Thursday, December 17, 2009

miBook Comes Alive with Video and Sound

The latest crop of eBooks are great for reading text, but what if one wanted to cook a meal or fix a leaky faucet and actually watch how it's done, step-by-step? It couldn't be done. But with miBooks it can.

A recent review called miBooks eBooks on steroids.

miBooks successfully expand the eBook category beyond just text and at a fraction of the cost – the miBook multimedia player costs under $100. Leading retailers, including Best Buy, offer the miBook player and titles.

While one can view text on a “traditional” eBook reader, the sleek, portable 7” miBook player changes the game by providing an enhanced experience with video and audio content. Imagine cooking a recipe not by reading instructions but by watching a chef actually prepare it, step-by-step. Unsure how to mince an onion? Just watch. That’s a big change from traditional cookbooks that can leave a fledgling cook stranded with a bunch of words.

miBooks are highly interactive, pausing, for example, after each step of a recipe so users can cook at their own pace. The new books even suggest recipes based on a home cook’s preference for main ingredient, cooking method, and available time.

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