Monday, July 27, 2009

iPhone Apps: Spotify and RE4!

Monday mornings usually mean traffic on the way to the office, and there's nothing better to then play around with your iPhone 3GS (that is, if you have one). So far, the available Apps at the iTune Store are good, but we'll be looking at two productivity killing apps that just may make your Monday morning commutes a bit better.

Spotify: the app that can rule them all

Spotify for the iPhone 3GS seems to have caught the attention of a lot tech bloggers/tweeters and has been hailed as a music app that can "kill Pandora, Last.FM, Slacker, and iTunes" in one fell swoop. If it's that good, we hope Apple will approve it and place it in their iTunes Store. And it's on Europe only-basis, and that means still waiting a bit even after Apple approves it (if ever).

It's a great app as you can see, however the problem now is will Apple put a competing product on iTunes? Hmmm...with their history of being tightly closed to 3rd party apps that may affect their sales--there's a slight chance we might not even see this coming, but there is hope that they'll change their minds about this.

Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone

Next on the list is a game that most of you will most likely want to play in the morning with a lot of people around: Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone.

The iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 is based off another mobile version originally created for a Japanese mobile phone company. The game features the usual over-the-shoulder third-person shooter gameplay that you have come to expect from the series, and with that comes the usual “stop and pop” shooting mechanic. Resident Evil 4 also features some decent looking 3D graphics, location-based damage, shake to reload, and a mercenary mode, which was first introduced on the mobile version of the game.
It's a port from Gamecube so don't expect a lot: no voice overs, and trimmed down story to fit in a 37.3 MB downloadable file. Although it is still considered a classic, so whether you played it before or not--it's something worthwhile to download and try out. Available now at the iTunes Store for $7.99.

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