of security in the iPhone 3GS.

According to Jonathan Zdziarski, an iPhone developer and a hacker who teaches forensics courses on recovering data from iPhones,:
“It is kind of like storing all your secret messages right next to the secret decoder ring. I don’t think any of us [developers] have ever seen encryption implemented so poorly before, which is why it’s hard to describe why it’s such a big threat to security.”

And here are the videos to prove it:

...and that's without even jailbreaking the phone. According to him, one only needs to use free hacking programs to do this. He demonstrated how easy it was to get info from the iPhone without the need of a passcode and how to delete a passcode. However, some people will risk it anyway.

According to Lance Kidd, chief information officer of Halton Company, an industrial equipment provider:
“Your organization has to be culturally ready to accept a certain degree of risk,” Kidd said. “I can say we’ve secured everything as tight as a button, but that won’t be true…. Our culture is such that our general manager is saying, ‘I’m willing to take the risk for the value of the applications.’”

If your decision is to continue using the iPhone 3GS despite this massive flaw, the decision is yours, we hope that Apple patches this up immediately.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Samsung: S9910 and Mondi

Samsung S9110: watch out for that watchphone!

The first time we took notice of mobile watchephones was at New Consumers about the LG GD910. We were actually expecting that LG would be the one to lead this charge, but another company has done so: Samsung will be releasing their own mobile watchphone in France with the S9110 later this month.

According to Geeky Gadgets, the phone will have the following specs:
The Samsung S9110 Watchphone features a 1.76 inch touchscreen display, a built in speaker phone, Bluetooth 2.1 , a music player, voice recognition and email.

The Samsung S9110 Watchphone is surprisingly thin for a watchphone measuring in at just 11.98mm thick, and it is also cheaper than the LG Watchphone, although it is still going to be quite expensive at 450 Euros, about $640.
After looking at the pictures, I think I'll find it hard inputting numbers into it, let alone using it for SMS. Nevertheless, we'll be waiting for it and hoping for a good response.

Samsung Mondi: First Handheld to go WiMAX

Another Samsung release is the Samsung Mondi: the first handheld device to use WiMAX. It may not yet be available all over the US, but it sure wil be the future!

The Samsung Mondi can harness upload and download speeds that double comparable devices running on 3G networks while taking advantage of the widespread connectivity of Mobile WiMAX. The Mondi is also equipped with WiFi, allowing users to keep strong wireless connections while working outside designated Mobile WiMAX markets.

Available in a solid black finish, this device slides open horizontally to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. The Mondi is packed with multimedia features that offer instant access to E-mail, Internet, video content and business applications. The device also supports various services including Fring™, Gypsii™, and Windows Live Messenger. The Mondi is equipped for GPS Navigation through Route 66, providing turn-by-turn directions
Is this too far ahead of its time? Will this fail because of the lack of WiMAX support in most areas? Samsung has looked into the future and they have staked their company in moving forward. We hope that the more people embrace this gadget, the more WiMAX will become mainstream.

Source for Samsung S9110 Watchphone
Press for Samsung Mondi

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Samsung MultiXpress SCX-6545N Laser Copier Released

Samsung MultiXpress SCX-6545N Laser Copier
Samsung delivers another potential heavy duty printer for use in business, in the MultiXpress SCX-6545N, a monochrome multifunctional printer that can print up to 45 ppm. This new printer from Samsung should be one of the ideal printers needed today in mass production of papers and documents to aid in providing service and upholding the traditional niche.

The whole printer costs about $4,990.00, a small investment that can certainly serve its purpose.


• Fast 45 PPM (max pages per minute) print and copy speeds
• Standard duplex printing
• Unparalleled reliability with up to 200,000-page Monthly Duty Cycles
• Up to 4,800 x 4,800 dpi enhanced scan resolution
• High speed gigabit network-ready connectivity (Ethernet 10/100/1000)
• 800 x 480 7-inch wide color touch screen LCD with user-friendly interface
• Maximum 3,240 sheets of paper storage (through multiple configurations)
• Collate documents using optional 2-bin finisher and 4- bin mailbox
• 80GB HDD manages and monitors network print jobs
• Compact, ergonomic design
• Printer noise at a quiet 37dBA (standby), 55dBA (print) and 57dBA (copy)
• SyncThru Admin 5 and SynxThru Web applications are solutions that increase productivity and manage costs.

