Friday, April 17, 2009

Amcor Wall-Mounted Plug-in Air Purifier with Nightlight

An nice choice for the bedroom, bathroom, or to take along when traveling, this small but powerful air purifier features a whisper-quiet fan and filter system that helps promote healthy indoor air. To use, simply plug it into any 120-volt outlet; the wall-mounted unit will operate as long as it's plugged in. The air purifier draws air in at the top and bottom of the front grill, charges incoming particles with ions, then collects the particles on its dust-collector plates before expelling clean air out into the room from the center of the front grill. The unit's Ionic Electrostatic filter captures even the smallest airborne particles, and its washable dust-collector plates never need to be replaced, which means no-cost easy maintenance. Furthermore, the air purifier comes with a soothing blue built-in nightlight that turns on and off with a manual switch. The ETL-listed plug-in air purifier measures 2-4/5 by 3-2/7 by 8-2/3 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

Price: $29.99


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I really liked your post, interesting perspective. I was looking out for the same kind of information. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

The air purifier acts as a filter that inhibits tiny particles such as soot, dust, pollen, molds, animal dander and other pollution. An air purifier helps the air become clean and free from microorganisms.

An air purifer can be very effective at trapping allergens. The air enters the purifier and passes trough a chamber. When the air get inside the chamber the harmful residues are removed. The harmful residues are trapped inside the chamber, and the air that comes out of the purifier is safe and clean.