Tuesday, December 01, 2009

GP2X Wiz Portable Arcade & Console Emulator

If you're an old time gamer like I am, you long for the days where you can just jump into a game and immerse yourself in that reality for a few minutes. The games these days take quite a while to finish and requires a lot of effort and concentration, thus the fun factor has been sorely lacking. It also requires you to buy multiple cartridges or discs in order to play games that you like. It's great then that the GP2X Wiz is coming out with a lot of games under its belt. Not only is this a Game Boy Emulator but it's an emulator to end all other emulators.

The Wiz uses Linux-based firmware to support a number of different emulators. As a result, games ranging from classic Nintendo to Sega Genesis to Neo Geo plus Arcade favorites are playable in one handheld device. "The retro gaming community grows in size every day. The demand for old favorites to be readily available is constantly increasing, despite how many new games are released" stated Mark Hall, Wiz enthusiast and proprietor of the community site GP2XWiz.info.

Although I do have to admit that the games included in the Wiz seems to be more targeted to an older audience, it doesn't mean that the younger generation can't get into it as well. Let's say it's a way for them to appreciate where the gaming today came from. For those of my age, it's a great way to relive younger days where games are meant to be fun rather than a challenge.

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