Monday, February 26, 2007

Switching from CRT to LCD Monitors

It is obvious that people would want to get in the times and switch to the vast available LCD monitors today that not only emphasizes on screen resolution but space management as well. Seeing that these products are selling just like pieces of cigarettes in Taiwan in my last trip to Taiwan last December, it was obvious that seeing them had a reason. The time to get myself an LCD monitor of my own!

I will forever regret of not buying one when I was in Taiwan. The priced has a difference of around $40 compared to the local retailers. The brands available there included Asus, Samsung, Pioneer and AOC. Pressed for time and with my mind spinning from the available products there, I chose not to get one and postpone my purchase through my friend and associate who could send the monitor to me at any time I would wish.

But once I got back home, it took me only 24 hours to use my old AOC CRT monitor and it got busted as quickly as I used it. While I remember what my friend told me, I needed a monitor badly since I had a lot of pending jobs in the form of article writing and blog entries to catch up on. My solution? What else but to buy a new monitor. Apparently, it was the Christmas Rush so I really had problems of transporting a large CRT monitor to my car as parking was really a drag.

I came across this Samsung SyncMaster 740N LCD monitor which I bargained until I could afford it. I ended up getting one for $200.00. If I got one in Taiwan, I would have gotten it for $150.00! Nevertheless I just considered it as a Christmas gift for myself. Besides, its been a while since I bought something worthwhile, and being able to buy my very own LCD monitor has its fulfillment in a way.