Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Days

Internet Relay Chat is one thing I miss ever since I got to hook up on the World Wide Web. Meeting people, typing away and flirting, and allowing fantasies to run off to a certain level, chatting surely had its boom in the late 90’s. All of us experience a certain portion of our life where we have to grow out of it, and while I totally agree, I miss the days when my new found friends would be online until the early mornings, just chatting. A sure stress reliever in my case, the company I had then in cyberspace was truly something I treasured.

Of course, there will be people who are just there to join in the fad, fictional in the sense that this is only the Internet and that people met here are subject to criticism. No doubt about having hesitations. I mean, how can people find out if the people they meet are sincere and true to whom they claim to be? For most people, they would not take such a past time seriously. While I must admit I did take it seriously, I can safely say that the experience was worth every time and effort I placed in it.

Cyberspace relationships as well were a fad in those days. I remember relying on my intuition to find out what the person looked like or how she was like. There were times I even fell in love just by knowing the people. But of course, the fact of the matter is, if all is a lie, then you have to live with it. These situations would best be tagged to people who have high regards to trusting their emotions rather than their mind. But whichever the case may be, it will also depend on the person and how he or she would handle it in any case. Sure wish I could meet them all up again, maybe for one last rare occasion.

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