Monday, December 07, 2009

Dell to Dive Into Smartphone Market

Being successful in business means going out on a limb a lot to ensure that your company will be able to develop new products and services for the current and potential customers. This is what Dell's going to do with their intent on making it on the mobile phone market.

Dell, one of the best desktop computer makers out there, has decided to try their hand on the booming smartphone market. They've created a mobile division with the reorganization of the company. Although they failed before with the Axim, they're going to try again with the Mini 3i.
Dell’s new mobile phone division will be run by one Ron Garriques, a former Motorola boss who was leading Dell’s consumer computer division. When Garriques was brought to Dell (reportedly personally by Michael Dell) in 2007, it spurred rumors that Dell would reattempt something in the mobile product line.
Dell’s PDA line, Axim, was produced from 2002 to 2007, but sold poorly in the ‘BlackBerry era’ of smartphones with well designed e-mail and other business features. Dell’s Mini 3i is their first phone attempt, although it is only going to be sold (at first) in China and Brazil. Dell said that in addition to phones, Dell will also produce MIDs (mobile internet devices) and possibly a tablet.
Good luck to them as the market for smartphones is really getting rough and tough with all the hoopla with Apple's iPhone 3GS and the various Android phones (most prominent as of the moment: Motorola's Droid).


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