Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 5 Alabama Crismson Tide Wallpaper and Screensaver Designs to Enliven Your Desktop

The best Alabama Crimson Tide wallpaper and screen saver designs include team logos, pictures of current teams or players from different sports, pictures of the Bryant-Denny Football Stadium, slide show of pictures from a particular sport, and a collage of different Alabama Crimson Tide events.

If you are looking for great Alabama Crimson Tide wallpapers and screen savers for your desktop, here are the best designs you can choose from:

Logo-themed wallpapers and screen savers

Aside from being the most common design, from Alabama merchandise to wallpapers and screen savers, the logo's simplicity makes your loyalty to your college team as clear as the logo is. There are many variations made with the logo. You can find plain, traditional logos that look like an enhanced Monotype Corsiva font A in the middle of a circle and the team's name surrounding it in circular form. The logo colors are red and white. There are also various designs putting "A" inside an oval instead of a circle or interchanging the font and background colors. You can also find only "A" in some logo pictures, with an elephant in the background as their team mascot and so many other variations. For screen savers, same cool logos are used, except that they are animated and are moving in patterned directions.

Pictures of current teams or players from different sports

You can find great picture wallpapers of the whole Alabama Crimson Tide football team in their stadium or your other favorite team or player from a different sport. These wallpapers will look really great on your desktop, especially if you are part of the team or an athlete yourself. If you are a big fan, this design can show the great support you have for your favorite team.

Bryant-Denny Stadium wallpaper

If you're a big football fan, other cool wallpaper designs you can find are pictures of the Alabama Crimson Tide stadium, otherwise known as the Bryant-Denny Stadium. It was named in honor of the former Alabama president George Hutchenson Denny and former coach Paul Bryant. Several designs vary, from the stadium being empty during full daylight or nighttime or the stadium with an energy-packed crowd during a big game day.

Slide show of pictures from a particular sport

Screen savers do not have to be dull. To enliven and animate your computer, choose an Alabama Crimson Tide screen saver with a slide show of photos of your favorite sport. One of the best screen savers is a memoir of classic to current team pictures of a particular sport. Stolen shots of coaches, cheerleaders, crowd, and players in action over the years depicting victory and triumph are the best photos to include in your screen savers, aside from formal team pictures.

Collage of Alabama Crimson Tide events

Another popular wallpaper or screen saver design is a collage of the team's events within the year. You may opt for a collage of only one sport or you can mix various sports with different players, coaches, and fans to make your desktop more lively and inspiring.

There are many other ways to show your college team's pride. Even in those little ways, you are not just expressing your pride, you are also expressing your support and loyalty to the Alabama Crimson Tide teams.

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