Friday, August 07, 2009

Mogo Mouse for Netbooks!

One of the really annoying facts with the Netbook design is that the trackpad is small--it's so small that people with fat fingers would have a hard time using it. Therefore most would bring in their own mouse. The problem with that is that they have to place it in a separate part of the bag and usually the cords get tangled with the other cables. It was with this problem that Mogo decided to actually attach their Mogo Mouse BT to the Netbook via a hostler at the top.
MoGo NetPack Mouse X54™ Finally a solution to the cramped trackpads of netbooks. A slim holder attaches to the top of a Laptop or Netbook and holds the MoGo at the ready. Slides easily into laptop sleeves and pockets. Kit contains the MoGo X54 Presenter Mouse, NetPack holder and a USB Charging Cable. Add an optional Bluetooth adapter for $9.99
The main star of this pack is the Mogo X54 mouse.
It includes the same functionality as conventional laser wireless mice – scroll, right click, left click – without the bulky, oversized design. With the push of a button, your MoGo Presenter Mouse X54™ turns into a wireless presenter – allowing you to control your PowerPoint presentations with 30 feet of freedom. It features a slide changer, start/escape button and laser pointer.
This mouse would be ideal for those Netbook users on the go but it would also suit well for those who just wants to look cool in a free WiFi Cafe.

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