Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Putifino - Portable Air Leg Massager

Sitting all day during your shift in the office could make your legs sore. Get Putifino, the Portable Air Massager and find that your legs will no longer experience soreness. As you sit during a long day’s work, you can enjoy the relaxation your legs will feel as they are under your desk. This portable Putifino is self-inflating and can also be easily kept. It can be neatly folded into something that I even smaller than your passport. It will easily fit in your purse. Its lining is made of velour, this gives you the guarantee that you will experience coziness and constant softness.

Get yourself a Putifino Portable Air Massager now and experience the comfort even during office hours!

Putifino features:

  • Colors: Pink, Yellow, or Black
  • Weight: 155g. (battery excluded)
  • Size (diameter of leg): 22-45cm
  • Three modes of massage: Light, Medium, or Blood Circulation Modes
  • No nylon tapes~ so no worries about stockings or dresses of fine material.
  • Instructions: Japanese

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