Monday, September 21, 2009

Sony Ericsson MH907: Motion Activated Earphones

When I commute to the office I usually slip on my earphones and listen to my mp3s. However, I find it a pain to take out my phone to pause it or to receive a call, this is made even worse when the bus or the train is packed and couldn't get my hands to slip into my pocket or bag. Good thing then that Sony Ericsson decided to create earphones that makes pausing, playing, and receiving calls on the fly really easy without needing to pick up the mobile phone. Presenting the MH907 headphones!

Sony Ericsson today unveils the world’s first ever motion activated headphones that sense the user. The clever MH907 headphones mean users simply plug in two earphones to start listening to music and pause by removing one earbud. To start listening again simply plug it back in. Do exactly the same to answer and end calls – simple as 1,2,3!

To further clarify how this works, SE created a video about it:

Some people may be concerned whether putting the earphones in the pockets will turn it on. Worry not as according to Engadget, it will only turn on when you put in your ears:

What's cool is that the headphones seem to use your body as an electrical conduit (a Body Area Network) based on this quote from the webinar:
"Requires conductive surface to activate the controls - i.e. your ears, hence it won't turn things on in your pocket by just squeezing the ear buds"
Can't wait to try this on! Available for €39.


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