Sunday, June 25, 2006

Computer Troubleshooting: Formatting a PC as the Last Resort

The worst part about troubleshooting computers is having to format the entire system due to one reason or another such as:
1. Virus Infections
2. Spyware or Malware infections
3. System Corruption
4. Upgrading to higher specifications
5. Operating System conflicts
6. Hardware Failure

Formatting a computer may be easier said than done. Certain things should be done as well prior to anything else, and these include:
1. Back ups of files and important documents and spreadsheets
2. Software for Installation
3. Hardware Software Drivers

In most cases, formatting a computer is the last option a technical person would resort to. It is likened to simply taking out the trash. The bad thing about it is that sometimes, hardware replacements such as the Memory Chips, Motherboards, or even video cards can do the trick. Often, these solutions come at a point where it becomes a maze. Finding the right solution for the entire dilemma may either be fast or slow and in whichever case, even the best technicians will be scratching their heads for solutions.

I found this out trying to format an EPOX motherboard. I recall some years ago when I was still assembling and selling computer packages that this motherboard was indeed troublesome and was not that saleable. It was priced at a very low price, to bring down the price of the entire package for computer desktops. Hang ups and conflicts were said to occur after a certain period and surely, this has been something that I experience now. I only catered then for Jetway and ECS motherboards, two of the cheaper brands, but cost efficient backbone of a computer. To this day, I still use the ECS motherboard and it has been already 5 years without problems. Mostly, it is the software conflicts, but when one talks about hardware, this motherboard has given me less problems compared to this EPOX motherboard.

The lesson to be learned? Well, gather feedback first prior to anything else. Sometimes feedback on computers may be varied, but unless you experience it, well believe me, the experience is something you would want to discount. Besides, taking some time to compile such situations will be worth it, especially if it means lessening the headaches for products such as EPOX who offer cheap prices and cheap quality.

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