Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Video Editing with Ulead Visual Studio

During my college days, I always had the knack for finding out how technology driven things could be done outside the usual professional businesses. Striving at the closes possible way, among these fascinations was video editing and enhancement. There was no doubt it boggled my mind on how they were able to do this, and if there was any way to do it at home and produce my own videos.

Well the time came late last year during my return to the MBA scene at the Atone Graduate School of Business. Again, presentations were around, and most of them started to make use of video coming from the web. It was really simple. Using downloaded commercials or spoofs as part of their Power Point presentation already impressed the professors, but at the back of my mind, armed with the proper IT degree and Internet access, I know I can do better. I had the equipment, a video camera, computer, video interface gadgets, music files and of course the best software I got to use which can be similar to just making simple slide presentations, Ulead Visual Studio.

Not many would have knowledge in it, video editing using the computer and all, and I knew I could be the first one to do this at school. The first presentation was a blast. First was compiling commercials with the use of simple transitions, then some on the spot interviews with added text and all. The best part of it all was the bloopers part where I had a blast compiling the wrong takes of my group mates. Wouldn’t you know it? That was the best part of the presentation since people would laugh a lot. From thereon, people took up the endeavor, although some still look for me to make their presentations, something I really just do for fun.

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