(Source) Press

Leaked: Motorola on Android and Experia X3

There's been a lot of leaks lately and like our friends from New Consumers, we're really doubting whether this is a new marketing strategy by the makers rather than a secret document secretly emailed to the tech bloggers. Nevertheless, it's good for the makers.

Motorola going Android confirmed!

Motorola has been in the dumps lately and they need to overhaul their OS. It was then rumored that they seem to be taking on Android as a possible substitution, but all of it were just heresay--until now:

Until this fine morn, rumors that Motorola's hazily-leaked Morrison handset would run Android were just that: Rumors. A second set of shots now gives us a clearer view of the kid-colored piece, including a clear confirmation of its alleged Google-ness.

Yes, it's now been confirmed that it will run on android and will be going up against the likes of HTC and the lot. Bad or good thing? If it's more affordable than HTC, I think this just may win.

Experia X3 leaked on retailer site

As was reported in New Consumers, the Sony Ericsson Experia X3 has been spotted, not in the wild nor in the hands of tech bloggers, but on an online retail site. Yes, Expansys: the one who were supposed to sell the as of yet unreleased mobile phone, was the one who "accidentally" leaked it.

Leak sources can come from everywhere within the process, one of them is through the retailers. In this case, online retailer Expansys seems to have not gotten the memo not to show the specs for the new Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 Android. Not only did it show the pictures, but also specs

  • 800 x 400 pixels/4″
  • Touch Sensitive
  • 2G 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band)
  • 3G: 900/2100 (Dual-Band)
  • HSDPA (10Mbps)
  • HSUPA (2Mbps)
  • 8 mega-pixels (auto-focus)
  • 8 x Digital Zoom
  • LED Flash
  • Image Stabilization
  • Smile Shutter
  • Face Detection
  • VGA Video Recording
  • Supported formats: MP3, AAC, eAAC+
  • Monophonic
  • Polyphonic (64)
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • SMS
  • MMS (with video)
  • E-mail (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, MS Exchange)
  • Phone Book
  • Dialled Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Received Calls
  • microSDHC (external)
Call Features:
  • Hands Free
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Dialling
  • miniUSB
  • 3.5mm AV connector
  • Bluetooth (2.1)
  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11g)
  • AGPS

Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes

Creative today announced immediate availability of the new Sound Blaster® Wireless for iTunes, which will wirelessly play iTunes, MP3 and all audio from a PC or Mac through powered speakers up to 100 feet away. The Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes including a Creative Wireless Receiver is available today at and for only US$149.99.

Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes enables speakers to be placed anywhere in the home. Turning a Mac or PC into a wireless music system is easy, and it takes just a few minutes.

Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes works with any music software or content source including iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Pandora, Slacker, LastFM, YouTube or MySpace. Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes uses a proprietary wireless technology based on 2.4 GHz designed specifically for audio so the listener doesn’t have to tolerate dropouts or interference, which commonly plague Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems. Plus, it doesn’t require a wireless network, so it’s much easier to use and set up than Wi-Fi based systems.

Gay Radio reaches 50k and Pac-man on the iPhone

Our friends from New Consumers Store is as awestruck with the iPhone as we are and we would like to share some news coming from that side of the pond.

Gay Radio iPhone App reaches 50k downloads!

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) groups have been mostly maligned in the media and even here in cyberspace. It's a treat then that those who downloaded the Gay Radio App to their iPhone have reached 50,000 downloads.

"This technology has had an enormous impact on time spent listening by more than tripling the amount of time our mobile audience spends with the station,” said Christopher Leonard, President and CEO of GLBT Radio Network.

“The response has been overwhelming. To meet audience demand, we have increased our bandwidth capacity, moved our iPhone listeners to a dedicated stream server and also increased the number of concurrent seats available on the mobile stream. I continue to receive hundreds of emails and calls every week thanking us for the application.”
  • .3MB application size.
  • 128 kbps stream for WiFi and a 64 kbps stream for 3G listening.
  • Custom branded application with no directories to search.
  • “One tap” access to audio streams.
  • Artist and Song title information displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Instant feedback buttons to call the request lines or email the station.
  • Version 2.0 Update September 2009 with additional features!

It's a great way to spread knowledge and acceptance for the GLBT community.

