Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alienware M17x and a Router Clock

With most techies going into the gaming realm (either through PCs or consoles) need to go online. However, with new gadgets being born every day it really gets crazy on what to buy. Good thing we're here to give you some options.

Alienware M17x: Gaming laptop that'll be your desktop anytime

When online, you don't want to be tied to one place in the room, especially if you're going to raid some dungeon: last thing you need is someone coming in and out of your room when you need to focus on tanking that boss. Therefore most hardcore gamers have a laptop just in case they need it, however not all laptops can handle the MMOs that reside in your desktop. What you need is a laptop that can easily go toe to toe against any given desktop any day: the Alienware M17x.

Here's a snippet of PC Mags' review of the gaming laptop:

Fantastic all-metallic design. Fastest mobile processor available. 8GB of memory. Fastest Nvidia graphics cards in SLI mode. A third nvidia chip for power savings. Customizable LED lights in the keyboard, around touchpad and button. HDMI and Displayport technologies.

However with such quality comes a price--a very steep one: $4,049. Hardcore Gamers need only apply.

The Glowing Router Clock

You may have a spanking cool and fast laptop, but you need to be online, yes? However, there will be times during the day that the internet is blazing fast, then there will be times that it slows down to a crawl. Some guys just have an instinct for it, while others think of other ways to know the best time to go online. One of these is Alon Alex Gross, Project Leader for Goldsmiths: a company that takes a look at your everyday router and transforms it to something that appease the eyes. He's designing a router that not only tells you when to go online for a good connection, but also tells time!

This router is essentially a twenty-four hour clock divided into half hourly segments. As a reaction to the broadband signal, a different traffic light colour indicates bandwidth strength at each interval.

Still in development, so hopefully we'll see a real one soon enough.

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