Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Logitech’s Portable Webcam C905

Through the years Logitech has been known to produce the best quality speakers for personal computers all over the world. With the holiday rush in progress, Christmas is all about family celebration and the like. What better way to spend Christmas with your family together with Logitech’s neat new Portable webcam C905.

In these times of the holidays, connecting with your love ones abroad is now possible with the help of Logitech’s Portable webcam. Video calling is relatively free of charge and the C905 portable webcam from Logitech help keeps the job done. With easy to use software and the simple to use Logitech Vid Zeiss optics with autofocus, it makes video calling easy to use and gives crystal sharp images even at close-ups.

It comes with a 2 megapixel HD sensor that delivers true to-life video of the person you are calling. It can support of up to 720p of video resolution and can handle photos of up to 8 megapixels with the use of a clever little software.

With the new Logitech Vid integrated into your webcam, setup will be as easy like those plug and play devices in the market. Expect to have crystal clear images with the help of Zeiss optics that offer true to life zoom capabilities.

It also has a built in Logitech RighLight 2 Technology that easily adjusts and set-up for the best possible images that you might encounter. And also with Logitech Video Effects, it lets you personalize your conversations with hundreds of unique avatars, face accessories and other built in features.

To complete the video calling feature, the Portable C905 webcam comes with a built-in microphone with integrated Logitech RighSound Technology that offers clear hands free conversation covering up those pesky background noises.

With the holiday rush, Logitech’s portable webcam the C905 is the greatest gift you can avail to your love ones who wants to stay connected here and abroad.

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computron said...

Cool product from Logitech. So Sleekyyyy