Sunday, April 19, 2009

here’s nothing quite like a nice cuppa tea to sit and relax for awhile, but while you’re enjoying your blend of Ceylon, you very likely have just added that bit more to your carbon footprint.

Well here’s a way to enjoy your afternoon tea break guilt-free, and best of all, it will make your brew faster than a standard kettle.

The Tefal Quick Cup Delux has the capacity to get your tea steaming away in your mug in three seconds. That’s faster than the time it takes me to walk across my kitchen to grab the choc biscuits.

The new model has been designed to fit in with the most stylish of kitchens and will even work as a quick upgrade to your workbench from the ’70s.

Its ability to heat water so quickly means that it saves around 65 per cent of the energy used by a standard kettle. According to Tefal, this is enough to save you £80 off energy and water bills throughout the year, though how much tea you need to drink to do this isn’t mentioned.

The new model comes in either a red and black or stainless steel finish, and includes new features including an adjustable tap, anti-splash spout and drip tray, which makes it easier to dispense water into either a short tea cup or a mega-mug.

It also now has a digital reader, which tells you when you need to buy a new filter cartridge, as the old ones used to clog-up pretty quickly.

It comes with a 1.7 litre water tank which enough for a decent round of tea. For £69.99 it may just be a worthy investment to get your green credentials just that bit better, one earl grey at a time.


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