Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wii and Xbox 360 Elite Holidays Rumors

With the PS3 generating good news finally, it seems that the competition is reacting. Both Nintendo and Microsoft are gearing to take the thunder from Sony and be on top of every game geek's Christmas list.

Wii slashing prices?

Nintendo WiiImage by manu contreras via Flickr
Most gaming geeks I know already have a Wii and is so far enjoying it. Those who don't have one are either casual gamers or aren't interested because a $299 price is just too high for them to even try it out. If engadget's mole is real, then Nintendo's going to do something about that.
For nearly three years now, the console has sold briskly at $249.99, but beginning on September 27th at Best Buy (and everywhere else, naturally), the happy-go-lucky machine will be offered for just $199.99.

Now who else wouldn't have a Wii in the house?

Xbox 360 Elite Rumors

Apparently somebody thought that this Xbox was...Image via Wikipedia
On Microsoft's side, the XBOX 360 is looking waaay towards December with the news (coming from another mole) that they'll be bundling Lego Batman and Pure with the XBOX 360 Elite!
The Mole has also chimed in with some more info on Microsoft's plans. Starting in the middle of October we'll be seeing an Elite system bundled with copies of both Pure and Lego Batman, giving you a little more value for your $300 through Christmas.

And they also have price decreasing rumors as well! The 802.11g will be going down to $79.99 and the reason is the new 802.11n adaptor coming to stores at a $100 price.
The hardware will feature two antennae for better reception, and should help deliver the bandwidth needed to stream 1080p video instantly, as Microsoft claims is possible with the upcoming Zune video store update to the Xbox 360.

There we have it, gaming companies are raring for the Holidays and here we are waiting for their confirmation. Looks like it's going to be a busy Christmas.

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Peters said...

xbox 360 is cool and Wii is so fun. I really cannot make a choice to choose between them, then I buy all of them. haha