Pac-man: Remix for your iPhone

The iPhone is just getting more hip these days. Not only can you use it your mobile phone, it can also be used as a game platform! Nope, it can run some of the best games out there. We were surprised to know that the immortal Pac-man: Remix would be racing down the mazes under iPhone glass.

Featuring an angled overhead 3-D view, the game is similar to the Pac-Man Arrangement game found on Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PSP, and adds maze traps, the ability to jump, and a number of power-ups to the classic Pac-Man gameplay. Additional features include a choice between on-screen, flick-, and accelerometer-based controls, six unique boss characters, and stage-specific gadgets.

Wow! Hopefully more games will be coming to the iPhone soon!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Logitech Unveils Premium Wireless Drum Controller for Guitar Hero

So you can really rock out to Guitar Hero on the PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) computer entertainment system, Logitech introduced the Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. Licensed by Activision Publishing, Inc., for the award-winning Guitar Hero franchise, the Wireless Drum Controller features premium drum heads with recessed rims – making it easy for you to play like a rock star.

“When you’re ready to experience a new premium drum controller or expand your band, you’ll want to rip on Logitech’s new drum controller,” said Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech’s director of product marketing for gaming. “With the Wireless Drum Controller, you can mark time, keep the backbeat, color up your riffs and crash down on the cymbal pads. Joining the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller, the new Wireless Drum Controller lets you rock out to your favorite songs on the PS3 system.”

The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller features three fully adjustable drum heads and two cymbal pads. Each piece can be positioned to fit your reach and suit your style. Offering a unique playing experience, the new Logitech Wireless Drum Controller provides quiet, responsive heads that deliver a lively feel, won’t distract you from the music, and are designed to let you take advantage of all the latest features of Guitar Hero games.

But Logitech did not just replicate typical drum heads. The recessed rims help make it easier to score points and avoid accidental rim shots. The kick pedal uses a stainless steel surface and an adjustable spring – providing a highly durable, responsive drumming experience.

Delivering up to 50 hours of battery life on two AA batteries, the Wireless Drum Controller gives you enough juice to perform a concert’s worth of hits, encores included.

Compatible with the PS3 system as well as the PlayStation2 system, the Wireless Drum Controller uses a 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver, so the connection is as steady as a drum beat. When you’re ready to play, the Logitech Wireless Drum Controller sets up quickly and folds flat in seconds. You can start playing within minutes of opening the box and when the show is over, the set can be easily stowed away.

The Logitech Wireless Drum Controller for the PS3 system is expected to be available in the U.S. beginning in July and Europe beginning in August for a suggested retail price of $229.99.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Rainbow Keyboards and Panda Speakers

Welcome to the end of the week, it's been quite a doozy for most of us, and we would like nothing more than some cool news to bring us into the weekend, yes? No hacking or destroying certain mobile phones out there, but more on the positive or quirky note at least. We've got some colorful and cute news coming your way.

Alienware M17x: rainbow keyboards

If you remember our report on the laptop for hardcore PC gamers, the Alienware M17x, then you'd be pleased as peach to know that Gizmodo showed a picture on how cool it is to work or play with the M17x even in the dark:

Matt told me the Alienware's m17x notebook was blinged out like it "just landed on earth after a long trip from a planet populated entirely by a evolved race of disco lights". I guess this is what he was talking about.

Yes, the keyboards glow in the dark in the colors of the rainbow. Will it heighten your experience in fragging your enemy combatant or PKing your guild's enemies while on the field? We're not really sure how it makes it easier to play a game in the dark with such choices in colors, but we'll trust Alienware and hope they know what they're doing. If you can't trust Alienware to make your gaming experience much better, then whom can you trust?

Mini Panda USB Speakers

Tired of the same old speakers to your laptop or mp3 player? Do you want to spruce it up? Need a conversation piece on your table? If you think that your laptop or mp3 speakers seem to be too bland for your funky tastes, then it would be best to check out the USB Mini Panda Speaker.

Product Specifications:

Mini panda head lovely design
On/Off switch
LED indicator
Can be connected to computer, iPods, MP3 and MP4 players
Battery can be recharged by USB
Size: 45*45*42mm
Weight: 50g

USB Mini Panda Speaker
3.5mm Audio Cable
USB Cable

There you have it some of the more colorful and coolest gadget-related news this Friday. Hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

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