Monday, August 31, 2009

Palm Pre Onscreen Keyboard Hack!

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The Palm Pre's been out of the media radar for the last few days and with good reason: Apple's been getting a lot of interest because of the negative publicity it's been getting because of the Google App issue. So for Pre fans out there, this is for you.

The Palm Pre's onboard keyboard's been getting a lot of flack because it's making the mobile phone thicker than it's supposed to be. However, Palm's got a great homebrew community that can almost do anything they want with the WebOS.

Eric Gaudet and the WebOS Internals crew have done awesome work on the Virtual Keyboard for the Palm Pre and also provided instructions on how to install it in our forums (which have already made the rounds). The folks from WebOS internals and wanted to make things a little easier. They have an app installer called Preware that is able, as of last night, to safely install (and remove) patches. The first patch they've made available is the keyboard.
Here's a taste of it below:

As you can see it's still in it's early stages of development, but if you can't wait for the final version or if you want to test and help the devs out, the instructions on how to do it is here.

Always remember that when you deal with this things, you'll always run the risk of bricking your phone permanently, so research into it first by checking out forums on this subject. If you feel you're ready,then take the plunge and follow the steps very carefully. Good luck!


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