Sunday, February 21, 2010

Save on LCD TV Repairs with Replacement Bulbs

Everyone knows that the life of LCD or HDTV lies heavily on the bulbs that are responsible for displaying those vivid pictures and videos for your home entertainment needs. However, these LCD TV bulbs do not last forever. Unless you are the kind who would spend like crazy, chances are you would be better off finding replacement parts on your own to save a bit on repair costs.

There are a lot of good sources to get LCD replacement bulbs. In fact has a lot on hand. But for the people who are not techie or would know less about them, chances are you would leave a technician to do all the work for you. Mind you, while labor costs are a given, having them get the parts for you would also entail some additional costs for their trouble.

It is practically a given that at different rates, you would be paying more for a needed part for anything. Consumers have this common understanding that people with connections to the big LCD TV manufacturers would be getting discounts when in fact this is an affiliate making scheme in disguise. Worst, it could even be illegal since bringing down the cost for such a vital LCD or HDTV part would mean more earnings from the source and of course the agent.

When you look for a replacement bulb, just go online and check out the manufacturer of your TV set. Alternatively, you can also check out forums on online general sites if they do offer such a part. Jot down your TV set’s serial number and you are bound to get a match somewhere. And the best part is that you would even get great deals on them, some being offered at lower prices.

Speaking of lower prices, such is a strategy for some people as well. If there is something common for people with old LCD TV models, it is hard to find these replacement parts even from the brand manufacturer’s website. Chances are they would be phased out or would be made to order. And the people who would have them would most probably the ones who have taken them out from old TVs which some people have already given up or junked.

This is not to say that you should not immediately give up on your busted TV set. But for some people, it is out with the old and in with the new. This is common for practically anyone but not all people would have the patience to store up their old TVs due to limited storage. But there will be some who would offer various parts, bulbs, TV tubes or even capacitors which could cost much more than the busted TV is sold to the nearest scrap yard.

Considering that we are in hard times, the best financial advice is to look for needed parts on your own. Apparently it may take some effort but if the effort translates into savings, by all means take it. Labor can be left under the jurisdiction of a certified technician or if you are feeling daring, do it yourself. But then again, if you are not sure of what you are doing, leave the dirty work to the pros. You may end up junking a repairable LCD TV rather than putting it to good use.

Projector replacement bulbs are available anywhere if you look properly. These LCD TV replacement bulbs don’t cost that much and in fact you may be surprised at the savings you can get compared to leaving it at the hands of others.

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