Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Install Windows XP and Remove Windows Vista

Windows Vista is not yet perfected and chances are you will reach the point where you want to revert to Windows XP. But the task is easier said than done especially if you want a clean copy of Windows XP on your PC. With that in mind, what can you do to uninstall Windows Vista and install Windows XP on your computer?

Well, I had that problem last week and much as I looked for solutions on the web, I discovered a different way to remove Windows Vista and install a fresh Windows XP operating system. How? Follow these steps.

1. Grab a hold of the usual bootable DOS disk. Some peripherals (particularly laptops) no longer come with the traditional floppy drives but not to worry. You can still download the DOS system from sites and burn them on a CD which you can use to boot. You can get a copy of DOS here.
2. Boot up your PC using the CD ROM as your first boot device. Allow it to load and then run the handy FDISK like before.
3. View the partitions on your hard drive and delete them one by one. Make sure you don’t leave any drive intact to make sure you get a RAW drive ready for formatting.

NOTE: As far as backups are concerned, this guide assumes that they have been already backed up or that the user wants to completely erase the Windows Vista OS.

4. After all partitions have been deleted or removed, place your Windows XP setup disk and restart the computer. Now you can install the Windows XP OS as you would in any first time setup.

Some people have tried to use the dual boot which is really ridiculous. For one, it eats up space and second why would you leave an operating system when you have no plans of using it. Some have even said that it causes problems so why leave it there in the first place?

Also, if at times you are attempting to overwrite Windows Vista, chances are your Windows XP setup will not even reach the first screen setup (blue screen). Such is the problem I had experienced that led me to find an alternative to which is itemized above.

These steps are guaranteed. Don’t let Windows Vista be a pain. You can outthink Windows Vista using the traditional way of formatting a computer, similar to the first time you install Windows XP.