Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Cost of Acquiring Technological Items

IPods, digital cameras, cellular phones and compact devices have become more of luxury item that people consider as must-haves rather than considering the actual needs. Such devices have made their way into the brain streams and beliefs of most people, making them believe that such goods are a need in some aspect of their lives. It is really funny how media means of advertising and marketing are able to find their way and play around with people of various interests, add to this the fact that technological breakthroughs are making people aware that fast evolution is something that most people should be up with.

The acquisition of such items does not come cheap. In fact, at a glance, the cost may normally turn away the average consumer. But surprisingly, such has not been the case lately. Actually people could not care less at the price, as long as they are able to acquire such items and own one for the sake of satisfying their interest and need.

Cost does not seem to be an issue today. Despite various claims that the economies are having a hard time coping up with the rising cost of items, the influx of people and the demand for such hot items like IPods is something that will truly drive a grin towards the face of the manufacturers like Apple. But curiously for the economists, perhaps the state of people who claim that they are in crisis is more of a mindset stemming from word of mouth and promotional privileges. But just the same, as long as the demand is present, there is no reason for them to hold back manufacturing but rather satisfy the demand for such electronics and technological driven items today.

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