Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Marantz and Polk Audio: Pleasing the Most Critical Home Theater Enthusiasts

If entertainment systems are your thing, then look no further. The best of the best: Marantz SR8002 Home Theater Bundle with Polk Audio Speakers. This audio is ready to please the most critical of eyes and ears. With this Marantz and Polk bundle, you'll experience entertainment to its fullest. This very flexible system will allow your family and friends to enjoy 5.1-cjannel entertainment in the main room while simultaneously playing component video and the two-channel audio in another. With this entertainment set, home entertainment will be your favorite leisure time and you won't even find the reason to leave home on your spare time or go to the movies. Hiogh quality audio and video is a guarantee with this set. With the Marantz and Polk bundle, your house will have the entertainment room as its highlight.

This bundle comes with:
  • One Marantz SR8002 7-Channel Receiver
  • Two Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speakers
  • One Pol Audio CSI A6 Center Channel Speaker
  • Two Polk Audio FXI A6 Surround Speakers
  • One Polk Audio DSW MicroPRO 3000 Subwoofer

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