Friday, November 14, 2008

SweetPea3 MP3 Music Players for Tots

Now I have seen everything. It was just a matter of time before the gadgetries would develop something for the toddlers of today. And you would think they would appreciate them but perhaps in a way they would.

With the right shape and the right entertainment that captures the attention of most infants today, the SweetPea3 MP3 Digital Music Player is a multifunctional gadget that toy and a music player rolled into one. Kids are soothed by the sound of music, especially baby tunes and apparently this is something that kids should have to get in with the groove of the gadget frenzy we are all in.

The SweetPea3 MP3 digital music player, a Canadian-designed toy for children from infants to age six, was chosen as the battery-operated toy of the year. The handheld player plays music from a speaker and has no headphone jack to damage little ears. It comes programmed with music and stories for little ones and has a USB jack that older children can use to upload their own picks to the device. The toy, which is coated in a durable and baby-safe rubber and has a volume control that only adults can access, is a hit with parents.


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