Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The PSP 4000 will have UMD?

Okay, we know Sony's been on an extremely big roll with the PS3 Slim announcement and the e-reader triplets. However, the PSP guys are still hurting over the news that their beloved games on the UMD format will be useless in a couple of months when the UMD-less PSP Go will be making the rounds. What will become of these expensive little DVD wanna be's? A frisbee?

We guess the Sony Gaming Gods have heard every PSP gamer's prayers as they are thinking of putting in back the UMD! Welcome the (possibly named) PSP 4000!
The Sony PSP-4000, then, would have a UMD drive just like its predecessors, and go on sale alongside (rather than be replaced by) the PSP Go. That would certainly fit in with recent comments from Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai, who us quoted as denying that we’re seeing “the death of physical media”, and reaffirming that Sony will continue to support UMD and physical game distribution.
So if this was correct, Sony's planning to the same thing as with the e-readers: give the people choices on what to buy depending on their budget and preferences. Those who like their old games will be playing the PSP 4000 while those who doesn't want to lug around a couple of UMDs in their bag pocket would be very much happy in purchasing a PSP Go. However, if given a choice, the PSP Go is the way to go because it's lighter and easier to travel around with.

We'll see is this is just rumor or truth in a couple of days.


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