Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Truveo and Univision Interactive Media Partner for U.S. Hispanics

Streaming videos are the talk of the town these days and the next thing that people have to consider is where to get such videos and the variety of films they can choose from. While we have a lot of them around, this partnership between Truveo and Univision Interactive Media promises to capture the attention of most streaming video consumers as they now allow users to search and browse a comprehensive global index of videos that include Spanish-language videos.

Now, people don’t have to worry about landing the right videos that they are looking for. Truveo aims to make all that easier, particularly for the Univision users. Truveo’s APIs enable website owners to create applications with video search and discovery features that build on Truveo’s leading video search technology and extensive index of more than 400 million videos.

(Source) Press

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