Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Samsung: S9910 and Mondi

Samsung S9110: watch out for that watchphone!

The first time we took notice of mobile watchephones was at New Consumers about the LG GD910. We were actually expecting that LG would be the one to lead this charge, but another company has done so: Samsung will be releasing their own mobile watchphone in France with the S9110 later this month.

According to Geeky Gadgets, the phone will have the following specs:
The Samsung S9110 Watchphone features a 1.76 inch touchscreen display, a built in speaker phone, Bluetooth 2.1 , a music player, voice recognition and email.

The Samsung S9110 Watchphone is surprisingly thin for a watchphone measuring in at just 11.98mm thick, and it is also cheaper than the LG Watchphone, although it is still going to be quite expensive at 450 Euros, about $640.
After looking at the pictures, I think I'll find it hard inputting numbers into it, let alone using it for SMS. Nevertheless, we'll be waiting for it and hoping for a good response.

Samsung Mondi: First Handheld to go WiMAX

Another Samsung release is the Samsung Mondi: the first handheld device to use WiMAX. It may not yet be available all over the US, but it sure wil be the future!

The Samsung Mondi can harness upload and download speeds that double comparable devices running on 3G networks while taking advantage of the widespread connectivity of Mobile WiMAX. The Mondi is also equipped with WiFi, allowing users to keep strong wireless connections while working outside designated Mobile WiMAX markets.

Available in a solid black finish, this device slides open horizontally to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. The Mondi is packed with multimedia features that offer instant access to E-mail, Internet, video content and business applications. The device also supports various services including Fring™, Gypsii™, and Windows Live Messenger. The Mondi is equipped for GPS Navigation through Route 66, providing turn-by-turn directions
Is this too far ahead of its time? Will this fail because of the lack of WiMAX support in most areas? Samsung has looked into the future and they have staked their company in moving forward. We hope that the more people embrace this gadget, the more WiMAX will become mainstream.

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