Monday, August 24, 2009

Nokia Netbook 3G: Unveiled

Nokia has always been known as one of the mobile phone powerhouses. They may have been reported in trouble due to the emergence of the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, and Android Powered phones, but they're still a force to be reckoned with especially if you talk about international sales.

Hope Nokia Learned from the Palm Foleo

Now Nokia is going to enter a place that Palm have tried and failed to do so: the 3G Netbooklet realm. Most tech and gadget historians are familiar with the failed Palm product called The Palm Folio. A subnotebook that's supposed to run on the 3G Network via the Palm Treo. It was nevertheless scrapped just before it was to be shipped because Palm thought that they should focus on creating a smartphone that will be even better than any subnotebook. Good thing because of The Palm Folio's death came the Palm Pre.

Back to Nokia's little baby, the Nokia Netbooklet 3G, it should have learned something from Palm's failed experiment and, hopefully, do better.

Nokia 3G Netbook Specs and possible price

Here's a video of it below:

Here's what we've gathered so far.

Specs seems to be already confirmed:

Model name Booklet 3G
CPU type Intel Atom Z530
CPU speed 1600 MHz
OS Windows 7
Display Size
Hard Disk 120 GB
Keyboard YES
Mouse Pointer YES
Weight 1250g
Size (w/h/d mm) 265/185/20 mm

Physical Interfaces
SD card slot
USB2.0 (x3)
Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)

Wireless Interfaces
BT (type unknown)
HSPA (7.2/2.0Mbps)

Additional Specs and Accessories
(can vary)WebCam
Optional Specs and Accessories (can vary)Stereo speakers

Pricing for the Netbook is guessed at $799:
"Pricing information comes from Sascha at He’s been given a $799 price which, when considering that this is a netbook, is shocking but if it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, HDPA, A-GPS, HDMI and all the other specs as promised, including the huge battery life, it isn’t bad."
No news yet on when it's going to be on sale though.

What we like and what we're asking

We have to admit though that 12 hour battery charge does seem nice especially for those mobile warriors who want to get connected to the net most of the time. A Windows 7 running on a small netbook? We'd love to try that out! A 120 GB memory would mean a lot for those who are tired of carrying around thumb drives because their netbooks don't have enough memory. The weight and size really is the way to go for most netbooks: small enough, but big enough to do a spreadsheet on the road.

Just one of the questions here though is if Nokia can really afford to give a premier netbook that won't bank on their name. With netbooks all the rage now, what can Nokia give that the others can't? Will this be a new beginning for Nokia on another gadget or will it go the way of the Foleo? Will partnering with Windows 7 be a good or bad deal for them?

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