Sunday, April 19, 2009

USB Riff Rocker: Rock like a rockstar

What is it?
The Riff Rocker is essentially a USB controller for a game. You plug the little rocker into a free USB socket, download the two games off the Riff Rocker website, and then thrash your little fingers off.

The downloadable games come with the usual 3 difficulty settings and are based around the guitar heroes-esc format of “press the correct coloured button in time with the on screen prompt”.

Why do I want it?

Hear at GFM towers we love the Guitar Heroes series of games but have come to the conclusion that you could never really call them “portable”. This is where the Riff Rocker shines, as it is light enough to be transported by pocket and small enough to be easily hidden within a work desk.

As the games are downloadable you don’t need to worry about transporting any software and as long as the unit you plug it into has an internet connection, you will never be more than a couple of clicks away from getting your button bashing fix.

This makes it perfect for an impromptu lunchtime concert where you can wow your co-workers with your guitar fettling skills and shake off some of those office blues. Suitable for new comers and pros the Riff Rocker is easy enough to pick up and really difficult to put down.


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