Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Advent of Technology in Security Devices

I just finished browsing up some brochures on advanced security devices that my boss wanted to import and offer locally. With the widespread alert on terrorist attacks, each country worldwide has been resorting to stricter measures of control. I was so fascinated at the advanced technology of security, most of which I see in the movies. I never thought they would actually be real and coming out so soon.

People who watch such spy movie flicks as Mission Impossible, James Bond, or Terminator, well, people should pay attention more to the technology that they use. They are real and will soon be in your area. But in the same way that the cost for making such movie flicks is high, so will the same be needed for the local folks. Technology has a price, and such investment for security will depend on the amount they are willing to invest. One thing that is for sure, it will not be an easy decision to make, especially here in the Philippines, where terrorism will come from all directions, both locally and abroad.

The advanced security devices may be creepy if you think of it. It almost goes as far as invading your own privacy. Detectors, X-Ray machinery, and fingerprint scanning, it all boils down on how intelligent the person is on trying to avoid being caught. Safety has slowly become a large price to pay. But for sure, life is meaningless and not worth living, if we are feeling uneasy, especially in times of finding out how safe we are, or perhaps afraid to walk into public accessed places, where security is totally useless.

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