Monday, August 03, 2009

Apple App Store: NESynth and some really weird apps

With Apple finally patching the SMS vulnerability of the iPhone 3GS OS, everything seems to have settled down (well, if you don't count the FCC asking for an explanation regarding the GV Mobile bruhaha). Let's take a look at some iPhone apps that recently piqued our interests.

NESynth: Make 8-bit music goodness on your iPhone

Using the iPhone as a music medium is a great idea and has been tackled with before, however, they aren't as fun as NESynth. Why? The NES part of the name stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. Here's a sample of it:

If you're a SNES child, you'll recognize the sounds and music. Even if you weren't born at the time, you'll definitely appreciate it anyway. Available for $1.99 US iPhone App Store only.

Amamiya Momo iPhone App: bordering on lewdness

The following app is kind of disturbing--wait--it's REALLY disturbing. If you think the XXX iPhone App should be taken down, then you should check this out as well: Amamiya Momo.

Some may think it cute, especially those Otakus who just like cutesy anime girls or those who just plain like cartoons. But nevertheless, the way that one can just swish on her body is a bit suspect. Although I do have to comment that Tamagotchi, an electronic pet, is a great (and less messier) alternative to real ones, this was not marketed to be a pet but rather as a virtual girlfriend. If you want to check it out, it's $2.99 at the App Store.

Is Apple cleaning up at the App Store?

And lastly, here's an actual Apple third party developer named Perfect Acumen that's getting their whole list of apps getting taken off from the App Store for the somewhat right reasons. Does this mean that the app Store's finally learning from the whole GV Mobile fiasco and taking out the really disgusting apps?
Yes and no. No, in the sense that this, the removal of the 3rd most prolific app-shitters in the whole store, doesn't have anything to do with a change in policy, or an increase in transparency. Yes, in the sense that Apple is finally enforcing some of their clearer prior rules. Like, "DON'T STEAL THINGS."
Ok, granted that they the app developer was taken out still shows that somehow Apple is putting their marbles back inside their hands and trying to put in some quality apps in their store. Now if they can only re-think about putting GV Mobile back there...

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