Friday, May 22, 2009

Samsung LED TV Series Launched

It’s a TV! “That’s not a gadget” we hear you sigh, but when a TV is as clever as this Samsung LED TV, it most definitely is. At first glance we were taken by its stylish look. A large screen set into a glass look piano black frame always looks the part and when you put that on a crystal necked stand, it really is quite striking. But that aint new.

Once turned on the picture quality is most definitely High Def and runs at 100mhz, to help reduce that edge blur effect you get in big fast action sequences. But again, nothing new. It is pretty new and mighty impressive when you consider the screen itself is only 1.2” thick! Now things are starting to look up. On closer inspection we found out that this stunning beast also has a multitude of connection possibilities. These stack up to an impressive 4 x HDMI ports, 2 x USB ports, a DTV Tuner, wireless LAN and internet TV. Yup, we did say wireless Lan and internet TV. It comes in a 40”, 46” or a 55 and has been designed as a single moulded piece of tech (like the ipod). Oh, and apparently its “green” and has a much smaller “footprint” than other tellies.

Why do I want it?
Unless you have a pretty special TV already, this would definitely be a “trade up”. For starters it looks sexier than a strip club to a monk and is thinner than a supermodels lunchbox. 1.2” thick for a TV is insane! To put it in context (sort of), it is thinner than the centre finger bone of the average mans middle finger (don’t try and work that out while drunk). Because it is so thin it easily fixes to your wall, allowing you to mount this piece of tech art anywhere that has a solid(ish) surface. Once powered up it has fantastic picture quality with a great refresh rate.

When you couple this up with the HDMI connections it possesses it really does scream Hi-Def gaming to us. Bored of watching films and gaming? Simply connect to the internet and view some much loved comedy YouTube clips. These Samsung LED TVs certainly beats being sat at your PC in the dingy study, and could make watching those “special” movies you like, that little bit more “satisfying”. Still think its not worthy to be classed as a gadget? Didn’t think so.


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