Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chaos Stickers help outlets stand out

Typically people try to clean up and hide their cords and don’t want to draw attention to their outlets. Lately though people have been getting creative with their cords and instead of hiding them, decorating them. Which makes it only logical that eventually outlets would get their own strange form of décor. Not just some silly face plate that gives it a cheesy design. Instead, it’s a sticker that manages to utilize the outlet to spruce up the plain wall it sits on.

These very large decals stick directly to your wall, provided your wall is a normal texture. With these around, not only would you not be concealing the outlets, but you’d be doing a great job at making them stick out. No one could possibly walk past the sticker and not manage to notice it. Due to the fact that the website is in a foreign language, it makes it difficult to be sure on the price. However, it appears that a set of these goes for $71. If you do decide to pick them up, you’ll have to pay the price for them to be shipped out of the country.


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