Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Solar Power Gorilla Laptop Charger

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life that we are reliant on power for so many things and battery technology just doesn’t seem to be evolving at the same level as everything else. What that means in practical terms is that it’s all too easy to be stuck somewhere with a dead iPod, phone or laptop and no way of charging it. (Unless you want to carry around all the chargers for all your devices, all the time. Which is a pain.)

PowerTraveller make a range of portable batteries that can be used to recharge devices on the fly and the PowerGorilla is the largest of these, storing enough juice to recharge a laptop.

Charge the PowerGorilla before you leave the house and when you need juice just plug it into your laptop (adapters for common laptops included). It will also juice up an iPod or phone at the same time via a secondary power output.

The display tells you what it’s doing and it comes with a worldwide mains adapter so it can pull power from anywhere. Interestingly, if you couple it with the SolarGorilla it can use the sun to recharge – although I’d like to see how well this works in the UK! Still, it’s one of the first solar power stations I’ve seen that is man enough to juice up a laptop so if you plan on visiting a country with some sun it might be worth the investment.

The PowerGorilla and SolarGorilla are available as a bundle for £279 from PowerTraveller.com or separately for £147 and £137 respectively.


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