Saturday, July 29, 2006

Office Automation Systems: Replacements or Aides?

The common notion that was evidently perceived by most employees in the early years of systems implementation and technology is that they will be the replacements for the actual labor force. This belief is really a crazy one. In no way can computers get to a point where they will replace the human interface and responsibility. Computers are programmed by humans, but it does not necessarily follow that humans will be left motionless and sit pretty while computer systems, androids, or robots will do all the work. The mind is still the strongest part of a human anatomy that most computers will never possess.

Every organization dreams of applying a system to help aid human interface and transactions. In most cases, these are needed to produce more efficient work and effective work flows. Time can be saved and immediate analysis for the overall operations can be immediately seen. The faster that a company is able to determine the overall performance the better it is for them. This is because for the human preparations, this will take days, sometimes weeks to go over historical data and produce the needed reports, especially financial standing and the running financial statements. An immediate overview that corresponds to all the departments will be able to show management what it lack and what it needs through them.

So in short, office automation, systems, computers and other technology related
developments are placed not for replacement. They are there to make a more
efficient working environment and guide companies to the direction where they
should be headed.

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