Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Computer Repair Firm Warns of PC Hacker Scam

The customer concerned had been called the night before by a "Microsoft Engineer" with a heavy Indian accent. The "engineer" told her that she had a problem with her computer that they had detected and they were calling up to help her. She was a little sceptical but followed their instructions.

They directed her to the System Log in Event Viewer and asked her if there were any errors. Indeed there were errors in the system log (as there almost always are). She was then directed to the Teamviewer website and asked to "Join a Session". At this point she became suspicious when they asked her for the username and password that Teamviewer had just presented her.

Had she given this username and password the "engineer" on the other end would have had full remote control of her PC and could have done almost anything such as installing a virus, removing her anti-virus or stealing all of the information on the PC. Potentially they could have installed a small piece of software called a key logger and monitored everything she did on her PC such as online banking.


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