Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google Entering TV Market

Google is adding another product line towards its growing list of services and products with this reported tie-up with DISH Network. Google will be used as the platform and search algorithm which should make it easier for Google and other companies, like Intel and Sony, to get some needed exposure.

The new system will reportedly be installed into the new set top boxes manufactured by different companies.



luchiana said...

I have no doubt that google's project with other two big brands Intel and Sony will be very successful. I am sure google will easily reach in TV room . I hope Android-based set-top boxes will go fine. Now the Dish TV or Satellite TV users can say that TV is not a idiot box.

Monika said...

I know the project is under testing phase from few months. Google's Android operating system will bring the Social networks and others applications for smart phones in to Direct TV OR Television. It will be a remarkable achievement for Google and us both. I hope this project will soon be implement for general.