Wednesday, August 05, 2009

LOOKUP: No more unknown callers

Ever got a call from an unknown number? Would you pick it up? What if you received an SMS message from someone you don't know. Will you even read it? With all the security problems that came with the mobile phone industry, we wouldn't be surprised if you don't entertain such calls or messages. However, what if that call or SMS message was important? How can you separate the important calls and messages from the prank ones?

That was what Whitepages thought of when they decided to make LOOKUP: a service that identifies unknown callers.
Although a basic form of caller ID is available on most mobile devices, it typically only presents the calling party number, not the name or location of the caller. LOOKUP from WhitePages shows the name and location of unknown numbers, thus helping identify friends and colleagues not in your phonebook, as well as avoiding unwanted calls. LOOKUP from WhitePages is the first text-based service to offer mobile users
It's so easy to do that you only have to don one thing: remember the letters to LOOKUP:
*An easy way to obtain the identity of an unknown incoming number or text sender. Users simply send a text with the unknown number to LOOKUP (566-587).
*LOOKUP is designed to work on any mobile device with texting capability.
*Accurate information, within seconds. The LOOKUP database includes information on over 600 million listings, including hard to find mobile and landline numbers.
So the next time you get a missed call from an unknown number and you're not sure whether it's a prospective client or a prank call, send the information to LOOKUP and you'll know what to do next.

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