Monday, July 20, 2009

Gay Radio reaches 50k and Pac-man on the iPhone

Our friends from New Consumers Store is as awestruck with the iPhone as we are and we would like to share some news coming from that side of the pond.

Gay Radio iPhone App reaches 50k downloads!

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) groups have been mostly maligned in the media and even here in cyberspace. It's a treat then that those who downloaded the Gay Radio App to their iPhone have reached 50,000 downloads.

"This technology has had an enormous impact on time spent listening by more than tripling the amount of time our mobile audience spends with the station,” said Christopher Leonard, President and CEO of GLBT Radio Network.

“The response has been overwhelming. To meet audience demand, we have increased our bandwidth capacity, moved our iPhone listeners to a dedicated stream server and also increased the number of concurrent seats available on the mobile stream. I continue to receive hundreds of emails and calls every week thanking us for the application.”
  • .3MB application size.
  • 128 kbps stream for WiFi and a 64 kbps stream for 3G listening.
  • Custom branded application with no directories to search.
  • “One tap” access to audio streams.
  • Artist and Song title information displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Instant feedback buttons to call the request lines or email the station.
  • Version 2.0 Update September 2009 with additional features!

It's a great way to spread knowledge and acceptance for the GLBT community.

Pac-man: Remix for your iPhone

The iPhone is just getting more hip these days. Not only can you use it your mobile phone, it can also be used as a game platform! Nope, it can run some of the best games out there. We were surprised to know that the immortal Pac-man: Remix would be racing down the mazes under iPhone glass.

Featuring an angled overhead 3-D view, the game is similar to the Pac-Man Arrangement game found on Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PSP, and adds maze traps, the ability to jump, and a number of power-ups to the classic Pac-Man gameplay. Additional features include a choice between on-screen, flick-, and accelerometer-based controls, six unique boss characters, and stage-specific gadgets.

Wow! Hopefully more games will be coming to the iPhone soon!

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