Thursday, June 22, 2006

Simplicity of Understanding HTML Programming

How hard is it to understand HTML programming? Honestly, there are various softwares available, starting from the standard Microsoft Frontpage that comes along with usual Micosoft Office programs that are automatically needed by people to process documents and spreadsheets. Incidentally, people don’t give much attention to the Frontpage program, perhaps because they do not really maximize the bundled software package that Microsoft offers to its market base.

However, there are other developed software programs to make web page creation easier. For the other software developers who are exposed to programming, a lot will be surprised on how people can simply use the notepad as its main source for making attractive web pages. So it is really more on the scripting that needs focus for people to be able to understand what webpage authoring is all about. Of course, the creativity part is also another factor, since how can a person be able to produce an output if he has no vision of what to expect once his webpage is available online.

Free ware sites such as yahoo geocities and tripod offer basic tutorial and basic commands to allow people to put up their own webpage in the simplest form possible. After going through the usual commands and basic scripts needed for proper functionality of the webpage, this lights up their interest all the more and brings tem to more advanced techniques such as flash, embedded sounds or videos to enhance their web pages.

Web page can be typified towards making promotional materials as well. Advanced programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks have provided web programmers a more extensive manner of being able to produce fine web pages with various techniques and enhancements. But a word of caution to aspiring web developers. Some designs and scripts may need time for a web page to load, and waiting is something that most people have little patience of. Hence, web pages should be done in its most simplest form but at the same time effective manner. It is more than just showing of complexity of knowledge and rather should be how a person is able to access a website without having to wait for the entire page to load up.
Waiting time may become a reason for people to browse other web sites that can immediately show their content, something that should be put into consideration prior to actual programming by web developers on the Internet.

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