Sunday, May 24, 2009

The hi-tech souvenir - Cable Car USB Drive

Typically the search for a souvenir lands you a shot glass, t-shirt or even a goofy spoon that could never actually be used. However, San Francisco is taking a slightly more hi-tech approach to the usual boring souvenirs. Instead of picking up a post card that will only get tossed in a desk drawer and forgotten, you could pick up their novelty USB drive. Don’t worry, it’s not some 50MB drive that could never be used on a regular basis.

No, these Cable Car USB Drives go up to 16GB, giving you plenty of room to toss files onto. It’d also mean instead of having a useless souvenir, you’d have something quite useful. The only downside is that a shot glass is never outdated, however, someday a flash drive will. So although it would be useful now, you might find it silly to hang onto it later. The drives come in blue/red and green/red. Then to top things off, they come with 30+ pictures of San Francisco already on the drive. It retails for $36.99 (for the 16GB drive) on Amazon, or it can be picked up at the Cable Car Museum.


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